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Albert Hofmann
“It's very, very dangerous to lose contact with living nature.”
Albert Hofmann

Don DeLillo
“In the subways, in many of the streets, in corners of the park at night, contact could be dangerous. Contact was not a word or a touch but the air that flashed between strangers.”
Don DeLillo, Mao II

Jane Jacobs
“[Public housing projects] are not lacking in natural leaders,' [Ellen Lurie, a social worker in East Harlem] says. 'They contain people with real ability, wonderful people many of them, but the typical sequence is that in the course of organization leaders have found each other, gotten all involved in each others' social lives, and have ended up talking to nobody but each other. They have not found their followers. Everything tends to degenerate into ineffective cliques, as a natural course. There is no normal public life. Just the mechanics of people learning what s going on is so difficult. It all makes the simplest social gain extra hard for these people.”
Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities

George Santayana
“Scepticism is the chastity of the intellect, and it is shameful to surrender it too soon or to the first comer: there is nobility in preserving it coolly and proudly through long youth, until at last, in the ripeness of instinct and discretion, it can be safely exchanged for fidelity and happiness.”
George Santayana

Stefan Molyneux
“There is no key to open the heart of another - except curiosity.”
Stefan Molyneux

Megan Miranda
“My mother always wanted to live near the water," she said. "She said it's the one thing that brings us all together. That I can have my toe in the ocean off the coast of Maine, and a girl my age can have her toe in the ocean off the coast of Africa, and we would be touching. On opposite sides of the world.”
Megan Miranda, Vengeance

“i want so much to touch you
where my hands cannot.”
AVA., this is how you know i want you.

James C. Dobson
“34. Sexual contact between a boy and a girl is a progressive thing. In other words, the amount of touching and caressing and kissing that occurs in the early days tends to increase as they become more familiar and at ease with one another. Likewise, the amount of contact necessary to excite one another increases day by day, leading in many cases to an ultimate act of sin and its inevitable consequence. This progression must be consciously resisted by Christian young people who want to serve God and live by His standards. They can resist this trend by placing deliberate controls on the physical aspect of their relationship, right from the first date.”
James C. Dobson, Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

Carl Sagan
“There were human cultures that taught an afterlife of the blessed on mountaintops or in clouds in caverns or oases but she could not recall any in which if you were very very good when you died you went to the beach.”
Carl Sagan

Mehmet Murat ildan
“We touch people mostly without touching them: We touch them with our words, with our smile, with our eyes, with our courage, with our madness, with millions of different ways! What are we? We are contacting beings without contacting!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Nikos Kazantzakis
“My life had got on the wrong track, and my contact with men had become now a mere soliloquy. I had fallen so low that, if I had had to choose between falling in love with a woman and reading a book about love, I should have chosen the book.”
Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

Steven Magee
“Police Officer Angry Aggression Theory (POAAT) is why you need to video record the police before they shoot you. Always start the video camera at the first contact, as it can go sour at any time and without warning.”
Steven Magee

Kipjo Kenyatta Ewers
“When it becomes acceptable to kill another man or woman, childhood dies.” whispered Laurence. “When it becomes acceptable to kill a child…humanity dies.”
Kipjo Kenyatta Ewers, Eye of Ra

“An affected health has come in contact with worry”
Sunday Adelaja

Akshay Vasu
“The day when the fire that we had lit in our minds reaches our hearts, we will start turning every person that we come in contact with into ashes. We become the ghosts that we always feared.”
Akshay Vasu

Ehsan Sehgal
“Contact with one represents just respect of the human values, not the vote of yes on its ideas and policies since it shows one's humanity and way of peace.”
Ehsan Sehgal

“If [Patricia Highsmith] saw an acquaintance walking down the sidewalk she would deliberately cross over so as to avoid them. When she came in contact with people, she realised she split herself into many different, false, identities, but, because she loathed lying and deceit, she chose to absent herself completely rather than go through such a charade. Highsmith interpreted this characteristic as an example of 'the eternal hypocrisy in me', rather her mental shape-shifting had its source in her quite extraordinary ability to empathise. Her imaginative capacity to subsume her own identity, while taking on the qualities of those around her - her negative capability, if you like - was so powerful that she said she often felt like her inner visions were far more real than the outside world. She aligned herself with the mad and the miserable, 'the insane man who feels himself one with all mankind, all life, because in losing his mind, he has lost his ego, his self-ness', yet realised that such a state inspired her fiction. Her ambition, she said, was to write about the underlying sickness of this 'daedal planet' and capture the essence of the human condition: eternal disappointment.”
Andrew Wilson, Patricia Highsmith, Ζωή στο σκοτάδι

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
“I’d never have predicted I would lose touch with him – before, that is, I did. I thought I had my reasons. But it turns out that they weren’t good reasons. It turns out that you should never lose contact with the people who are supposed to be important in your life. There is no excuse in doing that.”
Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, The Apple Tart of Hope

Mehmet Murat ildan
“Atingem oamenii mai ales fara sa ne atingem ; ii atingem cu vorbele noastre , cu zambetul nostru , cu ochii nostri , cu atitudinea noastra curajoasa , cu tristetile noastre , in milioane de moduri diferite . Ce suntem noi ? Suntem in contact cu ceilalti fara sa ne contactam !”
Mehmet Murat ildan

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mike pin

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“DPD contact phone number- If you contact DPD customer service representatives on 08445-560-560, for a speedy resolution to any enquiry, request or complaint about your parcel delivery.”
mike pin

Bernard Werber
“Totul se hotărăște înainte de contact. Mandibula sau jetul de acid nu fac decât să consfințească o situație de dominare deja recunoscută de cei doi adversari... Totul este un joc al minții. Trebuie să accepți victoria și atunci nimic nu rezistă.”
Bernard Werber, Empire of the Ants

“I asked what we must do about intolerance and fanaticism which was flaring all around the world. "Education and wider contacts are really the only solutions," the Dalai Lama replied.”
Dalai Lama XIV, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Abrams, The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

Carl Sagan
“She had spent her career attempting to make contact with the most remote and alien of strangers, while in her own life she had made contact with hardly anyone at all.”
Carl Sagan, Contact

Jeff VanderMeer
“Was this first contact, or last contact?”
Jeff VanderMeer, Acceptance

“toch ging haar gekartelde hart uit
naar zachte dingen
zoals wanneer de wind
de zon nakeek
die neersijpelde door de kieren van het bladerdak
en daarvan zuchtte.
Of wanneer een geluidloze zucht
aan vriendelijke verhaalrijke ogen ontsnapte
en dan een glimlach tatoeëerde
in haar tranen.”
Anna Jae

Sonia Sanchez
“I write to keep in contact with our ancestors and to spread truth to people.”
Sonia Sanchez

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