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Stacey M. Rosenfeld
“A cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty but an obsession about female obedience." -Naomi Wolf”
Stacey M. Rosenfeld

“There ARE people who won't customarily eat an entire row of cookies, or hear food calling their name from other rooms, or who don't grind up food in the garbage disposal for fear of eating it, or get it back out of the garbage so they could eat it. Of course, my binge eating was just a cover-up for the larger issue: Trying to fill the emptiness”
SARK, Transformation Soup: Healing for the Splendidly Imperfect

Geneen Roth
“Bingeing is such an emotionally frenetic activity that no other concerns can exist in the same space. It is a hell that people who are food-sensitive are familiar with; and, because it is known, it is therefore not so terrifying as some of the problems that are outside our control. Problems like divorce, illness, death.”
Geneen Roth, Feeding the Hungry Heart: The Experience of Compulsive Eating

Brigham Young
“The Americans as a nation are killing themselves with their vices and high living. As much as a man ought to eat in half an hour they swallow in three minutes gulping down their food like the [dog] under the table which when a chunk of meat is thrown down to it swallows it before you can say 'twice.' If you want a reform carry out the advice I have just given you. Dispense with your multitudinous dishes, and, depend upon it, you will do much towards preserving your families from sickness, disease and death.”
Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, Volume 13

“Eating disorders are prevalent among women who were sexually abused as children. They seem to have components of other symptoms such as obsessions, compulsions, avoidance of food, and anxiety, and they primarily include a distorted body image and feelings of body shame.

For some women, eating disorders are related to the loss of control over their bodies during the sexual abuse and serve as a means of feeling in control of their bodies now. Eating disorders can also be indicative of the developmental stage and age at which the sexual abuse began. Women with anorexia and bulimia report that they were sexually abused either at the age of puberty or during puberty, when their bodies were beginning to develop and they felt a great deal of body shame from the abuse. By contrast, women with compulsive eating report that the sexual abuse occurred before the age of puberty; they used food for comfort.”
Karen A. Duncan, Healing from the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Journey for Women

Brittany Burgunder
“No food will ever hurt you as much as an unhealthy mind.”
Brittany Burgunder

Brittany Burgunder
“Eating disorder recovery becomes possible when you keep making the next right decision over and over. With time, these decisions become automatic.”
Brittany Burgunder

Brittany Burgunder
“No two eating disorders are the same.
No two individuals are the same.
No two paths to recovery are the same.
But everyone's strength to reach recovery IS the same.”
Brittany Burgunder

Dina Hansen
“When we are true to ourselves, all that is toxic and burdensome simply falls away”
Dina Hansen, Stop Eating Your Stress!: Discover the Secret to Inner Calm, Comfort & True Nourishment On and Off Your Plate

“Locking away appetite, anger, the fullness of life, anorexia helps cover up whatever struggles inside. With its controlling bouts of bingeing and starvation, of trance and half-life, it becomes a shield to fend off despair and longing and what most of use would see as ordinary responsible behavior.”
Carol Lee, To Die For

Rachael Rose Steil
“No one could see the thoughts when the body looked normal to them. The voice wanted it to just be the two of us. It wanted to hide. If no one saw it, then no one would believe me.
No one would ask.”
Rachael Rose Steil, Running in Silence: My Drive for Perfection and the Eating Disorder That Fed It

Andie Mitchell
“I realized that I couldn’t knowingly look to food for a way out when it had so clearly led me here. It wasn’t hunger that beckoned me to eat more. It wasn’t my stomach that needed to be reconciled. It was shame. It was guilt. And food can’t remedy such things”
Andie Mitchell, It Was Me All Along

Brittany Burgunder
“I promise no food will ever hurt you as much as a negative mind.”
Brittany Burgunder

Rachael Rose Steil
“As I searched for food perfection, and as I gained weight, I began to realize that the race for perfection in anything was the path to destruction.”
Rachael Rose Steil, Running in Silence: My Drive for Perfection and the Eating Disorder That Fed It

“If too little glucose is available in your blood, which is what happens when you follow a low - carbohydrate diet, then your liver hoards glucose so that your brain, which needs glucose to function, doesn't starve. While your body will start to break down fat to use as fuel, your brain can't run that way for long, and it will send out the Bat-Signal for more calories. That's the reason why when you skip a meal or go too long between meals, you find yourself running to the nearest donut or bag of chips.”
Cara Clark, The Wellness Remodel: A Guide to Rebooting How You Eat, Move, and Feed Your Soul

James Villas
“I was always crazy about any Chinese takeout since everything on those long menus is so tempting, but when the craving really hit, the folks at Panda Delight over on Richmond almost knew without asking to pack me up an order of wings, a couple of egg rolls, shrimp dumplings, pork fried rice, and the best General Tso's chicken this side of Hong Kong. When my friend at the shelter, Eileen Silvers, got married at Temple Beth Yeshurum, I had a field day over the roast turkey and lamb and rice and baked salmon and jelly cakes on the reception buffet, and when me and Lyman would go out to Pancho's Cantina for Mexican, nothing would do but to follow up margaritas and a bowl of chunky guacamole and a platter of beef fajitas with a full order of pork carnitas and a few green chile sausages. And don't even ask about the barbecue and links and jalapeño cheese bread and pecan pie at Tinhorn BBQ. Just the thought still makes me drool.”
James Villas, Hungry for Happiness