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A.G. Howard
“I gasp. The profoundness of such a gesture, from a self-seeking fae, touches my soul. The only thing predictable about my future king is his unpredictability. “You once told me you wouldn’t be a gentleman. You lied.”
A.G. Howard, Ensnared

Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache
“And there I was at night, chasing after the full moon behind the clouds like a mad man in search of the reflection of the light of love in another person, without daring to light up the spark of light that I had left within myself. It was nowhere to be seen, but I felt it was out there somewhere. I've surely seen it a couple of days ago up in the sky and my eyes couldn't have lied to me, it was so beautiful, or so it appeared to be. I guess I have to stop stalking what can't be seen for awhile and let the light of the full moon find its way through my messed up soul. Maybe it's time to go to sleep and trust that another sunrise will renew what the full moon couldn't clear away tonight. During all that time, I might've not found the light of the moon, but I rested deeply with the sound of the raindrops, while gazing at the quiet river flowing slowly. What a crucial moment to be alive!”
Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache

Anna C. Salter
“People, in general, tend to project onto others their own state of mind. Well-meaning people inevitably assume other people are well meaning. People who cheat assume everyone cheats. People who deceive assume everybody deceives.
Confessions of a Whistle-Blower: Lessons Anna C. Salter. Ethics & Behavior, Volume 8, Issue 2 June 1998”
Anna C. Salter

Anne Rice
“All my life,I've been afraid of things, as a child and a woman must be. I lied about it naturally. I fancied myself a witch and walked in dark streets to punish myself for my doubts. But I knew what it meant to be afraid.

And now, in this darkness, I fear nothing. If you were to leave me here, I would feel nothing. I would walk as I am walking now. As a man, you can't know what I mean by what I say.You can't know a woman's vulnerability. You can't know the sense of power that belongs to me now.”
Anne Rice, Merrick

Anna C. Salter
“For every group, malevolence is always somewhere else. Maybe we understand at this point in history that it can occur at night in darkened rooms where small children sleep. However, surely not in academia. Surely lying and deception do not occur among people who go to conferences, who write books, who testify in court, and who have PhDs.
At one point I complained to a Florida judge that I was astonished to an expert witness lying on the stand [about child sexual abuse research]. I thought one had to tell the truth in court. I thought if someone didn't, she didn't get her milk and cookies. I thought God came down and plucked someone right out of the witness stand if he lied in court. I thought a lying expert witness would step out of court and get hit by a bus. A wiser woman than I, the judge's answer was, “Silly you."

Confessions of a Whistle-Blower: Lessons Learned Author: Anna C. Salter. Ethics & Behavior, Volume 8, Issue 2 June 1998”
Anna C. Salter

Sidney Sheldon
“They had lied. Time was not a friend that healed all wounds ;it was the enemy that ravaged and murdered youth.”
Sidney Sheldon, A Stranger in the Mirror

Steven Magee
“If you do not want to be lied to, then you need to stop following politics.”
Steven Magee

Anna C. Salter
“We must know something about malevolence, about how to recognize it, and about how not to make excuses for it. We must know that we cannot expect fair play.
That is, perhaps, most crucial of all. Those of us who practice in this field must face the implications of the fact that we are dealing with sexual abuse. Child sex offenders-people who exploit children’s bodies and betray their trust-are not going to hesitate to lie outright. This is obvious but nonetheless frequently seems to catch people by surprise.

Confessions of a Whistle-Blower: Lessons Learned Author: Anna C. Salter. Ethics & Behavior, Volume 8, Issue 2 June 1998”
Anna C. Salter

Jasper Fforde
“The best lies to tell," said Jane, "are the ones people want to believe.”
Jasper Fforde, Shades of Grey

Jasper Fforde
“I'm beginning to think you're the sort of person who does a great deal with very little."
He meant a liar.”
Jasper Fforde, Shades of Grey

“Die Maisonne schien hell durch das schmale Giebelfenster; Staub rieselte in glitzernden Fäden von den Balken. Die zirpenden Töne wiegten sich darauf, und die kleine, sehnsüchtige Melodie drang in jede Nische.”
Lilach Mer, Der siebte Schwan

Deyth Banger
“If people around me didn't lied, I would also won't lie!”
Deyth Banger

“He’s looking at her with so much compassion. Like he knows what she’s going through. Like he cares about her. This is what she wanted to see after everything happened with Luke. Instead, she saw Jonah’s back, every time he turned and walked away from her.
She blurts, “Why are you being nice to me?"
She regrets it immediately. It’s the vulnerability talking. The fear. The adrenaline. For a second, she forgot the aloof, thick-skinned Hallelujah she needs to be.
Jonah relaxes his grip. He looks away, out into the wet woods. He waits a long time before speaking. “Luke told me.”
Hallelujah is instantly tense. “Luke told you what?”
Another long pause. “That he lied. About what happened that night.”
“What happened?” Rachel cuts in. “What’d Luke lie about?”
Hallelujah ignores her. She stays focused on Jonah, even though he won’t look at her. “What’d he tell you originally?”
Jonah flinches. “He made it . . . worse. Than what he told the adults. He said that that wasn’t the first time. And he said that you—”
“Never mind,” Hallelujah cuts in. “I can guess.” She’s heard the rumors. The persistent ones and the surprising, weird, creative ones. She bets there are a lot that she hasn’t heard, too. “None of that happened,” she says softly but firmly, certain without even knowing exactly what Luke said. What Jonah heard. “None of it.”
“That’s what he told me yesterday. I wanted to know why he was still—” He swallows, his Adam’s apple moving up and down. “I’d heard him and Brad laughing about what they were gonna do to you this week, and I was like, enough is enough. Time to let it go. So I asked him what was up. Why he was still messing with you.”
“And?” Hallelujah asks.
“And he told me the truth: that he’d made most of it up. He said he had to keep you quiet. Plus, um. He said messing with you was fun.”
Hallelujah lets that sink in. “You really didn’t know it was a lie? You believed him this whole time?”
Jonah suddenly looks right at her. His eyes plead. “I saw you, Hallie. And Luke was the only one of the two of you with a story to explain it.”
Kathryn Holmes

Rick Yancey
“If you leave without me, I’ll just follow you. You can’t stop me, Cassie. How are you going to stop me?”
I shrug helplessly, fighting back tears. “Shoot you, I guess.”
“Like you shot the Crucifix Soldier?”
The words hit me like a bullet between the shoulder blades. I whirl around and fling open the door. He flinches, but stands his ground.
“How do you know about him?” Of course, there’s only one way he could know. “You read my diary.”
“I didn’t think you were going to live.”
“Sorry to disappoint you.”
“I guess I wanted to know what happened—”
“You’re lucky I left the gun downstairs or I would shoot you right now. Do you know how creepy that makes me feel, knowing you read that? How much did you read?”
He lowers his eyes. A warm red blush spreads across his cheeks.
“You read all of it, didn’t you?” I’m totally embarrassed. I feel violated and ashamed. It’s ten times worse than when I first woke up in Val’s bed and realized he had seen me naked. That was just my body. This was my soul.
I punch him in the stomach. There’s no give at all; it’s like I hit a slab of concrete.
“I can’t believe you,” I shout. “You sat there—just sat there—while I lied about Ben Parish. You knew the truth and you just sat there and let me lie!”
Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave

Deyth Banger
“They lied for new season after 5 for Breaking bad, they stopped the incrediable series "Lie to me", after season 3 there isn't other. It's horrible isn't it?”
Deyth Banger

“Life could be lived in such an assured manner.”
Sunday Adelaja

“Es war schon lange dunkel. [...] Ein bleicher Mond spazierte über den Hof, Schweigen legte sich auf die umstehenden Häuser. Ich bat Salim, nur noch die letzte Kasette auszuprobieren.
Salim lehnte mit dem Kopf an der Wand, er hatte die Augen geschlossen; auch ich war im Sitzen fast eingeschlafen. Doch diesmal erreichten die Lieder Netanel, denn plötzlich fuhr er hoch und rannte zu seinem Mandarinenbaum, umarmte dessen Stamm und weinte. Wie ein kleines Kind weinte er, nicht wie ein Jugendlicher. Die Klänge ergossen sich in den Hof wie geschmolzene Butter mit Honig. Ein großes Orchester spielte dort, mit Geigen und Cello und allem Drum und Dran.
Salim lehnte sich so weit zurück, dass er den Kopf auf die Stuhllehne legen konnte, und konzentrierte sich auf den Himmel. Wie segenspendender Regen tropften die Klänge auf die Erde. [...]
Diese Kassette hörten wir dann immer wieder. Salim konnte die Texte schon fast auswendig, aber ihre Bedeutung verstand er nicht. [...] In dem einen Lied kam immer wieder das Wort "pie" vor; das musste eine Art Kuchen sein, etwas Gebackenes. Ich kannte es nicht.”
Daniella Carmi, Lucy im Himmel

“I resent being lied to because a lie doesn't only undermine the value of the truth, but it further denies the liar a fair chance for honesty.”
Gift Gugu Mona