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October 23, 2018

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My steampunk-multi-genre novella Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist has won Second place in the Bookworm Awards 2018 on Wattpad. I felt so elated to have that award on my book. My following is also increasing. It has 493 reads and 50 votes so far. It's ranked #31 in steampunk. Go here to see it and read my novella, if you want or have Wattpad:

Read the first 31 chapters here:

To read more of my works on Wattpad see here:
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September 27, 2018

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Music is something that speaks to my soul, my emotional center. Certain songs do it better than others. What is your emotional theme? What is your emotional self-description? Post it in the comment section below in this blog post.

Here's mine:

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons:

Superheroes by The Script:

Let's let the song Radioactive speak for itself. I often feel like that inside. I would say that is my emotional theme for the year, possibly for a lifetime.

Superheroes-the message is about turning your pain into power. That is my emotional and writing theme. I always turning my pain into power by using my life experiences in anything I'm writing.
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September 16, 2018

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On Wattpad Milestones the question was: There is a common phrase of encouragement for people who want to give up easily....and that is to strive for success. So in your milestone, what's something you had to work hard for to succeed?

Mine ended up getting featured. It's at the top, the first one, it's under my Wattpad username: Amaboo. Here's the link:
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September 8, 2018

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My novel Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist is up for a People Choice Award in Fantasy in the Quill and Ink: International Book Awards 2018. I've just posted another chapter (a total of 28 chapters) of Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist on Wattpad. It already has 322 reads and 35 votes. It is ranked #9 in speculative fiction, #13 multiracial, #68 multicultural, #153 disabilities, #184 steampunk, #530 science-fantasy, #155 novella. Go here if you want to give it a read:
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Published on September 08, 2018 16:28 • 109 views

August 29, 2018

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I just posted something new on Wattpad. It's called Grieving Oxygen. It already has reads, votes, and comments on it and I just posted it four days ago. So check it out. Here's the link to my completed entry to #ToAlltheBoysContest based on the book To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han which is now a movie on Netflix. The winner gets a swag bag from Netflix. Entrants have to write a 500 words or less letter to a crush they had on someone in high school. Or just a crush in general and what they would've said to that person if they had the chance.
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August 25, 2018

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*In the midst and in the spirit of the Summer-Blog-A-Day Tour I am doing a
free kindle promo for Weeping Well starting today on August 25, 2018-August 28, 2018. Links to it are down below in this blog post.

*The Summer Blog-A-Day Tour is still going strong-started August 1, 2018 and continues through to September 1, 2018. Here's the link if you want to find out more about other indie authors and their books, etc.

More of my stories on

*To see further stories on my Wattpad profile besides just the two I mentioned above. Click here:

*Links to free kindle promo for Weeping Well:







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August 22, 2018

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Here's an excerpt from one of my latest books Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist. It's a science-fantasy, steampunk, teen-young adult mystery/suspense/thriller-multi-species, multi-racial, multicultural, interracial, supernatural, paranormal, magic-sorcery, historical fiction and disabilities, set in the late 1950s-1960s-to name a handful of some of the genres involved in it. It is currently in the Watty Awards 2018:

*Excerpt of Chapter One-Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist:

A steam-powered plane flew overhead, the first of its kind in Phantasm Township and this country of Anagram on a sunny Sunday morning in 1959. Anagram is a nation steeped in a strict combination of Brutalist Architecture and Raygun Gothic set into a settler landscape.
The odor of powdered coal and petroleum fuel from the contraption sailed on the warm breeze. Spectators watched, oohed, awed, and booed as it clumsily glided in the air. Some people took pictures. Radio and news crews broadcast the whole event live.
Further along the railroad was an old tack house. The red crutches propped up near the back door cautioned Libba as she went inside. She sat the bag of groceries down on the kitchen countertop, her eyes set on the familiar man at the table.

“I didn’t think you were going to get out. You were supposed to be behind bars for eternity,” Libba said leaning up against the counter.

“You think because you left the country of Idiosyncrasies I wouldn’t find you?” the man said standing up, hobbling towards her.

“I was born here in Anagram, why wouldn’t I come back? I was trying to build a new life here for me and my… she paused and sighed. “Why are you in my home? You weren’t invited.”

“Do I have to be invited? We are old friends, Libba.”

“We’re not friends and you’ll never be invited. You are no longer my sovereign.”

He smiled. “You were always mine to do as I pleased.”

*If you want to read more. Go here to read the first 27 chapters posted on

*To see my other stories on my Wattpad profile. Click here:

*Also to find other indie authors you might enjoy go to this link here:
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August 1, 2018

Join Navigating Indieworld Facebook Group in the Summer Blog-a-Day starting August 1, 2018-September 1, 2018. Each day will have an array of summer reading fun and enjoyment on this blog tour. With an interesting short story, excerpt to a new book or intriguing facts about an author. Most of all an introduction to new authors, bloggers, or an old indie favorite with a peek into their new release(s). Link to join the festivities is here.
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Published on August 01, 2018 19:58 • 79 views

June 18, 2018

I've posted three stories on Wattpad. One short short story is completed. It has drawn the attention of the Short Short Story Awards and it has also gain comment/vote. My others are ongoing Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist has 21 chapters now posted on Wattpad. I'm working on the next chapters. Singular Sin is a short story and has already gained comments. Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist has twenty-five votes and 105 reads. It has fallen out of its ranking in the steampunk genre and is ranked #90 in science fantasy. Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist is a multiple-genre novella and steampunk and science fantasy are two of the many genres it falls into. It is part of a novella trilogy. I am working on the second book in this trilogy. I'm coming out with an idea concerning Traveling Salesman and the second book. I will reveal this in a future post when the idea I have is completed. My following continues to increase on Wattpad. And on a more leisurely note I'm binge watching one of my favorite sci-fi shows the X-Files on BBC America channel.
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Published on June 18, 2018 07:58 • 166 views

June 4, 2018

My steampunk, sci-fantasy, mystery/thriller/suspense/historical fiction/paranormal novella Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist is ranked #25 in the steampunk genre on Wattpad. I've also entered it in the 2018 Watty Awards. The first eighteen chapters are on Wattpad. I'm writing the last thirteen chapters to complete the first book in the Traveling Salesman novella-trilogy. I've also started already on the second book in the novella-trilogy and I've added a third book I'm writing for this novella-trilogy. Will I come out of retirement to publish it on Amazon?
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Published on June 04, 2018 17:38 • 200 views