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Marilyn Monroe
“Boys think girls are like books, If the cover doesn't catch their eye they won't bother to read what's inside.”
Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn
“Happy girls are the prettiest”
Audrey Hepburn

Henry Rollins
“Girls aren't beautiful, they're pretty. Beautiful is too heavy a word to assign to a girl. Women are beautiful because their faces show that they know they have lost something and picked up something else.”
Henry Rollins, Smile, You're Traveling: Black Coffee Blues Part 3

Colleen Houck
“A girl can still admire, can’t she? Even those who can’t afford to go in the store can still window-shop. Right? Knowing he wasn’t for me didn’t mean I couldn’t covet the merchandise.”
Colleen Houck, Tiger's Curse

Abraham Lincoln
“The Lord prefers common-looking people. That is why he made so many of them.”
Abraham Lincoln

Paris Hilton
“No matter what a woman looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy”
paris hilton

Cassandra Clare
“Of course, everyone's going to freak out when you show up at school."
"Freak out? Why?"
"Because you're so much hotter now than when you left." She shrugged. "It's true. Must be a vampire thing."
Simon looked baffled. "I'm hotter now?"
"Sure you are. I mean, look at those two. They're both totally into you." She pointed to a few feet in front of them, where Isabelle and Maia had moved to walk side by side, their head bent together.
Simon looked up ahead at the girls. Clary could almost swear he was blushing. "Are they? Sometimes they get together and whisper and stare at me. I have no idea what it's about."
"Sure you don't." Clary grinned. "Poor you, you have two cute girls vying for your love. Your life is hard.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

Suzanne Collins
“I'm sure they didn't notice anything but you. You should wear flames more often," he says. "They suit you.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Justin Halpern
“That woman was sexy. . . . Out of your league? Son, let women figure out why they won't screw you. Don't do it for them.”
Justin Halpern, Sh*t My Dad Says

Justin Halpern
“There seem to be a lot of gay people there...Oh please, as if that's what I meant by that. Trust me, none of them would ever want to fuck you anyway. They're gay, not blind.”
Justin Halpern, Sh*t My Dad Says

Douglas Wilson
“Immodest and attractive is easy. Modest and repulsive is easy too. But modest and attractive is an art form.”
Douglas Wilson, 5 Paths to the Love of Your Life: Defining Your Dating Style

Jane Austen
“At first sight, his address is certainly not striking; and his person can hardly be called handsome, till the expression of his eyes, which are uncommonly good, and the general sweetness of his countenance, is perceived.”
Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

Erich Fromm
“One is not loved accidentally; one’s own power to love produces love - just as being interested makes one interesting. People are concerned with the question of whether they are attractive while they forget that the essence of attractiveness is their own capacity to love. To love a person productively implies to care and to feel responsible for his life, not only for his physical existence but for the growth and development of all his human powers. To love productively is incompatible with being passive, with being an onlooker at the loved person’s life; it implies labor and care and the responsibility for his growth.”
Erich Fromm, Man for Himself: An Inquiry into the Psychology of Ethics

Criss Jami
“Love begets wisdom, thus it is, as often misconceived, more than vain layers of tenderness; it is inherently rational and comprehensive of the problem within the problem: for instance, envy is one of the most excused sins in the media of political correctness. Those you find most attractive, or seem to have it all, are often some of the most insecure at heart, and that is because people assume that they do not need anything but defamation.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Kailin Gow
“They say beauty is only skin deep. I say it is soul deep. If one’s soul glows with kindness, warmth, and generosity; this kind of beauty attracts more than physical beauty. - STRONG: Powerful Philosophy for Timeless Thoughts by Kailin Gow”
Kailin Gow

Kailin Gow
“Courage is taking calculated risks and facing intimidation in the eye. It is one of the most attractive things a person in power will have. - STRONG: Powerful Philosophies for Timeless Thoughts”
Kailin Gow

Honoré de Balzac
“Madame de Nucingen was already there, dressed with the deliberate aim of appealing to all eyes, knowing that thereby she would seem even more attractive to Eugène.”
Honoré de Balzac, Père Goriot

Kathleen Turner
“Appearing nude on film was not easy when I was twenty-six in Body Heat; it was even harder when I was forty-six in The Graduate, on the stage, which is more up close and personal than film. After my middle-age nude scene, though, I unexpectedly got letters from women saying, "I have not undressed in front of my husband in ten years and I'm going to tonight." Or, "I have not looked in the mirror at my body and you gave me permission."
These affirmations from other women were especially touching to me because when I began The Graduate I'd just come through a period when I felt a great loss of confidence, when my rheumatoid arthritis hit me hard and I literally couldn't walk or do any of the things that I was so used to doing. It used to be that if I said to my body, "Leap across the room now," it would leap instantly. I don't know how I did it, but I did it. I hadn't realized how much my confidence was based on my physicality. On my ability to make my body do whatever I wanted it to do.
I was so consumed, not just by thinking about what I could and couldn't do, but also by handling the pain, the continual, chronic pain. I didn't realize how pain colored my whole world and how depressive it was. Before I was finally able to control my RA with proper medications, I truly had thought that my attractiveness and my ability to be attractive to men was gone, was lost. So for me to come back and do The Graduate was an affirmation to myself. I had my body back. I was back.”
Kathleen Turner, Send Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love, and Leading Roles

Roald Dahl
“Personally, I mistrust all handsome men. The superficial pleasures of this life come too easily to them, and they seem to walk the world as though they themselves were personally responsible for their own good looks. I don't mind a woman being pretty. That's different. But in a man, I'm sorry, but somehow or other I find it downright offensive.”
Roald Dahl, Skin and Other Stories

Mary Jane Hathaway
“But, for me, being attractive is about more than just what a man's been blessed with. I like that Gideon doesn't know he's the handsomest man in town. Once, when we were on our way to the Finnemore house, a girl almost walked into a post because she wasn't paying attention. But Gideon had no idea.”
Mary Jane Hathaway, These Sheltering Walls

“A person’s irregular surfaces are what make us interesting.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Milan Kundera
“Not only have people stopped trying to be attractive when they are out among other people, but they are no longer even trying not to look ugly!”
Milan Kundera, Immortality

Milan Kundera
“Not only have people stopped trying to be
attractive when they are out among other people, but they are no longer even trying not to look ugly!”
Milan Kundera, Immortality

Milan Kundera
“Not only have people stopped trying to be
attractive when they are out among other people, but they are no longer even
trying not to look ugly!”
Milan Kundera , Immortality

“Which eyes are the most attractive? Blue or black? Neither of them, or both of them. Attractiveness depends not on the color of the eyes, but the contrast among various deep feelings which you can see on them. It is always charming to watch the feelings on the eyes, but not the eyes themselves. The complexity of the feelings only enhances the charm of eyes for anybody around.”
Elmar Hussein

“There's nothing in the world more attractive than a free-spirited woman.”
Marty Rubin

Catherine Lowell
“Focused men are painfully attractive.”
Catherine Lowell

Stewart Stafford
“I guess everyone gets more attractive as your eyesight decreases with age. That's something to look forward to until you can't see anymore.”
Stewart Stafford

Lisa Kleypas
“He became deeply sun-browned, and although the bronze hue of his skin clearly proclaimed him to be of the working classes, it enhanced the vivid blue-green of his eyes and made his teeth look even whiter than usual. Not surprisingly, McKenna began to attract the notice of female guests at the estate, one of whom even attempted to hire him away from Stony Cross Park.”
Lisa Kleypas, Again the Magic

Lisa Kleypas
“There was a difference between quality and mere showiness, he thought. That notion was reinforced immediately by the appearance of Lady Aline.
She was dazzling, with strands of white pearls in her lustrous dark hair, her voluptuous body wrapped in a blue dress that molded tightly over the swell of her breasts. A double circlet of fresh white rosebuds was wrapped around one of her gloved wrists. Extending her hands in welcome, she went to a group of guests near the door of the ballroom. Her smile was a flash of magic. As he watched her, McKenna noticed something about her that had not registered during their earlier meeting... she walked differently than he remembered. Instead of exhibiting the impetuous grace she had possessed as a girl, Aline now moved with the leisurely deliberateness of a swan gliding across a still pond.
Aline's entrance attracted many gazes, and it was obvious that McKenna was not the only man who appreciated her sparkling allure. No matter how tranquil her facade, there was no concealing the luminous sensuality beneath.”
Lisa Kleypas, Again the Magic

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