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“Wallowing on the smooth surface of their self-satisfaction, many are merely counting the shadows on the wall of their ennui, adding up the numerous illusions and indulging in the comforting lies and ignoring the unpleasant truths. (“Bread and Satellite”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Robin Hobb
“If one bad thing befell me, I immediately linked it to every bad thing that had happened in the last week or might happen in the coming week. And when I became sad, I was prone to wallow in grief, piling up my woes and sprawling on them like a dragon on a hoard.”
Robin Hobb, Fool's Assassin

A. Lynn
“In the darkness, she listened to the silence. She wallowed in the beautiful nothing it made.”
A. Lynn, Itsy's Ugly

“We don't go back to wallow, we go back to undo the lies that are back there that are holding its captive from living a wondrous and full life.”
Darlene Ouimet

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The world brazenly touts freedom as both the inalienable right and morally liberating justification to mindlessly play in the filth that lies all around me. And the slight bit of sanity that yet remains within me asks, ‘what raging madness would prompt me to incessantly wallow in the very things that will eventually swallow me?”
Craig D. Lounsbrough, An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus

Beth Ramsay
“It’s okay to wallow and whine; it’s healthy! To a POINT. If something didn’t go your way, and you want to whine and complain, go ahead. But set a time where you are not allowed to complain any more. If it’s 10:30 a.m., then you can allow yourself to moan and groan and feel terrible until 12:00 noon. Then that’s IT. No more. Never again. OVER. Move on.”
Beth Ramsay, #Networking is people looking for people looking for people

Rasheed Ogunlaru
“It is better to revel in life than to wallow in it.”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Only God understands how incredibly far we’ve fallen, and only God understands how incredibly far we can rise. And only we can determine if we’re going to wallow in the mediocrity that is born of the refusal to understand either.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“You wallow in abusive relationships because that’s all you have in that moment. You need something darker to bring you to truth.”
Dominic Riccitello

Graeme Simsion
“The day might come when I had nothing but memories, and the choice of whether to indulge my romantic side and wallow in them, or my cynical side and reflect on the reliability.”
Graeme Simsion, The Best of Adam Sharp