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“To achieve peace we must overcome not just the problems we see but also the things unseen yet felt, and we can only overcome it when we can overcome ourselves.”
Keziah Ruth D. Lingco

Kemi Sogunle
“The plants endure the hardship of winter yet, still thrive in the Spring. The rose plant finds its ways to bloom despite having to deal with the thorns. You and I are simply reminded, we can overcome any storm we face in life's journey. All we need do is hold on to our faith and trust God through the process.”
Kemi Sogunle, Beyond the Pain by Kemi Sogunle

Sonali Dev
“Wealth comes and goes, Rahul. Coming from adversity and overcoming it makes you better not worse than those who never have to.”
Sonali Dev, A Distant Heart

“You're still on the right track. It just has a few more curves than you thought.”
Kierra C.T. Banks

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