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Beth Revis
“(D)reams are like that: they go in and out of memories and scenes, but they're never real. They're never real, and I hate them because they aren't.”
Beth Revis, Across the Universe

Amie Kaufman
“All he cares about here on the edge of forever, is her. He does not want to die. Not because he is afraid. Simply because he cannot bear the thought of leaving her behind.”
Amie Kaufman, Illuminae

Evangeline Anderson
“Just tell him to keep his hands to himself and his python in his pants.”
Evangeline Anderson, Claimed

Linnea Sinclair
“…and suddenly I love you beyond all measure is not just words but a heart, a soul bursting open, a stripping raw of all pretense. It is Sully, it is Gabriel, it is his tears on my face, his body in mine, our minds seamless. It is hopes and dreams and failures. It is apologies and a prayer for redemption. It is heaven and damnation.
All that I am is yours pales beside it.
It is everything.
It is love.”
Linnea Sinclair, Shades of Dark

Rachel Bach
“Nothing pisses me off like having my sacrifices undermined.”
Rachel Bach, Honor's Knight

Rowena Cherry
“As a rule of thumb, it was always safer if the Commander-in-Chief formulated a risky plan.”
Rowena Cherry, Forced Mate

Linnea Sinclair
“Something cascaded lightly through me—a gentling, a suffused glow. If love could be morphed into a physical element, this would be it. It was strength and yet it was vulnerability. It was all-encompassing and yet it was freedom. It was a wall of protection. It was wings of trust and faith.

It was Gabriel Ross Sullivan, answering the questions I couldn’t ask. Not that everything would be okay, but that everything in his power would be done, and we’d face whatever outcomes there were together.”
Linnea Sinclair, Shades of Dark

Elizabeth Norris
“Those deep set eyes that look like they could tell stories for days, and that wavy brown hair that feels soft between my fingers. I try to memorize the angles of his jaw and the lines of his lips, because I know.

I know this may be the last time I ever see him.

Breathe fills my lungs, my throat relaxes, and I can't help but smile. Because I can see what he's thinking as clearly as if he'd spoken.

He doesn't want to leave - he doesn't want to go home.

He's going to choose me instead.”
Elizabeth Norris, Unraveling

Elizabeth Norris
“And the way it felt?" I whisper, as if that might soften the blow of embarrassment I'm about to deal. "Is that how you were feeling - how you feel - about me?"

A breeze comes off the ocean, and my skin feels strangely empty and open as he gives an almost imperceptible nod.”
Elizabeth Norris , Unraveling

Belinda McBride
“That's new.” His gaze was hot and fierce.
“My cock? I'm fairly certain it's always been there.”
His grin flashed briefly. “No Lio, you've been cut. Circumcised.”
“Oh.” I stared at the smooth column of my shaft. “That must have hurt.”
Belinda McBride, An Uncommon Whore

Chayada Welljaipet
“Thank you father, thank you. I know you watched me from above and protected me. I promise I shall serve the Magnarian Confederation with all my body and soul. I shall dedicate myself fully to our confederation, the family that you so loved. And I love it too. I shall protect, love and respect it always. This is my promise and commitment. Thank you”
Chayada Welljaipet, War Between Two Powerful Nations

“Knowing all the languages in the world could help you to really understand all the jokes you can hear... from my future Kids' Funny Business.”
Ivan Stoikov - Allan Bard

Meg Xuemei X
“None of us could choose our birth, but we could still chose our family, and only those who love you are your true family.”
Meg X, The Fourth Eye

Belinda McBride
“I told you I have both male and female organs."

"You didn't say they were all fully functional!" Belle stared at the rapidly disappearing bulge.

"Damn girl, how'd you get so lucky? Shit!”
Belinda McBride, Belle Starr

Relax,” the woman said. “It’s just me.” “Just you?” Hale asked with heavy irony, remembering
“Relax,” the woman said. “It’s just me.”

“Just you?” Hale asked with heavy irony, remembering the black leather and predator’s eyes with a stab of heat. Dangerous beauty had always been his downfall.

“I’m watching your back.”

“Sure you are,” he snorted. Beauty or not, he wasn’t stupid enough to trust. Screw, sure. Trust, no way.”
Michelle O'Leary, The Third Sign

“La società di adesso non permette l'interpretazione della Verità ma fornisce la Verità”
antonio lo presti

Ellen Stellar
“It is an ancient language," father bothered to explain. "Every warrior knows it. Women are forbidden from speaking it.”
Ellen Stellar, Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

Ellen Stellar
“Can women even breathe?”
Ellen Stellar, Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

“As a woman writing SF, I felt I had to think and write like a man in order to be taken seriously.”
Heidi Ruby Miller, Many Genres, One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction

Ellen Stellar
“All the universe could go to blasted space, for all I cared, as long as he was next to me.”
Ellen Stellar, Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

Ellen Stellar
“You are like a panther. You are strong, brave, resolute, graceful and stunningly beautiful, yet cat-like cautious and distrustful.”
Ellen Stellar, Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

Ellen Stellar
“I melted with his every touch, his every kiss. It seemed like his hands were everywhere and his lips reigned supreme over my body.”
Ellen Stellar, Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

Ellen Stellar
“Three warriors accompanied me back to my cabin. Their sticky gazes made me feel itchy all over, wishing for a good shower.”
Ellen Stellar, Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

“Just trust me," he finished gently.”
James Nelson Coleman, Seeker From the Stars

G.S. Jennsen
“Her teeth clattered together like banging cymbals. Her fingernails glowed white, and her heart stuttered over two beats. “Input. It. Now.”


Let go, Nika. All you have to do is let go. She focused on her fingers, which seemed to be glued to the conduit, and directed every conscious process to willing them apart millimeter by—

—she flew backward across the room and slammed into what remained of a wall.”
G.S. Jennsen, Of A Darker Void

Adam Frank
“Making progress in science often hinges on asking the right kind of question.

Without a well-posed question, discussions become little more than people talking (or yelling) past each other.

And without a well-posed question, there’s no clear path toward gathering data that will yield answers.

Finding a good question is like throwing open the shades in a dark room.

It’s the first step in finding a new way to tell is important. It tells us where we should be looking, where we should be going, and how to begin organizing our efforts to get there.”
Adam Frank, Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth

Nikita Tak
“A good novel is the one which is well-researched on the topic that revolves around the novel.”
Nikita Tak, The Chocolate Cake

Penelope Woods
“A savage beast requires sweetness. Someone to hold. Someone to subdue. Someone to fuck to pieces.
The desire for that deep connection took over, and I stopped focusing on every distraction.
Only she mattered. My one and only...”
Penelope Woods

E.C. Downes
“If someone told you your life was going to end then offered you an olive branch to life, would you take it?”
E.C. Downes, EUROPA Dreams (EUROPA #1).

David Colello
“Being common doesn't make something right.”
David Colello, Trillion Dollar Sky: Mission Cerex: Book One

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