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Almeta (menfrommarrs) | 1093 comments Mod
Looking for a Stephen King favored author?

Here is a list of those for whom a discussion thread has been created. The discussion threads themselves do not appear in alphabetical order, but if they are on this list then the discussion can be found by clicking on the author's name.

The entire catalog of works for these authors would overwhelm the Sai King Recommends bookshelf, and so they are not all individually shelved there. If, however, you think one of them is an exceptional read, or worthy of discussion, let Debra know and it can be added.

Because Stephen King believes these authors to be noteworthy, you may consider that he would recommend their books to be as well.

Peter Abrahams aka Spencer Quinn
Robert Aickman
Edward Albee
Sherwood Anderson
Isaac Asimov
Linwood Barclay
Clive Barker
Pat Barker
Saul Bellow
Alfred Bester
Robert Bloch
Paul Bowles
Jorge Luis Borges
Ray Bradbury
Bertolt Brecht
Sandra Brown
James M. Cain
Ramsey Campbell
Raymond Carver
Raymond Chandler
Arthur C. Clarke
John Collier
Wilkie Collins
Michael Connelly
Harry Crews
Joseph D'Lacey
Roald Dahl
Robertson Davies
Lester Del Rey
James Dickey
Joan Didion
Theodore Dreiser
Harlan Ellison
James Ellroy
Dennis Etchison
Philip José Farmer
William Faulkner
Jack Finney
F Scott Fitzgerald
Gillian Flynn
Tana French
Neil Gaiman
Meg Gardiner
Robert Goddard
Charles L. Grant
Dashiell Hammett
Thomas Hardy
Thomas Harris
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Robert A Heinlein
James Herbert
Joe Hill
John Irving
Shirley Jackson
Henry James
M.R. James
MacKinlay Kantor
David H. Keller
Jack Ketchum
Owen King
Tabitha King
Michael Kortya
Richard Laymon
Dennis Lehane
Fritz Leiber
Elmore Leonard
Ira Levin
Bentley Little
Frank Belknap Long
H.P. Lovecraft
Robert McCammon
John D. MacDonald
Ross MacDonald
Michael McDowell
Ron McLarty
Larry McMurtry
Bernard Malamud
Richard Matheson
Larry Niven
Flannery O'Connor
Stewart O'Nan
Joyce Carol Oates
Norman Partridge
George Pelecanos
Jodi Picoult
Edgar Allan Poe
Ruth Rendell aka Barbara Vine
Nora Roberts
J.K. Rowling
J.D. Salinger
John Sandford
Jean-Paul Sartre
Anne Sexton
Nick Sharman
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Anne Rivers Siddons
Dan Simmons
Clark Ashton Smith
Christopher Smith
Wilbur Smith
Peter Straub
Theodore Sturgeon
Thomas Tessier
Paul Theroux
Jim Thompson
Kurt Vonnegut
Donald Wandrei
Stanley Weinbaum
Manly Wade Wellman
Edith Wharton
Tennessee Williams
Cornell Woolrich
John Wyndham
Louis Zukofsky

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
If anyone know of any authors that should be added to this list, let us know and Almeta will add them here and create a discussion for them. The list isn't complete, yet!

Keep in mind there may be only 1 or a small number of books listed on my sai-king-recommends bookshelf for each recommended author. It isn't feasible to add every book by every author to my list. Sooooo, if you have a book by one of the authors you'd like me to add to the list, just let me know here or by sending me a message.

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