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“Small Acts of Kindness are Priceless”
MG Wells

Mollie Marti
“Our power lies in our small daily choices, one after another, to create eternal ripples of a life well lived.”
Mollie Marti

Carl Novakovich
“Near the center of the village, on some of those fallen leaves, are trickles of blood. It isn't until the village square that the carnage is at its peak”
Carl Novakovich, The Watchers: The Tomb

“I play to win and if it looks like I've lost, its only because its not over yet.”
Kiera Dellacroix, Engravings of Wraith

Larry Itejere
“Dreams are glimpses into life’s truths.”
Larry Itejere, The Silver Arrow

McCartney Green
“We are only victims if we allow ourselves to be.”
McCartney Green, Dandelions Never Die

C.T. Todd
“No I'm not a dream, I'm your worst nightmare”
C.T. Todd

“In climbing, there was always a fraction of a second between the security of being locked in and the freedom of an actual rappel.”
Paul Aertker, Brainwashed

C.T. Todd
“Crazy got nothin on us" Neesa”
C.T. Todd

Stephen B. Pearl
“Life is a sewer and we are all but swimmers within it. Smart people do the backstroke. (In other words you gotta have a giggle.)”
Stephen B. Pearl, Tinker's Plague

James J. Caterino
“Good god it's great to be a Bull Mongoni!”
James J. Caterino, Rise of the Bull Mongoni

Meg Xuemei X.
“None of us could choose our birth, but we could still chose our family, and only those who love you are your true family.”
Meg X, The Fourth Eye

Nicole Arlyn
“I am only a little rose who grows in deep and difficult places. ~ Song of Songs.”
Nicole Arlyn, Sadie Sugarspear and the Weeping Willow

C.T. Todd
“I feel a blood moon rising" Neesa”
C.T. Todd

Kayti Nika Raet
“She resisted the urge to run, only prey ran [and] Niko had no intention on becoming prey”
Kayti Nika Raet, Niko

Kipjo K. Ewers
“When it becomes acceptable to kill another man or woman, childhood dies.” whispered Laurence. “When it becomes acceptable to kill a child…humanity dies.”
Kipjo Kenyatta Ewers, Eye of Ra

Joel Cutter
“Fortunately, a steady diet of dumpster-diving and methamphetamine has left her with nothing but rage to power her movements.”
Joel Cutter, Acceptable Lies: The Criminal Within

“If you like Girl with Dragon Tattoo and Vampires, this is for you! (Kathi Humphries (Design) on 'ORPHANS - Time is running out' by Ian Dewar)”
Kathi Humphries

Nicole Arlyn
“She was so far absorbed in this work, for it was really difficult to find how all these sounds should stand together, and drew upon the whole of her faculties, that she never heard a knock at the door. ~Virginia Woolf”
Nicole Arlyn

Nicole Arlyn
“I am only a little rose who grows in deep and difficult places" ~ Song of Songs.”
Nicole Arlyn, Sadie Sugarspear and the Weeping Willow

Sean Browning
“My imagination gets the best of me, my reality gets the worst.”
Sean Browning, I Don't Seem So Bright in a Well-Lit Room

“Garden of the Dragons (The ’Halla, Vol. # 3)
Chapter Ten Excerpt (original editing)

Hachiman, surveys he the woe,
Wipes his brow, hate does flow.
A ruined life, heh, a loss of face,
He must have her now, to his disgrace
(Wed to Kari now, locked in time and place).

Battle over, moon still shines,
Lilies float soft in quiet time.
Scented visions and memories sear remains,
Of this terrible night of what was feigned.

Visuals lithe, of sword and blade,
Disguise the carnage and the pain.
Petals soft, they hide our gaze,
And cover the ground and its grave.

Flowers and moon in water light,
T'winkills the calm of a zen-burst night.
Now to life, the poem to seek repose,
And bury beneath those riddles she holds.

Nectars sweet, precious flowers,
A fragranted grave that allures and empowers.

Heart~beat, heart~beat, tells the way,
Of things long remembered and a far lost day.
How many memories, Kari knew,
That stain with age, being so few.

Samurai remembers - feels it as a man,
Clutches he his fist; wind in hand. . . .

". . .I have searched for you a very long time."
"Do not waste breath, kill. It is our way here."
"Not before I have my say, Corpse-eater."
"No wonder you took so long to find me."

"I have had a lot of time for thought," quietly he,
"- T'is a shame we could not agree."
"No more room for that," forcefully he snapped,
"You dishonored me twice and now, I will take one back."

"- Not enough? Hachi," said cordially she,
"If you are going to - cut the artery, please."
Tilt she her neck, exposed but her vein,
Samurai frowned, decidedly vain.

Looked he at his hands -
"They're already too bloody for today."

"Hummph. Such trite man'ers are atrocious.
For yourself you are much too engaged."

("Yet, a moment and it is done," thought he,
"But to gain it thus, a hollow travesty.
I must face her in all her strength,
The bladed Valkyrie, the one called great").

"I could kill you now, but I'd rather not,
This room is too unbecoming for the proper job."

"Charmed that you still think so highly of me."

"- Only then of your haunted beauty, I shall be free."

Feeling that weight, slowly dropped he his blade,
Time enough - rituals to cleanse and to pray.
Tossed his sword, pined her down -
Smooshed her face to the floor, Pinching it to a frown.
"Oh no, my little angel, you have it all wrong!
I mean only to kill you when you are strong.
Do not fear, I won't let anyone harm you in strife,
In the meantime, try not to flirt with your life.
Stay healthy - then we shall settle our love, unrequite."

A biting grin creased Samurai's scarved face,
"Let us fix it properly, according to my r'ace."
"Bushido," mouthed Kari, her voice empty as the word.
"And there will be no running away this time -
Rest assured."

Slowly withdrew he and left the room,
"Bastard," spit Kari, caustic of his doom.
The girl breathing vexiously, then calmly in the dark,
The door closed, silent, the light dribbling out.

Sounds below, drip mute in time,
Reality presses, she makes her fate thind.

And Skuld drinking, contemplates she her sibylline,
It was her hour now, the night of the wolverine.”
douglas laurent

“LaForche for his standing, understood Christina’s seditious intents, and for that, he monitored and hated the rude Vixen of Woe. Innumerable times they had quarresquabbled, sometimes very loudly, both during and after class. Christina’s wit, as fast as her blade, for the most part won the scathingly bitter, single-edged dialogues, much to the chagrin and embarrassment of LaForche. It was no big secret that trying to deal with his Anti-Mr. Spock logic was like trying to cross a baking salt-flat desert mid-summer with nothing to drink or eat except stale crackers and a big jar of out-dated defunct Peter Pan peanut butter, its original “crunch” now being only pasty sand mouth goo. She often asked herself how could you argue against no mind. It was an unassuming study in stupility to say the least.

—Christina Brickley, The Lady and the Samurai”
douglas laurent

Jessika Klide
“The air between us feels alive, and the grin that I've been wearing since I spotted her deepens as my cock gets hard at the thought that nothing stands between us now. I could pull her into my arms, slide my hands inside her shirt to feel her soft silky skin while I bury my nose in her neck and whisper how happy I am to see her again. ”
Jessika Klide, Ground Zero

Linda Ballou
“Some people live to travel while others travel to live.”
Linda Ballou, Embrace of the Wild-Equestrian Explorer Isabella Bird

“Part Two: When St. Kari Met Darth Vader, Star Wars Dark Lord of the Sith 

“What are those?” Kari shouted grasping Luke’s arm as her eyes jolted nervously into the air. “I’ve never seen such pretty planets before.”
Luke tracked her line of vision and grimmed as he spotted three Corellian Imperial Star Destroyers coming out of hyperspace into the same vortex that his own damaged ship was whirlpooled into. They appeared to be stabilizing the vortex opening by their anti-gravity wells maintaining their relative positional orbit.
“Hey’st, what are those white things? They look like men. Surely they are not ghosters, are they?” pawed Kari at Luke to get him to see.
“Imperial troopers,” shot Luke, grabbing her arm back. “There’s too many of them C’mon, we got to hide.”
“What’s does that mean? And what are those red light-thingy’s coming toward us?” Instantly Kari and Luke were inundated by a barrage of suppressing E-11 blaster rifle fire. Luke flinched out of reaction while Kari stood upright seemingly oblivious to the inherent danger. He was struck to see the girl-entity pluck a laser bolt out of the air and examine it with an other worldly look, as if it were a rare flower in a garden.
“I like this,” she smiled. “I’ll pin it to my cloak.” And doing so she did, it maintaining its fiery penetrating redness that did nothing more than to adorn the girl’s wardrobe for quite some time momentarily puzzling Luke. Usually they burnt out quickly. “Can I get some more of these?” she politely asked Luke.
“Not right now,” drawled Luke peering over a boulder. “If they capture us we’ve had it.”
“Had what?” asked Kari naïvely. “Them ghost-men you mean’st? Oh, don’t worry, Walker of the Skies, just leave it to me,” and with that Kari pulled her blade and sashayed toward the Imperial clones humming her favorite Top 10 battle hymns.
“Wait!” Luke shouted trying to snatch her back but it was too late. Luke never saw anything such as this. Like Han, he had seen a lot of strange galactic stuff in his time. Kari had become a misty blur and was skipping across the battlefield as some sort of sword-brandishing luminescence, hovering for a short time over those she slain.
“Hey, Walkersky, these spirits don’t have any souls,” she yelled looking up from her blood soaked garments. What do you want me to do with the rest, kill ’em?”
“I, uh ,” was all he managed to get out of his mouth as he rubbed his jaw.
Kari shrugged and went back to work, picking off the whole brigade by herself. “See’st? I told’st thou not to worry” Kari said panting, coming up to Luke and sitting besides him. “What now?”
“We gotta get outta here before more Imperials arrive.”
“Untruth oats?” (Nether Trans. “art thou nuts?”) “Run from battle?—is that that what means?”
“It means Vader’s coming—.”

go to part ii con't”
douglas laurent

“Part Two:
When St. Kari of the Blade Met Darth Vader, Star Wars Dark Lord of the Sith 

(Earlier, the Emperor commanded Lord Vader to make contact . . .
“I have felt a non-tremor in the Nether-Force”
“I have not, my master.”
“Yes, well, that is why I’m ‘the Emp’ and you are not . . . Um, we have a new enemy, the non-entity known as Blade Kári. She’s running around all over the place gunning for that brat kid of yours.”
“Hmm. Interesting,” tight-lipped Darth. “Anyway, I–hey, how can all this mish-mash be?”
“Search your feelings, Lord Vader” the Emperor solemnized. “If you feel nothing as usual, you know it to be true or false. By now your guess is as good as mine with this Force stuff.”
“Damn!–If you say so,” Vader said smacking his hand. “If she could be turned she would make a powerful ally.”
“Yesss . . . can it be done? Bring the Valkyrie creature to me. See to it personally, Lord Vader. The more she is loose the more of a train wreck waiting to happen she becomes to us. Besides, it will break up the monotony until Bingo Wednesday night.”
“Okay. She will join us or die–again and again and again–until we all get it right. “Now, what about my son?” grumbed Vader deeply.
“Why fish for guppies when you can land a Megalodon? Go on. Get out of here. You Annoy me.”
“Yes, my Mahhster . . . ”).

back to the action . . .

“—Oh yeah? Who is he, this Vader person? Someone I should meet?” Kari percolated.
Luke mulled. “No. He is evil and very powerful. A ȿith lord.”
“A Scythian, eh? Humm.—for a minute there, you had me worried.
“Look—there he is!” Luke shouted scrunching down and pulling the girl besides him. Vader stwalked down the landing craft’s platform decked in his usual evil attire looking at the pile of messy clones.
“He doesn’t look so tough’st to me. Pretty trippy wardrobe though. Maybe that is why he is evil. Clothes do that, costuming up n’ all. I think I’ll go down and see him.” Kari launched off to meet him.
Luke trying to pull her back, she running up to the battle line strewn with dead clones.
“Hey Darth’st.”
“Did you do all this? Hmmph. The Force is with you, young Blade Kári, but you are not a Valkyrie yet.”
“Sez ‘st who? You’st? Do not be so blamed melodramatic. This ’tain’t no movie ʎ’know’st, well leastways, not yet. I shall have you know I am a charter member of your friendly neighborhood Valkyrie club and my dues are so in.”
Vader ignited his red lightsaber (he was not one for small talk).
“Where can I get one of those, she asked Vader, pointing to his glowing blade of laser evil. Do they come in assorted colors? I want one!” she yelled back at Luke.
Vader struck savagely at the girl, she mildly pirouetting on her heels to evade the cut then giggling, diminutively popped him squarely in his breather-chest contraption bugging him. Again, he struck, the blade harmlessly passing through her.
“Impressive, most impressive. And you say you can’t get a date?”
“Best take it easy Sith-meister. You’re riling me.”
Luke’s eyes bulged. He could not believe it, remembering his own stupid head words to Yoda, his spry little green master.
Vader paused, breathing heavily as was typical of him like he was a 20-pack a day smoker. “Your destiny lies with me, young Kári. Look here, if you really want one of these red glow in the Nether dark cutters, come with me.”
Luke nodded his head back and forth as if agreeing with himself. Where had he heard that before . . . ? The kid was going to be nothing but trouble from here on out he foresaw.

stay tuned for part iii  ”
Douglas Laurent

“Time is the great equalizer for all things. No one has more of it in a day than anyone else.”
MC Pollack, The Rings of Time - The Early Years Revised

Logan Chance
“I need more time with this beauty.
I need these assholes not to have her.
I need to make certain this woman is safe.
I place a bid.”
Logan Chance, Sold To The Hitman

J. Denison Reed
“If I have no need for you, I have no use for you.”
J. Denison Reed, Clifford's War

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