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When can we expect a release date?

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Russell To everyone saying that Pat Rothfuss is not your bitch; that's fine, you're entitled to that opinion. As a customer, we're also entitled to say "this is taking too long and it's making me an unsatisfied customer." If you put a book series out, and advertise and release it as a trilogy, you have some obligation to release things in a reasonably timely manner, keep people updated on your status, and not miss too many deadlines. You sold it as a trilogy and let me purchase 2/3rds of the product, and are now delaying the final 1/3rd of the product for a significant period of time. I am entitled to be a little annoyed by that, or to question when the book might come out.

If I order a steak dinner, with ministrone soup and a baked potato, and you bring out the ministrone and baked potato in 15 minutes, then tell me after an hour, it'll be another hour for the steak, then after that hour, tell me 2 more hours, then after those 2 hours, tell me you don't know when the steak will be ready, I have a right to be annoyed by that, and most people would walk out of the restaurant and possibly never return if that happened. I empathize with him wanting to get the book perfect, and I'm not saying he's a bad person for not releasing it, but I do have a right to question and be annoyed with and complain about the book not being released yet.
Donna I thought this a reasonable question that few people actually answered. This series has taught me a lesson that I thought I had learned before but apparently not well enough. Don't get a book that is part of a series until the entire series is published.
John I found this article by Neil Gaiman enlightening and maybe an answer to all those waiting on book 3. Read at your peril, it may cause you to rethink a few things.....

Alastair McDermott Hey folks, this book was published on November 25th, 2027.

So depending on when you're viewing this from that may be sometime real soon, in your past, or quite a while in your future - sorry about that.

(If you set your Samsapple iTime(TM) to tLocation "2155ae3fa51cd1e44" that will take you to the correct place on the continuum)

It's worth waiting for though. I was pleasantly surprised by Denna turning out to be a princess after all (who would have thought, with her pain in the ass attitude to everything), and then terrified by her abduction by the dasterdly Ambrose, who turned out to be king - after the entire royal line of succession before him died in an unfortunate and suspicious blaze.

But nothing could beat the action packed ending where Kvothe kills Denna's patron, Mr. Cinder Ash - yeah, that was a tad more predictable that I'd have expected - by cracking him over the head with the Lackless box, opening it in the process. Truly an amazing feat, of deus ex machina.
idcboobs lmao all these people defending the author when he is clearly doing everything but write the novel

i mean for a book that was apparently written almost 8 years ago he sure does enjoy taking his time releasing it. Sorry was that a lie? he didn't actually write the books back then? he lied? so how far has he written into the book then? oh he hasn't started? he was actually spending all this time writing a 150 page novella?

you people are pathetic, i don't understand how you can defend such an obvious scam
Helge K To all you negative Nancies out there: Patrick Rothfuss is not your bitch!
The book is due when it's due.
Alex "The books are good, really good. They pulled me in. Well-developed world. Unique, compellingcharacters. I like them so much that when I got to the second book and found out the third book wasn't going to be out in the US for another three months, I experienced a fit of rage, then a fit of depression, then I ate some lunch and had a bit of a lay down."
-Patrick Rothfuss on: The First Law Trilogy

Three months caused a fit of rage and a fit of depression?
A good deal of people are probably dead or mad by this point then, waiting for The Stone Doors, or whatever it'll be called.
And if he was entitled to a fit of rage, then I am sure he won't mind if I rage just a little and trash something in his honor.
John If I can remember didnt Master Elodin tell Kvothe to "stop grabbing my tits..perhaps therein lies a lesson for us all..lol
Joe Bolo All these people that complain about waiting too long are ridiculous...this is his labor of love, his life's work...these are almost thousand page tomes and you're saying you're no longer interested or that you will pirate them when they are released...you disgust me.
Brandon Ammon A wizard is never late, nor is he early... he publishes precisely when he means to!!
James Bly I used to be anticipating and hoping for a release. Now I don't care. I stopped recommending the books to people and won't be giving anymore as gifts. (I've actually warned a few people off the series when I found out they were thinking of buying it.) Frankly the story is not finished, it was declared to be finished 10 years ago and in that time a lot of other great authors have continued to publish while P.R. seems to have focused more on side projects, games and other clearly more interesting pursuits. I've moved on. If he releases the third book I might buy it eventually but I won't buy anymore series to come after that unless the entire series is released. That trust is gone.
David Mckee Check out my prose: "The slow regard of books that never come out, and silent things that we don't give a shit about."
Daniel It's obvious that the novel is not high on the priority list for rothfuss. That's fine, his time is his to spend as he wishes. The reality is that books are a business like any other. At this point he has lost many fans and a great deal of business when the book is finally released.
Peter S When people stop paying to see him at comic con and all other cons. Then he might actually start again writing and editing for a living.
William Smithwick Hey John, and Gaiman for that matter out there in the ether.....

Say what you will. The writers are the court jesters of our day. Like it or not, they work to entertain us. That's it. I love to read their stories. I love their creativity. I love their books. I read more than I do anything else for leisure.

But make no mistake, the writers absolutely do work for the reader. We are the only reason they get to travel first class and b*tch about not having a place to plug in their media device. They have the opportunity, the privilege, to blog and galavant across the globe spending time at various "-cons" only because we pay money for their words.

I love what I know of Pat. Gaiman? He seems like a pretentious ass convinced of his own virtue. And Sandman was barely readable, and not worth the time it took to publish or write. But I digress...

I don't think Pat has the attitude Gaiman attributes in his ridiculous response. I think Pat is doing the best he can by his story. And I am thankful for that. I don't demand a release date. Frankly, I'd be disappointed if he never released it. But you know what? It wouldn't be the end of the world. Pat would fade away as a writer of an amazing, but unfinished story.

Now that I think about it, that would be the best ending to a tragedy that I could imagine. The irony of the story teller that made a tragedy out of the story by simply not finishing it.

A+ troll.
Rich The problem Rothfuss has that other authors like George Martin does not is he got people interested in his series under false pretenses. People were feeling pretty burned by how long it took Martin (this is back in 2007, now its full on hate), and they marketed this series as "basically done with some tweaking". He said it and said they would be out every year and there was only three. Many people will not buy a book that will be part of a series until they are done and he and his publishers knew that, so they made assurances to their fans and audience.

It is now five years and counting for the third book. Setting aside the "creative spirit" and whatever, this promise was unprofessional and dishonest. Plus, he is now coming across as milking this for all that it is worth instead of really caring about his customers. All he is doing is guaranteeing no one will read anything he publishes again once this series is done. Yes, people who loved the first two will probably read the third, like me, but as a person, I do not like him. He lied and it was unprofessional. At this point, it would actually be better if he just leveled with people instead of giving "yada, yadas" about the creative process and having Neil Gaiman write defenses of him.
Liz Ross I loved the first 2 books and was gutted when I found out that it's been 5 years since he published the 2nd book with no release date in sight for the final instalment! I had promised my self after the GoT fiasco that I would only read complete works or stuff from reliable authors who get on with the job ! I'm really disappointed to see Pat wasting time with Novellas - just seems like he's milking it to be honest!
Jason Mullavey Think about how long it took for Tolkien to complete his collection of works? He died before completing them, yet Patrick Rothfuss is getting crap like this? For shame. A good story ends when it ends, not when you want it too. This reminds me of Doctor Who tourists who don't like Capaldi.
Tim Bunn I have always defended Mr. Rothfuss, believing that these things take time,and an artist is allowed to take whatever time he/she needs to produce a work of art worthy of their own expectations. I longed for the story to continue, and for huge chunks of time, I was able to forget about it, due to major events in my life. I would get to the point in which i would actually NEED the temporary escape from reality, so I would renew the search for the release date, though that this will be the time that I will found out that it had been released. Recently, I went through an issue with my dad having cancer. I moved to Las Vegas to help him deal with his cancer. During that time, one of my dogs was diagnosed with cancer,and given about 6 months. 2 years later, he had lost a lot of weight,but was still going,and seemed as happy as ever. He was 14 years old. Also, my dad had been cleared of cancer. For a moment,things were great. A few days later, my other dog was diagnosed with cancer. They gave me a strong drug to help him, but said to watch him as it could cause a bad reaction. He died the next day at noon, and my other dog that had be diagnosed 2 years earlier died a month later. My relationship with my father was on the rocks, because I had needed his help with the dogs, but he wasn't there(Shocker!)... Anyways, I decided that it was time to leave Las Vegas. A month later, I received a call from my mother. My sister's two year old daughter had passed away. I went to the funeral, flew back to Vegas, and started to expedite my packing. Next, I thought that the third book of the series HAS to be ready. Just what I need for the 2,000 mile drive! No such luck. This is when I realized, that there is a difference between time needed for creativity, and just being lazy. In my search, I see Mr. Rothfuss saying how "tired" that he is off being asked about book three. What is it now? 10 years? Imagine how tired he are of asking. Remember when you were hungry, when you wanted your books to be read, and enjoyed? Well, maybe you need to go without eating for a few days, and get hungry. Maybe you need to go rent a seedy apartment, and stay there for a month, so you can transfer what it is like to not be able to sell books, and therefore live better, and provide better for your children. Whatever it is,you need to find it, because though all of this sadness that I went through, my ass went to work and performed at a level equal to the level that I performed without the issues. I had to, because anything less would not have been accepted. That is why, when you go to the hospital your records show up when they push a button, or why you are able to book a room online, amongst other things. I do my job despite my issues. When I need a moment of escape, it is time that you do your job.
Marlot I think it's really sad that it take so long to be released. My father would've loved the third book. But he past away a while ago en even then he thought he would've lived when this book would be released. Unfortunately he'll never read this third and probably amazing book from Patrick....
Vince Cerone august of 2016? Really? That seems like a ridiculously long time. Two more years? wow. I'm likely to forget about it, which is sad because i really love these two books so far. I was expecting mid 2015...
Reet Volt I wish he would just tell us "no book this year" like he did in Dec 2014 (https://twitter.com/patrickrothfuss/s...) so I could stop checking for an other 6 months -_-
Alan I loved these books when they came out, thought they were spectacular, can't remember 90% of the content now.. he plays a harp or something... goes to uni?
Daniel Stutz What all you people defending rothfuss aren't realizing is that the book is done it has been done he isnt laboring over it anymore making it perfect. Hes working out deals for movies TV shows and video games. Which is actual bullshit what happened to the days when books came first. I understand this is all the work you've ever done and trying to get the most money out of that possible. but Your readers are what got you the fame. We spread the word of how good it is so lazy people will watch the movies. And the fact that you are selling us out for them is changing how I even see this series and you as a writer. This isnt your last chance at a payoff pat you are possibly the best fantasy writer out there and this is obviously a prequel trilogy. So fuck when the other shit is gonna drop and release the book before more of your fan base decides you aren't worth the wait
Stevan Lindquist When is the next full solar eclipse?
Erik Preuss Anyone who is chewing @Heidi out should STFU. This wasn't a complaint but a question. Go troll somewhere else or stop reading the questions section.

At any rate if this is any indication: so this is from january http://fantasyhotlist.blogspot.com/20...

I think we can expect it out within the next year or so. Publishers don't often work this intently on a cover unless there is at least some sort of tentative release date in sight.
Heidi I hate waiting so long. But then again, I don't write books.
Peixremix Leaving a comment here just to say I've been waiting for this book for too long, and every year that goes by my hopes to see the final release grow scarce. I had the urge of finishing the series as soon as I ended "a wise man's fear", and year after year I've been let down.
This is a reminder of the years that have passed by, and a note to my future self. One year from now I will be here, once more, to curse PR for not doing his job, and myself for ever getting into this series.
Lilián González Too bad that we don't have a real release date, I hope the third book is as good as the others, but too much expecting removes interest for the trilogy
Stasis Its kinda like GRRM. Dont wait. Read other things. There are so many fantastic series out there, either already completed or with timely predictable releases. Michael J. Sullivan's works for example. His writing strategy makes it very easy to wait. You know exactly what's going on and the novels are written concurrently. When Rothfuss or Martin finally do release their novel, you decide if you care or not at that point. I know I will. I just may not buy it right away as I'll likely want to do a reread.

Not everyone's the same in their approach. Sure, its a shame that some of the best authors out there take longer, but you wouldn't be complaining if you didn't love them. Its basically a strange way of praising their work =)
Sanne I'm also awaiting this book with bated breath. However, the date keeps changing. While I really would like to read the next in this amazing series, I don't mind waiting, if that is what it takes to make the 3rd book as amazing as Patrick wants it to be!
Wolfgarr To all those defending this author.

Your comments would mean something if the Author had not stated that the entire series was completed before the first book had been published.........

Rebekah Parkhurst He can take as long as he'd like, but, after nearly a decade I've forgotten most of the story anyway. The anticipation fizzled out and I've lost interest in reading book 3.
Mio Ok, the day has come: I just took those two books which now were standing in my bookshelf for 8 years (!!!) and put them in a cardboard box in my cellar.
It was a great story, I don't questions this. But Rothfuss really seems to be a 2/3-hit wonder only. It's ok to take your time to finish a book, absolutely, even if it takes years or even a decade. But then I see what Rothfuss is doing: literally wasting time, milking his fans and resting on his laurels.
Also taking into consideration that he said that this trilogy only is one arc of a much greater story (to come? hahahah!) and that all three books were more or less finished even before the first book was released I really can't understand or even support this any longer.
If this book ever will be published (a huuuuge IF!) I'll buy it second hand, if at all. The wasted money on Silent things is payment enough.
Marin Obranović I feel like a hostage. 7 years and still waiting.
Chris Slooter I emailed Pat himself. I told him to just have another author finish it, like Brandon Sanderson. That way the pressure is off and he can write in the world he created if he ever wants to write again. It's such a privilege to have an audience, and he is blowing it. I bet Pat goes to dog pounds and teases dogs on death row with beef jerky. Yup, that is what he does.
Robert A request, not a demand: I agree with the author's (and others') view that he should take the time to do it right in his own view, i.e., to make it the book he wants it to be. At the same time, like many, I'm exasperated at this stage in the wait.

Upshot: I don't think Pat "owes" his readers a particular schedule. What would be *courteous* to readers and fans, however, would be to say something about why the delay's been (so much) longer than expected. Pat's reply from the outset and to date has been, "when there's news, I promise you'll know." What he really means is he'll share *good* news with his fans regarding a date for publication. But given the unusual delay, respect for his readership ought, in my view, to extend to sharing *bad* news, about, e.g., the *reason* for unanticipated delays, the problematic nature of the writing process, in general or abstract terms, his own frustration, what he feels the book still needs, etc. (in short, whatever he's comfortable sharing along these lines). For what it's worth, I think he'd find his fans much more understanding than by insisting on years of radio silence. I know I'd personally be far less exasperated if I understood the issue(s), even at a high degree of abstraction (and with no spoilers of course). .... The same goes for GRRM re WofW.
Jeromy The Name of Wind was an amazing book. Best I had read in years, so I understand the need for time. The 4 year wait for book 2 was brutal, but it renewed my interest in the series and I pressed on. After a few more years, I forgot all about The Kingkiller Chronicle. Today, over 5 years after the 2nd book was released, I remembered it for some reason and decided to check out the 3rd book. Nothing. Still hasn't even finished writing the dang thing. Guess I'll check back in 2 more years.
Lau Gonzales Hey! i found a date in this post: http://miblogdelibros.com/kingkiller-...

I don't know if this is true or not, but for me is a little hope :)
Still waiting for Pat and Kvothe...
James Ellis As much as I hate waiting for books, I always get myself carried away in other stories, so it's never to much of a big deal.
As much as I understand the comments saying "it's his life work, it's due when it's due, etc etc" the simple fact of the matter is, it's his life work because all of us love the story and pay to read it.

Now, I've no problem waiting. But what I really can't handle, is having absolutely 0 updates. 7 years is a long time to wait, but the absolutely nothing we are given, is the punishing factor. As much as it's his creation, a creation is just your own imagination without the people you share it with. I most certainly think he owes a half decent update.

I hate to think, that being such a big charity person, he could be purposely holding up the release to keep the traffic moving through his sites. Lord knows, once I've got my greasy little digits on that last book, I'll never be finding myself dissapointed by pats blog again!
Maddy Hooper Well, Name of the Wind was released in early 2007 and Wise Man's Fear was released mid 2011. There's a four year difference there. Patrick Rothfuss has been doing many interviews (like Nerdcon: Stories) following the release of Wise Man's Fear. So even though we're at that four year mark now, you have to understand how busy he is now compared to then. Relax. Be patient. WAIT.
Slick I personally think sometime late 2016.
He has basically finished but he is just writing and rewriting because he wants to 'perfect' it and add a few more finishing touches. The Movie rights have just been repurchased and there is hype about a Movie, TV Show and a Video Game so he will be in a lot of time consuming meetings but i'd expect it late 2016..

P.S Ignore all the keyboard warriors demanding you not politely ask a reasonable questions as if they have never done the same thing..
Christopher Stewart I've just been told by a staff member at Waterstone's bookstore that the release date for book 3 is the 28th of October, if this is the case then i am very exited. 20 days to go!
Tommy Czxqa LOL, three years later and still no book. Well, I am not Pat Ruthfuss' bitch either. Good luck to him in his future endeavors. In the meantime, I will spend my money buying Brandon Sanderson's books instead. If Pat ever finishes, I will pick up a copy at the second hand bookstore whenever. If I feel like it.
Jac I recall some words from The Name of the Wind which ring true about the expectation that grows with an unfinished work. This then from Patrick (or Kvothe) himself...
"When you wait a few span or month to hear a finished song, the anticipation adds savour. But after a year excitements beings to sour. By now, a year and a half (9 years) had passed and folk were almost mad with curiosity. This occasionally led to hard words..."
And later...
"The was an outcry and a great deal of complaining, but everyone knew they had been lucky to hear as much as they had."
Prahaps someone has been writing entirerly the wrong sort of books. No one could blame a man for packing up his nibs when the Chandrian come knocking on your wagon.

Thanks Mr Rothfuss, I consider myself lucky to have read as much as I have of your "Chronicle".
Jeremy Spencer The release date will be posted sometime late 2020. Expect the novel in mid-to-late 2023, barring delays.
Sean Rogers At this point I think its safe to say it well never be released. His last press release a month ago said he was working on it 10/1/2019 (this is 8 years after the second book). If you follow him you know he wrote the first draft of the entire series in 2000, its 2019 almost 2020 and he still hasn't released the 3rd book. Taking 20 years to write 3 novels is to long. I have literally grown up, graduated high school, graduated college, started a successful tech business, got married, and am now raising children of my own in the amount of time its taken him to completely write 2 books.

Its time to face reality it wont be released. Who knows how much hes even written because all he says is "its coming along". Hes profiting on the success of the first two books and is now pursuing other things.

It is my belief he does not no attend to finish the book series.
Kurt Schuster Whenever he gets off his shit pump and starts caring about the people who pay his bills. Lets be honest though, there's literally millions of people out there that do not keep promises they make. I would not expect him to ever complete this book. Move on to someone who actually knows the definition of the word trilogy. LMFAO. JK it's coming this September.
Dennis When he is done cashing in on the movie and tv rights. Until then the book will not be released.
Gareth Davies Just bored of waiting now. There was a point I'd have pre-ordered at full price, that point is long past and it's 50:50 whether I'll bother at all now.
Ron McKenzie He is a hack. Like declaring someone rookie of the year after one game.
One hit wonders are not great writers.

Deniz Aygün Luckily i met the Chronicle's couple months ago. So i don't really get bored of waiting the sacred Third. I read the books 2 times both in English and my native. Patrick said on the ending of the Auri's book that his books are better when you read them more than once. And I couldn't agree that one more. I guess I'll keep reading. So i won't be into the trend of "getting bored". So don't wait. Keep reading.
Leah We can complain all we want, but I know I am buying it in print and Audible the moment it comes out. I don't care when it's finished, just don't let it be crappy.
Adam Pehrson Supposedly Patrick will release the book if TSM wins worlds, in other words, never.
Lily Probably 2020 at this rate. But that will still be quicker than it took Isobelle Carmody to get her (terrible by the end) series finished, so still worth the wait.
Roger Henderson I dont think Pat will release DoS until well after Dream of Spring, which could be 2025 if ever. He never drops any hints on how far off finidhing he is which makes me think he is miles off finishing if he ever finishes it at all. I hope i dont die before he releases it. Same with aSoIaF.
Miguel Varela I do not know when it is due.
What I know:
The more time it takes the bigger the lens we will use to review the book.

If it is the book of the century it may take forever.
Otherwise it is reaching its time limits. At least to avoid hard critics when it comes.
Brandon Darbro I've run out of distractions to read and am having trouble finding another. I'm currently waiting on this series, Sanderson's Stormlight series, have finished all of P.F. Hamilton's stuff... Kind of drawing a blank of what to read next. Kind of afraid to start any other unfinished series, too. Suggestions anyone?
Katalin The release date first was 2013 may, but mr. Refuss is'nt in the hurry i see. They deleted the advertised may 2013 and don't say a word. Maybe the author has serious problems with continuing the story.
Jon Scheidt Would sure love to finish this series.... I shelved this before my daughters were born... they are 7 now. :|
Derrick You people are weak. I waited 13 years for a new Tool album. Don't give me your guff.
Jac I recall some words from The Name of the Wind which ring true about the expectation that grows with an unfinished work. This then from Patrick (or Kvothe) himself...
"When you wait a few span or month to hear a finished song, the anticipation adds savour. But after a year excitements beings to sour. By now, a year and a half (5 years) had passed and folk were almost mad with curiosity. This occasionally led to hard words..."
And later...
"The was an outcry and a great deal of complaining, but everyone knew they had been lucky to hear as much as they had."
Thanks Mr Rothfuss, I consider myself lucky to have read as much as I have of your "Chronicle".
Marco Cano Perspective is a wonderful thing. Since The Name of the Wind was published:

Patrick Rothfuss has written 3 books. 650,000 words. (Approx)
Brandon Sanderson has written 17 books. 3,824,000 words (Approx)

6 to 1. (Approx)

Excluding novellas, which BS has more, and excluding Alcatraz which would make this even worse.
Vernon Bush Its apparent that that despite showing as much promise as some of the classic fantasy authors Rothfuss has pooped out. He could have been remember as one of the greats. Instead he will be remember as a loser who flamed hot for two books than lost it and milked his fame for a for every low hanging nickle he could decade. My prediction..... the third book will be a disappointment. Even if it isn't and I love it I intend to rate it one or two stars on every review page I can. Rothfuss deserves nothing less at this point except the same scorn he has shown his readers
Steven Williams Wow this is so old and i was reading the comment about forgetting what the book was even about and I agree 100% with the post. And it should teach everyone not to buy a book before the whole story is realeased. The authors dont know when they will finish the publishers dont care and people are rightly frustrated but there is no disclaimers
Pelayo Amazon just posted the book on presale, release date 8th july 2021
Joanne Abboud I truly wonder all those people not annoyed by the time delay .... do they still have the same opinion .. 2 3 or 4 years later 🤔 if not more ... i bet the people who read the book in 2011 ... don't even care anymore
Aneta Any updates on release date?
James At this point there is no possible ending that would make the book worth the wait. :(
Micah Cavender I'm excited for the next book and it's okay to be excited and to ask questions. Pat does not owe us anything, but his wonderful writing has stirred a longing in our hearts for more of his story. I am anxious about it and every year I hope to hear some positive news and I don't. Normally this would make me bitter and a dickhead, but I go through his books twice a year and just enjoy them even more. If there is no end, that is okay also. I have received so much joy from reading these books that it almost does not matter. (that is the nice side of me) I want the next book now. (dark side revealed)
Felix Joel Amazon.de has the release (soft and hard cover versions) pegged for 8 Juli 2021 -.- so buckle down if your gonna wait.
Jess (oracle_of_madness) From what i personally heard, the book will be out when the tv series comes out... 2017 2018
Gaurav Gautam To the man with the beard. Please?
Belma I don't know how to feel about this.. I really loved the books and I think Pat is an awesome guy! I also understand that he wants the last book to be perfect and that it takes time! BUT! I also can't wait! Yea I'm selfish, I know! I think, that he could at least put out a date, be it 1, 2 or 5 years from now. I also think, that could make him focus a bit more on the book in stead of all the other million things he's doing.. And yea, part of me thinks that he is just lolling around, putting the book off and part of me is getting more angry with Pat.. YES I KNOW HE'S NOT MY BITCH!! But I just don't know how to feel anymore about this.. It's frustration and anger and excitement and sadness and million other things.. I just wish he could focus a bit more on it and get on with it.. I really don't want to doubt him and if he has even started on it.. My feelings are really conflicted about this..
So Pat. If you're reading this.. PLEASE! Pretty please? We just want to read that (hopefully) glorious book!
Kieran Ogg If anyone has read a bit about Rothfus they'll know he has interests in many areas of life. This book is only one of his many loves, he has set up a helluva lot in the last 2 and must bring it to a satisfying and realistic conclusion in only 1 book. So he doesnt spent every waking moment thinking and working on the book, no one should be spending all their time sitting on their butt waiting on them. It's very disheartening to see so many people who clearly have a large emotional investment in these books call the Author a scam artist or say he should feel ashamed because his priorities arent what they want them to be.

Bottom line, find another book or invest you time in some other craft and bide your time. Stop grabbing at tits.
Chrissi The current release date from the UK (Gardners PUblishing) is August 2016.
Dan Two to three years to go if the second book is any indication.
Jacqueline Elle What makes me sad is that the OP posted this 8 years ago, and there is still no 3rd and final book.
The Wise Man's Fear - published March 1 2011
A Dance with Dragons published July 12 2011

The Doors of Stone - published ?
The Winds of Winter - published ?

Who will blink first???
Mike Move on people, let it go!

Lots of books out there.

...... If its released just start over, or not .....

The indignation is a reflection of an investment gone south
Gregory Neil Who cares? It's bait and switch. He's stolen money from all of us, nobody's going to buy the third book.
tcb dog Here’s the thing. Just like George RR Martin, Rothfuss was given a bunch of money for the rights to his trilogy and like George RR Martin he’s spending that money instead of doing what he got paid to do. George RR Martin got a ton of money and all he had to do was finish the last 2 books before HBO got to that place where he left off in their series “Game of Thrones”. It had already been years since he wrote the last book so HBO thought he would easily be able to write the last books within 8 YEARS the series would run. Big mistake! Ol Georgie went out and partied for 8 years with women 1/4 his age and had a good ol time. He made sure that if HBO wanted his books he would have it stipulated in his contract that he really didn’t have to finish the books but HBO writers could if George didn’t. Well, George DIDNT and we were left with the crap we all witnessed in the last 2 seasons of that disaster. Same is happening with Ol Patrick. The guy thinks he’s Tolkien or Robert Jordan. He’s not! And he won’t have the book finished and the writers at “name the distributor” will have to finish it and it will be crap like Game of Thrones turned out to be. The sad thing is that both these guys, Martin and Rothfuss had a chance to be legends like Tolkien and Jordan but they didn’t take their God given talent serious enough to push their opuses into “Legendary” status. Oh, they will be great authors, but not on the tier that EVERY AUTHOR tries to strive for and that’s “mythical” or “legendary” status. The tier that very few sit on.
Paola Writting a novel might tale a bit longer than cooking a potato...
Peter Let's face it: There's not going to be a book 3. Ever. The time that has passed; the increasingly bitter and panicking replies by Rothfuss; the statement by his editor; there are so many red flags.

We can even deduct why therer will be no book 3, even if he has shared a stack of paper labeled "Manuscript" with us: so much has changed since the inital draft of book one, all of which needs to be solved in book 3 in order to make it less than a total turd, that it's impossible to wrap it up and still have a readable book.

So please move on to a different writer. I can recommend Brandon Sanderson.
Rehan Khan It's worth of waiting.

Pat, being my first ever door to enter the fantasy reading I loved every bit of it. I remember I was going through anxiety disorder (mild condition) and his first book "The name of the wind" which I read in PDF on my tablet and "Wise Man's Fear" which I bought prior to book one because our local store did not had book 1 at that time were like shoulders I put all my weight on and hold on to it.

Pat wrote this two books with great deal of passion and heart, minding every word he embedded carefully in to this epic string. I seriously do not expect him to deliver something he is not in love with. So he should have all the time in universe he needs to deliver the 3rd book and I pray the story do not ends there.

My apologies but anyone who is irritated right now due to delay has truly did not understood this writers work and should leave it be.
Dylan Agnew Old post but it looks like it might be really soon
Brian Beck I do not believe that a release date has been set. The internet says August 2020, but one should not trust the internet implicitly. Many readers have expressed frustration from waiting for The Doors of Stone, but greatness takes time and if a book is worth reading, it was first worth waiting for. Do we know how long it took Mr. Rothfuss to write The Name of the Wind or The Wise Man's Fear? If not, why are we pressing Mr. Rothfuss to complete The Doors of Stone in, what we feel is, a timely manner? The rest of this masterpiece will be released when it is released. In the mean times, I suggest immersing oneself back into the first two novels. If you cannot see yourself re-reading the first two novels, find a new author to check out. Although Mr. Rothfuss is a genius story teller, he is not alone in that arena.
Sapphire I checked and read that it’s supposedly going to be released August 2020..... apparently Rothfuss ‘doesn’t think about deadlines anymore.’
Julie To be clear, when you walk into book store (or browse, or serf into one, or whatever) you are not ordering a meal. You are partaking of the buffet. (Just because they have cake, doesn't mean they'll have ice cream.)
If you've ever attempted to write a story, even a short one, you know how much work is involved. I for one am exceptionally grateful that Patrick Rothfuss wrote his first book, and actually got it onto the shelves so that I find it and read it. It was the kind of book I want to write someday, if I ever get past 50,000 words. And it'll hold a place forever on my shelf. I rather thought that his next kingkiller book would come seven years after the Wise Mans Fear, as it would have a kind of poetic meaning with the story. But this is the real world, and a story doesn't actually exist here until the Author finds it. I wish you Good Luck with your search, Pat!...
Or, perhaps luck has nothing to do with it ;)
Yes, I'm literally dying of terminal curiosity with the rest of you, but I'm also very much enjoying the suspense. I'll go out and buy his book when it prints...and try not to read it whole, on the first day - I'll do my very best to save some of it for later.
Amrat Saeed I would not be surprised if he is just holding back the book, fishing for a tv/movie before launching the final book to get more hype going. TV/movies totally change revenue potential of new book launches, I am talking million$$$ like multiple.
James Mapperson Whenever it is released I will read it, but I'll never purchase anything off of Rothfuss again. I hope I'm alive long enough.
John Barnes Rothfuss gave a magazine interview a year or so ago, where he suggested the world he has created will have dozens of storylines, intersecting and merging into an epic story. All I have to say, is I hope he plans on living to 350.
Randy 3,118 days since the release of The Wise Man's Fear. You're welcome.
Nicole Don't you people have other things to read?
Miquel Isern August 2020 seems to be the new guess right?
Tom McClelland I wonder if all the people who defended Rothfuss in this thread several years ago still feel the same way? At some point Rothfuss's behaviour has become plain dishonest. One interpretation of Kvothe's tales to the chronicler is that he is just making it all up. Certainly telling it "with advantages" (Henry V).

Like Martin, Rothfuss never did have any idea where the story was going, but pretended that he did. I suppose perhaps we should be grateful that Rothfuss hasn't released trash like Martin's last couple of GoT's efforts. That would be even more disappointing than no book at all in my honest opinion.
Juan Pessoa Four years have passed and the same question arises, when the fuck this book will be released???
9104318402 Is The Door of Stone/ Patrick Rothfuss/ The King Killer Chronicles book 3 in publication yet???
Sandi Not even listed on Amazon anymore, so I guess the 2021 date is right out. As an old lady, I am very sad.
Rachael My understanding is that the book has been delayed by a legal dispute. That is what I was told by a salesperson in my local bookshop. I can't wait to read the next instalment, but will probably re-read the other books first.
Chris Teschke This isn't an answer to the question. However, with Showtime signing Lin Manuel Miranda to direct the cinematic adaptation, I'd think it would be soon. I mean, shouldn't he know the story in it's entirety in order to direct a cohesive series? Oh, wait, problem with that (he wrote, writing out loud) HBO kinda got sick of GRR Martin sitting on his ass too, didn't they? Revision: I dunno, but I hope it's soon. I miss young and old Kvothe.
Sarah I can't wait to read all of your books that are going to be released this year! I bet they are all going to be amazing and incredible and that you will be the next award winning fantasy authors! Wait... that's not going to happen? You aren't writers? You haven't released a best selling novel? Oh... I just assumed that you had based on your vast knowledge base on how and when writing happens.
I personally support him completely and hope with all of my heart that his writing is bringing him more joy than frustration.
David My theory is he is waiting until everyone has forgotten what happened in the first two novels and have since shopped their copies out to a used book store or charity. Then upon release of the third novel they will have to buy the complete set and start from the beginning thus harvesting more sales.

Or maybe he has just retired from writing - I hear it can be hard work.
Chastidyi Parrott Any updates on this??
Luke The first audible books I got were name of the wind and wise man's fear and really enjoyed them, was a big fan and disappointed when I found out the laat book wasn't released yet but figured I just wait as its hardly the biggest concern I have in life I've actually re listened to the first two books probably more than 6 times since, 8 for the wise man's fear. The result of this is that I've become bored of what I already know hungry for the conclusion but now that yet more time has passed I've just kind of lost interest in the story, I ended up here checking for updates while looking for release dates on arcane ascension series
Jeremy Zerfoss ... A lot of angst here.
Mike Bassi I think the book is actually finished; he's just waiting for Game of Thrones to finalise and the dust to settle.
Joseph I wish that there were a release date, or that I could at least give some kind of expectation for when it might happen. Unfortunately, he seems to be following the trend of putting out some great high-fantasy... and then not getting around to putting out any more that has been becoming too much of a trend in fantasy.

I can see that other's have trotted out Neil Gaiman's defense of artists needing the time to complete their work. If "Doors of Stone" or any other such works (thinking "Winds of Winter" here), then it needs to be as good or better than any previous installments for it to be worth the wait. It never helps when there is the possibility of combining the blog posts written to being as long or longer than a potential book.

The thought that any author should be considering at this point is how this will affect the market. Are readers going to want to start a new series that is not completed if there is a chance of it being similarly delayed? I have already seen other readers post such ideas. How will that affect new authors who have an idea, but not the time to put out 3+ lengthy tomes in a series?

For my own part, I have given up on Martin, and won't be reading The Winds of Winter unless reviews that I follow report it as being worth the time. Rothfuss is really nearing the point where I no longer care about how Qvothe got to the inn.
Jared Foster His father is dying, give him a break. It's not going to be anytime soon.
Eryn O'Shaughnessy Nobody knows. I read all his other stuff and can hardly wait for it to come out. But when it does, I will have to re-read the others to remember what happened. I've read so many since then. But I'm grateful for the delay, because I accidentally stumbled onto Rothfuss, and love it. And in my frustration at the bookstore, the guy in the fantasy section recommended Sanderson, so read all of those. Then I was reading one at my daughter's gymnastics class and someone turned me on to Brent Weeks (just finishing the Black Prism). It will come out eventually, and until then, we can enjoy other brilliant authors in the genre :)
Alvaro Mena Any news or updates on this matter?
Casiaphis Chill out got damn, its an okay question to ask no one is hovering over mr. rothfuss's neck saying " when is the book ready" damn people mike want to pr-order or clear their calender to purchase a first edition, I get that you want to protect the author, but don't be rude
Kousshik This series was one of my favorites. But Pat really is testing my patience. Its been 5 years since the second book. And now the only thing I remember from the series is that the protagonist's name was Kvothe and that he was a magician or something. I wish Pat would hurry up. I think even Martin was faster with his books.
Warkotte Perhaps the release date is a riddle itself... I mean, the weak in Atur has 11 days , but once it had only seven. Perhaps we have to count from the eigth day down to 11 until The "doors of stone" will be released. Felling: Rothfuss "killed Encanis", shall mean: he finished his first version of the script. Reaving: Rothfuss carried away the "demon", shall mean he sent away the script to his test-readers. Cendling: Rothfuss made up a fire to burn Encanis, shall mean: he burned up his whole script again after realizing all its flaws and logical fails. Mourning: Rothfuss mourns for his burned script by not doing anything to finish the book, but running from Con to Con. We can now only hope for a new aturic week to start a new creation turn, perhaps after a mystical break of 7 years, one year for ech of the Chandrian. This to conclude would mean a release date in 2018.

Jumper RBK He is in league with GRRM, both are active conventions goers while ignoring his own book. 2/3 years between books is acceptable but now it's going for 6 years and counting. I think release date shouldn't be asked anymore. It will just makes your blood boil.
Arya Ariadne Bookdepository says August 17 2017!
Austin Haney I heard august of 2016 a while ago, lets hope that date still holds up.
Peter I have to practice acceptance. It will be a wondrous gift when Patrick's book drops. Most fiction is a commodity and as such is banal and soulless. Terry Brooks and Goodkind come to mind. There are a few other writers worth reading. :)
Daniel it is frustrating waiting for an author and publisher to get the book out. rush too much and the book may have flaws. ive seen some authors pump out books one after another and theres still good character development etc... but ive also read the opposite rush jobs which have ruined (after the 4 or 5 novels) some authors EPIC fantasy. The word ive heard is 2016 and were halfway through it so hopefully soon. Rather wait a bit and read award winning novels than have that author do a rush job for whatever personal rea$ons...
Bobbi Irvin I have no idea, but I have seen ten year gaps between books in a series, so the wait could be anywhere between a few more months to a few more years. Considering the length and quality of the last two books, I'd guess it will be a few more years.
Lucy Harris Kvothe is worth waiting for ❤
Susan Jensen Still not here?
Patrick St-Denis http://www.fantasyhotlist.blogspot.ca...

Don't get your hopes too high until you hear from Rothfuss himself. . .
Kevin I wouldn't get your hopes up for a release any time this decade as I've heard rumors he's into some heavy drugs.
Anne M When can we expect a release date?
Funky Chicken He should learn from Tolkien. He died before finishing his books. Would you really want to die before finishing?
Darrian Luckens I heard the same Christopher Stewart. But when i looked it up, it was said that it was the release date of his short story about Auri "The Slow Regard Of Silent Things"
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