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Tammara Webber
“Choosing to be with you isn't a difficult decision, Jacqueline," he breathed, pulling back one final time to stare into my eyes. "It's easy. Incredibly easy.”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Christian Simamora
“Tapi kalo aku ngelupain kamu, aku lupa caranya bahagia.”
Christian Simamora, Pillow Talk

Nicole Jordan
“I would be a fool to lose my heart to him, but I am tempted more each day.”
Nicole Jordan

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“You try spending six months sitting at somebody's bedside, waiting for them to die and then tell me that the happy-ending love story isn't one of God's good gifts.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Ain't She Sweet

Jaclyn Moriarty
“When she got back from taking Cassie to school Fancy knew that she ought to be working on her wilderness romance. She had promised thirty thousand words to her editor by tomorrow, and she had only written eleven. Specifically:
His rhinoceros smelled like a poppadom: sweaty, salty, strange and strong.
Her editor would cut that line.”
Jaclyn Moriarty, The Spell Book of Listen Taylor

Chayada Welljaipet
“I’ve been asking you to marry me since we met! What more do you want?”
Chayada Welljaipet, Eternal Love

Nancy B. Brewer
“(The golden goose has died, my prince turned into a frog, the Kingdom is lost, everyone has turned into stone and I am locked in the tower)”
Nancy B. Brewer, Beyond Sandy Ridge

Nicola Marsh
“You thought I didn’t notice the way you two looked at each other? I may be old but I’m not blind. I remember that
feeling. The spark, the electricity... ”
I had to interject before I got the unabridged version of Anjali Does Mumbai.”
Nicola Marsh, Busted in Bollywood

Nicola Marsh
“Late twenties, single, female. Do the math.
Flirty flings were fabulous until you hit the big three-O, all downhill
from there. Biological clocks started ticking like time bombs waiting to
detonate, gravity exerted more force on your life than your mom, and
suddenly, the dog-ugliest creep looked like Jake Gyllenhaal.”
Nicola Marsh, Busted in Bollywood

Jina Bacarr
“Skip your fancy talk, Captain Lord Blackthorn. If I do your bidding, and I’m still discussing that with the Almighty, it will only be to save my arse.” Katie O'Reilly to Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn in "Titanic Rhapsody”
Jina Bacarr

Rusty Fischer
“If I've got a Dad, and his name is Wormwood Rot, and he's in some heavy metal rock band called Grave Dirt . . . then I'm definitely meeting him!
She stares at me awkwardly, and I'm about to ask again—maybe even insist—when she says, "Honey, why do you think he's on the news? Wormwood, I mean . . . your father? Becca, he's . . . dead.”
Rusty Fischer, Becca Bloom and the Drumsticks of Doom: A Heavy Metal Love Story

Chayada Welljaipet
“I imagine I should have told it to you before? I love you, Sejal.I wish for you to become my wife.Recently I’ve also opened a shop in North Dakota and thinking that, just maybe, you love me too.”
Chayada Welljaipet, Eternal Love

Emery Lee
“... never engage to play with a troubled mind or excited emotions. Lucidity of mind is crucial and once once's emotions become engaged in the play all is lost.....”
Emery Lee, Fortune's Son

Jennifer Shirk
“Sorry, Sam, but I call 'em like see 'em. When you hire a nanny for the kids, you hire Mrs. Doubtfire. When you hire someone who looks like Sunny...well, then I'm afraid you hired her for yourself.”
Jennifer Shirk, Sunny Days for Sam

Nancy B. Brewer
“He was wearing a little bag of “Mojo” around his neck.”
Nancy B. Brewer, Carolina Rain

Molly Maguire McGill
“Sometimes Karl, you have to realize your weeknesses and be willing to discuss them with adults.”
Molly Maguire McGill, Growing Up in Levittown, Again!

Rene Webb
“I’ll have to see what I can do to get her to relax more.
Another orgasm would probably help.”
Rene Webb, Uncovering Lily

Rene Webb
“My thoughts and feelings war against each other. I can’t possibly like this man; I should be afraid of him. But his touch sends a calming warmth through me, and all I want to do is get lost in his arms, his touch, scent, and taste. But he is my captor—my enemy.”
Rene Webb, Uncovering Lily

Rene Webb
“I’m not going to pretend or lie to her about the fact that I want those perfect lips wrapped around my cock. Tonight there needs to be transparency, honesty between us—as much honesty as I am willing or able to give to her until we leave.”
Rene Webb, Uncovering Lily

Leona Morgan
“In my opinion, that was the only kind of love that was worth having. The kind of love that made you weak in the knees. The kind of love that gave you courage. The kind of love that made the world jealous. I'd made myself a promise a long time ago that I'd never settle for anything less.”
Leona Morgan, Belong to Me: The Family Way

“Yes. You’ll feel like a princess, and I’ll feel happy having you on my arm.”
His comment deserved another smile. I took his hands in mine and played with them.
“So now I’m arm candy?”
“You’re not just arm candy, baby, you’re pure sugar from head to toe.”
Faith Starr

Yolanda Hatcher
“I open my eyes, and we’re in the air. Like, literally in the air. Our chair is floating at the top of the sixteen-foot ceiling near the chandelier. The rest of the room, bed, nightstands, books, lamps, are up here with us, whirling around as if with a mind of their own.”
Yolanda Hatcher, Ascension: Volume I, Part I

Priscille Sibley
“A magia do primeiro amor é inegável. Assim como o fascínio de amar uma mulher inesquecível.
E como negar a atração de céus noturnos, estrelas cadentes, e a maneira como Elle se iluminava sempre que olhava para elas?”
Priscille Sibley, The Promise of Stardust

Leona Morgan
“Life wasn't like a romance novel, but the inspiration for them had to come from somewhere.”
Leona Morgan, Right on TIme

Michelle M. Pillow
“He’s like a half-baked cookie. - Aunt Polly”
Michelle M. Pillow, Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes

Michelle M. Pillow
“You are either a half-baked, baked, or burnt cookie. You decide, but you can't be all three in life. - Aunt Polly”
Michelle M. Pillow, Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes

Alexa Wayne
“I, Pearl Dale, take on the task of Alton and will honor the Treaty of Atlantis as we will hunt those who bring injustice on the water. With all of you, I will plunder the treasures of those who mock the sea! With all of you, I will bring death to those who think they are above us! With all of you, I will make us legends worthy of songs! We will become immortals! What say you!” - Pearl Dale, Mermaid Island #1”
Alexa Wayne, Memory Remains

Alexa Wayne
“As long as you wear that medallion you are bound by The Order Of Pirates’ rules and trust me, you don’t want any of us against you.” - Pearl Dale, Mermaid Island #1”
Alexa Wayne, Memory Remains

Alexa Wayne
“Magic has a price... and so does paradise." - Pearl Dale, Mermaid Island #1”
Alexa Wayne, Memory Remains

Lian Hearn
“-Todo joven comete errores -dijo Makoto-. Es nuestro destino tener que convivir con las consecuecias.”
Lian Hearn, Brilliance of the Moon

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