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Cassandra Clare
“Alec looked at her and shook his head. "How do you manage never to get mud on your clothes?"
Isabelle shrugged philosophically. "I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

“Doesn't matter what you do, or how you do it, your neighbors are gonna talk about you ANYWAY.”
Felder Rushing

J.R. Rim
“Sunflowers end up facing the sun, but they go through a lot of dirt to find their way there.”
J.R. Rim

Debasish Mridha
“No dirt can touch me, like an ocean, everything that comes to me becomes clean.”
Debasish Mridha

Tom Robbins
“Although the surface of our planet is two-thirds water, we call it the Earth. We say we are earthlings, not waterlings. Our blood is closer to seawater than our bones to soil, but that's no matter. The sea is the cradle we all rocked out of, but it's to dust that we go. From the time that water invented us, we began to seek out dirt. The further we separate ourselves from the dirt, the further we separate ourselves from ourselves. Alienation is a disease of the unsoiled.”
Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

Conn Iggulden
“When you’re older, you will realise the only thing that matters, the only thing, is that you had courage and honour. Lose those things and you won’t die any quicker, but you’ll be less than the dirt on our boots. You’ll still be dust, but you’ll have wasted your short time in the light.”
Conn Iggulden, Conqueror

Anthony Liccione
“We are all dust passing through the air, the difference is, some are flying high in the sky, while others are flying low. But eventually, we all settle on the same ground.”
Anthony Liccione

E.L. Konigsburg
“The way I see it, the difference between farmers and suburbanites is the difference in the way we feel about dirt. To them, the earth is something to be respected and preserved, but dirt gets no respect. A farmer likes dirt. Suburbanites like to get rid of it. Dirt is the working layer of earth, and dealing with dirt is as much a part of farm life as dealing with manure. Neither is user-friendly but both are necessary.”
E.L. Konigsburg, The View from Saturday

Rupi Kaur
“i even tried to bury myself alive
but the dirt recoiled
you have already rotted it said
there is nothing left for me to do”
Rupi Kaur, The Sun and Her Flowers

“You dirty rat...”
James Cagney

Ayn Rand
“The fields are black and ploughed, and they lie like a great fan before us, with their furrows gathered in some hand beyond the sky, spreading forth from that hand, opening wide apart as they come toward us, like black pleats that sparkle with thin, green spangles.”
Ayn Rand, Anthem

Olivier Magny
“Studying wine taught me that there was a very big difference between soil and dirt: dirt is to soul what zombies are to humans. Soil is full of life, while dirt is devoid of it.”
Olivier Magny, Into Wine: An Invitation to Pleasure

Will Advise
“One must be a lotus to emerge from mucky waters clean.”
Will Advise

Nalini Singh
“Children were huge, wild creatures full of promise and hope and dirt and mischief.”
Nalini Singh, Silver Silence

Amit Kalantri
“If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Michael Gerber
“Sauber gemacht wird erst, wenn einem der Dreck Tränen in die Augen treibt!”
Michael Gerber, Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody

Amit Kalantri
“To a farmer dirt is not a waste, it is wealth.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Lailah Gifty Akita
“We have grace of strength to work, to clear our cities of any dirt.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Stacey  Lee
“We have the same dirt under our shoes as they do.”
Stacey Lee, Outrun the Moon

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Entitlement is the shovel that digs a grave of greed. And there are those of us who stand at the bottom of such a grave having thrown out the last shovel full of dirt, never realizing that the grave that we’ve dug is our own until the same shovel suddenly starts backfilling the hole.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Awdhesh Singh
“Self-knowledge, which comes from within, gradually change our beliefs and drops those beliefs which are false and stupid. After being cleared off all the dirt acquired by us in the form of second-hand knowledge in our early age, we can directly see the reality, through our own eyes, through our own heart and mind, as our mind gets unconditioned. It is this mind that is rightly compared to God, as such a consciousness is pure, having been cured of all ignorance and darkness and we come close to our true self—Atman or soul.”
Awdhesh Singh, Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth

Vincent Okay Nwachukwu
“A clean hand cannot deliver a dirty slap; only a rotten hand can leave a trail of dirt after dishing a dazing slap”
Vincent Okay Nwachukwu, Weighty 'n' Worthy African Proverbs - Volume 1
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Chris Ernest Nelson
“If things look grim today,
remember clay is just dirt.”
Chris Ernest Nelson
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Rick Riordan
“So next time you're bitten by a cobra, don't worry! Just book a flight to Lemnos and eat a bunch of dirt. You'll be fine.”
Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

A.D. Aliwat
“Not only are we dust in the wind, we’re dirt on the floor. We break down and join something else: whether we’re cremated or inhumed, eventually we all join the same thing. Something bigger than us. This is where we go, and where we came from.”
A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

Rachel Beanland
“One shovelful of dirt at a time.”
Rachel Beanland, Florence Adler Swims Forever

Sijin BT
“Don’t worry to do dirty jobs. Dirt your body. Don’t dirt your soul.”
Sijin Bt

Nghịch Tử
“So, um… why… did you tried so hard to save me anyway, even after… I made life harder for the both of us?”

Điền Mục’s reply took on a rare serious tone:

“Huh? Oh, because there is a superhero in all of us. We just need the guts to… eh, actually, speaking of ‘guts’…”

He suddenly started rummaging through his backpack, took out an enema pill, pushed it into Vũ Thanh’s palm, and grinned from ear to ear with excitement:

“Hey, so how did the food of the dead taste to you these past few days anyway? Was there any trace of earthworms or dirt in them? Did they taste like they were rotting or decaying in any way? I’ve always wondered but never got a taste myself!”
Nghịch Tử, Eyes

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