2018 Reading Challenge
Participants 4,166,508
Books Pledged 256,878,271
Avg. Books Pledged 61
Time Left 0 days, 0 hours
Sharon has read 63 of 50 books in 2018.
  • Dear America by Jose Antonio Vargas
  • Race Against the Machine by Erik Brynjolfsson
  • The Nurses by Alexandra Robbins
  • Magical How? Volume 1 by Eurika Yusin Gho
  • The Wasting of Borneo by Alex Shoumatoff
  • Evicted by Matthew Desmond
  • Under a Painted Sky by Stacey  Lee
  • The Invasion by K.A. Applegate
  • Not On My Watch by Isabella Rotman
  • Wildcard by Marie Lu
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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon I subtracted the comics and kids' books in my year-to-date tally and I think I'm currently only at 27/50 for full-length adult books. Gotta step it up.

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