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Stacey T. Hunt
“I want something good to die for. . . to make it beautiful to live.”
Stacey T. Hunt, The Adventure Begins

“In some cases we neglect our health, because we were never told about its value.”
Sunday Adelaja

V.C. Andrews
“Then turn your eyes back on me,
and tell me that Cathy and I are still children to be treated with condescension, and are incapable of understanding adult subjects.”
V.C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic

Mark  Lawrence
“All the best secrets are told at night.”
Mark Lawrence, Prince of Fools

“The emphasis of the churches were not in how much work or home keeping is done in the four walls of the church itself, they rather told the Protestants to go prove their love to God at their work places through the quality of their works”
Sunday Adelaja

Daniel     Black
“The pain of what happened next lives in our collective memory. It mauls our souls each day. Yet it must be told. Silence guarantees no healing. It promises that the child's life would be forgotten and that its mission might, one day, be thought significant. Silence is the enemy of history, and history is all we have.”
Daniel Black, The Coming

Christina Engela
“We got to see a Corsair ship up close – all matt black, no markings, no lights – and practically invisible out here in the dark! What a sight to behold! Most people don’t get to see those bastards up close. That is, for very long! Anyways, the ship was just floating there, no sign of life. Our hails weren’t being answered, and so we assumed the ship was dead in space. Captain Mulligan, gods-rest-his-soul, told me to form a boarding party of security and medics from the sickbay and that we were going over there. We weren’t a military ship, and we’re not Star Marines, so we were lightly armed and quite nervous. I mean, this wasn’t just some of my security section being called out to break up a fight at one of the bars on the promenade, this was serious life-and-death shit! So I said ‘okay’, and told my assistant supervisor, Lisa Garfner, to get them all together. Seven of us shifted over to the other ship with the transmatter (you still use those things, I take it?) not knowing what to expect. It could’ve been anything… and it was. It was crazy.”
Christina Engela, Space Vacation

Kamand Kojouri
“We are told that in translation there is no such thing as equivalence. Many times the translator reaches a fork in the translating road where they must make a choice in the interpretation of a word. And each time they make one of these choices, they are taken further from the truth. But what we aren’t told is that this isn’t a shortcoming of translation; it’s a shortcoming of language itself. As soon as we try to put reality into words, we limit it. Words are not reality, they are the cause of reality, and thus reality is always more. Writers aren't alchemists who transmute words into the aurous essence of the human experience. No, they are glassmakers. They create a work of art that enables us to see inside to help us understand. And if they are really good, we can see our own reflections staring back at us.”
Kamand Kojouri

Brandon Sanderson
“Run!" Tia yelled.
Like I needed to be told.”
Brandon Sanderson, Firefight

William Marshall
“Go not as told by others, But by other ways go.”
William Marshall

Kelley Armstrong
“A hand touched my shoulder, shaking me. I was back on the bus. It was dark and warm and I just wanted to sleep, but Chloe kept shaking my shoulder.
“Tori?” she whispered. “We’re at a truck stop. It’s Derek. He . . . he’s not feeling good. It could be the Change again. He needs to get off the bus. I’m going with him.”
“Are you awake? Did you hear what I said?”
“Yeah, yeah. Derek Changing. You going.”

She said something else, but I was already drifting back to sleep. Then she was gone.
I bolted upright in the pool house. Chloe had told me they were getting off the bus. Damn it! I’d screwed up.”
Kelley Armstrong

Deyth Banger
“And the truth from so much lies.... wasn't ever told...”
Deyth Banger, ((...)...)...

Steven Magee
“Unfortunately, the board of directors that the middle managers report to generally make them aggressive. Imagine being hired into a company and then being told that you have to ignore the emerging health and safety issues (This is illegal!) and not inform the workers that the system is known to be dangerous (This is illegal!). You have two options: To go to jail for illegal activities sometime in the future, or to lose your job now and have all your USA workplace rights removed for recognizing the illegal activities that your Directors want you to engage in. Welcome to the corporate America management team!”
Steven Magee

Christina Engela
“Aside from all that, she was carrying about a million tons of titanium ore to the heavy industries on Gorda. All told, that would take care of their traveling arrangements for the next year or so, pretty much.”
Christina Engela, Black Sunrise

Deyth Banger
“Now she is ignoring me as first


AS second

Not every word



can be told

read and written.”
Deyth Banger, Deeper Level C#N
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“If a pane of clear glass told a lie I would see straight through it.”
Anthony T.Hincks

“No matter the adversity, you can choose and take actions to determine how your story will be written, told, and end. You are the author, actor, and director no matter who else believes they are.”
Jeffrey G. Duarte