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J.R.R. Tolkien
“Some who have read the book, or at any rate have reviewed it, have found it boring, absurd, or contemptible, and I have no cause to complain, since I have similar opinions of their works, or of the kinds of writing that they evidently prefer.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Lily Tomlin
“Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.”
Lily Tomlin

Joan Didion
“Do not whine... Do not complain. Work harder. Spend more time alone.”
Joan Didion, Blue Nights

Jeff Lindsay
“But as I have noticed on more than one occaision, life itself is unfair, and there is no complaint department, so we might as well accept things the way they happen, clean up the mess, and move on.”
Jeff Lindsay, Dexter in the Dark

Michael Bassey Johnson
“When people complain of your complexity, they fail to remember that they made fun of your simplicity.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

“Maturity is when you stop complaining and making excuses in your life; you realize everything that happens in life is a result of the previous choice you’ve made and start making new choices to change your life.”
Roy T. Bennett

Germany Kent
“How to win in life:
1 work hard
2 complain less
3 listen more
4 try, learn, grow
5 don't let people tell you it cant be done
6 make no excuses”
Germany Kent
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Robin Hobb
“Stop your whining. If you are frightened, be silent. Whining is for prey. It attracts predators. And you are not prey.”
Robin Hobb, Fool's Assassin

Jonathan Edwards
“If I murmur in the least at affliction, if I am in any way uncharitable, if I revenge my own case, if I do anything purely to please myself or omit anything because it is a great denial, if I trust myself, if I take any praise for any good which Christ does by me, or if I am in any way proud, I shall act as my own and not God’s.”
Jonathan Edwards

“Maturity is when you stop complaining and making excuses in your life; you realize everything that happens in life is a result of the previous choice you’ve made and start making new choices to change your life.”
Roy Bennett

Debasish Mridha
“The universe never complains.
When you're wrong or right,
She always loves and cares,
She always gives and shares.
When you get lost she becomes the light,
Helps you to find what is right.
But she never forgets
To show you the light.”
Debasish Mridha M.D.

Benjamin Franklin
“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.”
Benjamin Franklin

Dejan Stojanovic
“Some people complain there are too many people on earth,
Some people complain about secret societies,
Some people accuse others of not being able to wake up early.
Almost all people complain about something.”
Dejan Stojanovic

“Maturity is when you stop complaining and making excuses, and start making changes.”
Roy Bennett

Israelmore Ayivor
“It's not bad to cough. But cover your mouth when coughing. It's not bad to complain. But cover your mouth when complaining, else you'll spread infections of complains on us!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Israelmore Ayivor
“Complaining is a vain way of explaining pain without gaining relief. Keep complains distances away from you.”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“People who complain about something that they cannot do anything about are as irritating as those who complain about something that they can do something about.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, N for Nigger: Aphorisms for Grown Children and Childish Grown-ups

Israelmore Ayivor
“Empty complaints are the sources of everyday failure, but not the problem being complained about. Problems are solvable; but not with complaints. A complainer is just an explainer of problems!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Charlotte Eriksson
“I never have time to write anymore. And when I do I only write about how I never have time. It's work and it's money and I've written more lists than songs lately. I stay up all night to do all these things I need to do, be all these things I want to be, playing with shadows in the darkness that shouldn't be able to exist. Empty bottles and cigarettes while watching the sunrise, why do I complain? I have it all, everything I ever asked for.”
Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles: in search for The Great Perhaps

Nitya Prakash
“They tell you to turn into a new leaf and then complain about your faded colour.”
Nitya Prakash

“If you are the one who opened up the flood gates, don't complain when you get soaked.”
Christine E. Szymanski

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Not complaining is sometimes a show off of tolerance or patience.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, P for Pessimism: A Collection of Funny yet Profound Aphorisms

“Do not complain to others of a wound that is hurting you;
The wound will only hurt the one who is injured .
Complaining to others will only add to your pain when you realize that people’s indifference will only cause you insults.”
Nadine Sadaka Boulos

“Tears that "do not complain" remain in your throat and sooner or later, will leave you breathless. So cry!”
Corina Abdulahm Negura

Sijin BT
“In football, the winner is always one who scores more goals by evading all obstacles. If you complain about obstacles in football, you will only
get time to appeal.”
Sijin Bt

“You bought a watch for a penny and complain, it doesn't have light. do you think white men are stupid?”
Gbenga Olisa

AVIS Viswanathan
“Each time you start complaining about your Life, pause to consider that, precisely at this given moment, someone out there is more challenged, more deprived and more unloved than you are. You will then miraculously witness your urge to complain quietly melting away!”
AVIS Viswanathan

“Sometimes in life as children of God. We mistakenly complain about our blessings.”
Angel Moreira

Shreesham Pandey
“Carry the weight but don't complain.”
Shreesham Pandey, Short Scribbles

Ehsan Sehgal
“I will not complain to you even you leave me and dislike or hate me anytime in your life for any reason; I always like to honour you because I will not degrade my love that is only for you forever.”
Ehsan Sehgal

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