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Steve Maraboli
“Free yourself from the complexities and drama of your life. Simplify. Look within. Within ourselves we all have the gifts and talents we need to fulfill the purpose we've been blessed with.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Let today be the day you finally release yourself from the imprisonment of past grudges
“Let today be the day you finally release yourself from the imprisonment of past grudges and anger. Simplify your life. Let go of the poisonous past and live the abundantly beautiful present... today.”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Patti Digh
“Sometimes our stop-doing list needs to be bigger than our to-do list.”
Patti Digh, Four-Word Self-Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives

Charlotte Eriksson
“I have rooted myself into this quiet place where I don’t need much to get by. I need my visions. I need my books. I need new thoughts and lessons, from older souls, bars, whisky, libraries; different ones in different towns. I need my music. I need my songs. I need the safety of somewhere to rest my head at night, when my eyes get heavy. And I need space. Lots of space. To run, and sing, and change around in any way I please—outer or inner—and I need to love. I need the space to love ideas and thoughts; creations and people—anywhere I can find—and I need the peace of mind to understand it.”
Charlotte Eriksson

Marie Kondō
“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't.”
Marie Kondō

Richie Norton
“Overcoming procrastination is not, I repeat, not about cramming additional work into your day . . . overcoming procrastination is about simplifying your life to make space for the activities that matter most.”
Richie Norton, The Power of Starting Something Stupid: How to Crush Fear, Make Dreams Happen, and Live without Regret

Shannon L. Alder
“When you meet a dark angel don't you ever for one minute believe they are bad because they have faced the worst demons and lived to guide you through yours. It really isn't an easy job they have been asked to do, but then neither was standing on the front line during the war in heaven.”
Shannon L. Alder

Anaïs Nin
“I always run away from the simplest phrases because they never contain all of the truth. To me the truth is something which cannot be told in a few words, and those who simplify the universe only reduce the expansion of its meaning.”
Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934

Shannon L. Alder
“Either, you are in love with someone or you're not. Fear is complicated, not love.”
Shannon L. Alder

Marie Kondō
“As I am both lazy and forgetful, I can't take proper care of too many things. That's why I want to cherish properly the things I love.”
Marie Kondō

“Irony of the world is that it wants to simplify the complexity and complicate the simplicity.”
Vikrmn, Guru with Guitar

Richard J. Foster
“But, and here comes the rub, all of us feel that we are in complete control of our desire for things. We would never admit to an ungovernable spirit of covetousness. The problem is that we, like the alcoholic, are unable to recognize the disease once we have been engulfed by it. Only by the help of others are we able to detect the inner spirit that places wealth about God. And we must come to fear the idolatrous state of covetousness because the moment things have priority, radical obedience becomes impossible.”
Richard J. Foster, Freedom of Simplicity: Finding Harmony in a Complex World

Enock Maregesi
“Kujenga urafiki na wanasiasa wakati mwingine ni kitu kizuri. Wanasaidia kurahisisha mambo.”
Enock Maregesi

“The secret to good writing is to use small words for big ideas, not to use big words for small ideas.”
Oliver Markus Malloy

A.J. Darkholme
“Your biggest dreams can become reality, not by brute-forcing the end-goal, but breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts. If your goal takes years, breaking it down into months and days will let you improve your lot little bits at a time.”
A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar

Israelmore Ayivor
“Live on no complex dreams... When the meaning of what you want to do isn't clear, it means there is absolutely no meaning! Simplicity with curiosity is the lap on which success rests!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Kamand Kojouri
“We are told that in translation there is no such thing as equivalence. Many times the translator reaches a fork in the translating road where they must make a choice in the interpretation of a word. And each time they make one of these choices, they are taken further from the truth. But what we aren’t told is that this isn’t a shortcoming of translation; it’s a shortcoming of language itself. As soon as we try to put reality into words, we limit it. Words are not reality, they are the cause of reality, and thus reality is always more. Writers aren't alchemists who transmute words into the aurous essence of the human experience. No, they are glassmakers. They create a work of art that enables us to see inside to help us understand. And if they are really good, we can see our own reflections staring back at us.”
Kamand Kojouri

“I imagined that a better world would be less complicated, less involved, and with less need to mass produce doorknobs and lock sets, electric outlets, power cords, frozen chicken wings, packages of steak, rubber bands, and a million little foam earbuds that slip over the broadcasting end of an iPod. I'd stand staring at Jenna's room, the recycling porch, and imagine what my life would be like if I could squeeze all my worldly possessions into a space like that.”
Dee Williams

Amit Kalantri
“Consistency simplifies the problem more than hard work of one time because no problem cannot possibly beat you everyday.”
Amit Kalantri

“We live in a noisy world. Revelation comes in the quiet times. It will come when the Lord can speak to our feelings. Go quietly. Go quietly into the world. Go quietly about your affairs, and learn that in the still, small hours of the morning the Lord will speak to you. He will never fail to answer your prayers.
--Boyd K. Packer”
Carolyn J. Rasmus

“I feel compelled to clarify, simplify, and personalize truth.”
J. Grant Howard, Balancing Life's Demands: A New Perspective on Priorities

“Simplification establishes an unspoken emphasis on relationship.”
Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids

“Life is simple. It is meant to be lived. Don't over-complicate things. Don't lose your life in the things that don't matter.”
Akiroq Brost

Kate McGahan
“Your head is so full of worldly “things” while your heart is full of eternal love and faith. Your heart is full of what matters most and that is where I am. That is where we can connect. In a place where there is no fear and no end to love.”
Kate McGahan, Jack McAfghan: Return from Rainbow Bridge

Dave Cenker
“Between the percussion of the musical raindrops and the rhythmic swipe of wipers across the windshield, I fall into a hypnotic state, thinking nothing. I'm a blank slate. A refreshing simplicity that has eluded me for months.”
Dave Cenker, Second Chance

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