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“So, what is my story? I don't know. It's long and twisted and not quite finished yet.”
Caitlyn Paige

Mandy Hale
“She hasn’t got it all figured out...far from it, in fact.
But she loves God and she loves to dance…and she’s her own “Better Half.”
The bravest woman I know?
She is the reason I do what I do.
She is The Single Woman.
She’s me…and she’s you.”
Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

Mandy Hale
“The stretching of your faith is immediate pain that results in ultimate gain. It is in the waiting that we become who we are meant to be.”
Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“We’re all works in progress, honey. And believe me when I tell you that I’ve had to work harder than most.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Ain't She Sweet

Elizabeth Eulberg
“A work in progress. And the possibilities are endless.”
Elizabeth Eulsberg Take A Bow, Take a Bow

Kent Marrero
“When I was a kid, I thought I had my life figured out. I knew where I was going. I was sure of whom I was and what I was. I was wrong. See, life is a journey of twist and turns that mold who we are; however, it is not the twist and turns which mold us, but rather, how we take and handle the twist and turns thrown at us. It was not until life threw me flat on my face that I truly discovered who I am and what I am. I am a perpetual work-in-progress. And you know what? I am quite all right with that.”
Cristina Marrero

“We're all a beautiful, wonderful work in progress....Embrace the process!”
Nanette Mathews

Ana Claudia Antunes
“As I am a work in progress, you shall see me more or less? Don't shake me out if I digress. As of me less, from me more of my work, I guess.”
Ana Claudia Antunes

Serena Schreiber
“The Devil loved watching children pour down the front steps of the high school like lava from a volcano. Trolling for souls. He posed in one of his favorite guises today, a school bus driver.”
Serena Schreiber

“I am a work in progress, truly a unique yet unfinished masterpiece”
Maria Koszler

“Happiness is not a finished product, it is a work in progress.”
Khang Kijarro Nguyen

Kate Bush
“Watching the painter painting
And all the time, the light is changing
And he keeps painting
That bit there, it was an accident
But he's so pleased
It's the best mistake, he could make
And it's my favourite piece
It's just great

--- excerpt from the song "An Architect's Dream" from the album Aerial”
Kate Bush, Kate Bush Book Of Lyrics

Christina Baker Kline
“Fairy tales end happily ever after because children crave certainly and resolution; they need to know how things turn out. But if my experiences in the past three months have shown me anything, it's that I am comfortable living with more questions than answers. My own story will always be a work in progress.”
Christina Baker Kline, The Way Life Should Be