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Alysha Speer
“You never really know what's coming. A small wave, or maybe a big one. All you can really do is hope that when it comes, you can surf over it, instead of drown in its monstrosity.”
Alysha Speer

Bethany Hamilton
“Life is a lot like surfing… When you get caught in the impact zone, you’ve got to just get back up. Because you never know what may be over the next wave.”
Bethany Hamilton, Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board

Robin Bielman
“Zane," she moaned. "Please touch me."
"I will. I'm going to touch every inch of you until I know what makes you sigh and what makes you giggle and what makes you beg me to never stop. I'm going to make you shudder and scream so that long after tonight you'll remember the feel of my hands and exactly where they were on your body."
"I'm going to die if you don't get on with it.”
Robin Bielman, Keeping Mr. Right Now

Eve Babitz
“It was all balance. But then, she already knew that from surfing.”
Eve Babitz, Sex and Rage: Advice to Young Ladies Eager for a Good Time: A Novel

Wilma Johnson
“In a moment I might be under the wave swallowing seawater and small jellyfish, but right now I am an ancient princess of Hawaii, I am a bikini model, I am a goddess before the crest of a monster billow.”
Wilma Johnson, Surf Mama - One Woman's Search for Love, Happiness and the Perfect Wave

Jacob Nordby
“The trick is to ride the wave,
Fast, wide-open and
in deep Now-magic.
Free, burning fear for fuel
Generous, knowing there is always more where that came from.
Cresting, spray of liquid jewels hanging, shining in the sun and wind.
Flying down the wave in graceful slices.
Rolling, tumbling under, over
Breathless falling, floating into the deep dark beneath.
Rising, face breaks the surface
Kneeling, standing
Riding again.
Sunset waits behind the horizon
But daylight begs us to swim
Out beyond
Where our feet can’t touch bottom.
Into the deep wild
Where the next wave can
sweep us higher,
Show us what else is possible
In this marvelous place.”
Jacob Nordby

Eileen Granfors
“I never tired of picturing sharks.”
Eileen Granfors, Flash Warden and Other Stories

Jaimal Yogis
“Surfing is kind of a good metaphor for the rest of life.
The extremely good stuff - chocolate and great sex and weddings and hilarious jokes - fills a minute portion of an adult lifespan.
The rest of life is the paddling: work, paying bills, flossing, getting sick, dying.”
Jaimal Yogis, Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer's Quest to Find Zen on the Sea

Haruki Murakami
“Surfing's a more profound kind of sport than it looks. When you surf, you learn not to fight the power of nature, even if it gets violent.”
Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Sue Wyshynski
“I gulped. But, I mean, everyone bends the truth sometimes to be friendly. What's really weird is that I'm the only one who seems to get in trouble for it. Anyway, what could possibly go wrong this time?”
Sue Wyshynski, Poser

Robin Bielman
“I should have told you the minute I saw you that you look beautiful. I do love the way you look tonight.”
Robin Bielman, Keeping Mr. Right Now

David Chiles
“Courtesy and kindness cultivate confidence with good Netiquette. Doing things right makes you feel good.”
David Chiles

Robert  Black
“Waves are like women, you can never get enough of them, always want a better, more dangerous one, and occasionally you get dumped.”
Robert Black

“If you're having a bad day, catch a wave.”
Frosty Hesson

J.B. Rafferty
“Rule #1 - Never kiss a stinking mermaid.”
John Rafferty, A Perfect Wave

“Our conversation changed. It usually had a busy, must-say-everything edge to it, even during the long, lazy days of waiting for waves on Tavarua. But out in the lineup, once the swells started pumping, large pools of awe seemed to collect around us, hushing us, or reducing us to code and murmurs, as though we were in church. There was too much to say, too much emotion, and therefore nothing to say.”
William Finnegan, Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

Robin Bielman
“Take off your dress. Leave the pumps on. Lie down with your hands above your head, don't move..... oh sweet sugar snaps!”
Robin Bielman, Keeping Mr. Right Now

Steven Magee
“Researchers surf the wave of human imagination.”
Steven Magee

“There is this classic thing about surfers as they grow up,' John McCarthy said one day. 'The adult surfer says, "Oh yeah, I got the wave and rode it all the way to the beach!" But when you talk to a five year old who has just surfed, he or she will say, "Oh, the wave picked me up and brought me the whole way to the beach.”
Keith Duggan, Cliffs of Insanity

Sophie Hardcastle
“I think of the horizon at midnight, the sky and sea blurring together.”
Sophie Hardcastle, Breathing Under Water

“Surfing and Life hold parallels.”
Elizabeth Salalmanca-Brosig

Martijn Benders
“Who 'waits for inspiration' has probably never explored the brain. Its much larger than the entire internet. Writing, however, is partly stalking the big wave, and ride it when it comes. However, the thousands and thousands of blokes sitting at the shoreline trying to create waves by splashing their hands in the surf - it might be what they teach at writer workshops, but the sight is absolutely ghastly.”
Martijn Benders

Peter Heller
“We love surfers for the same reasons we have always admired doctors and pilots and firemen and shamans, for the same reasons we admire excellent soldiers: because despite themselves they have bowed to a force much greater than themselves, which in this case is the wave, and submitted to the gnarly rigors of its discipline. They have allowed themselves to be shaped and polished by the sea. They have given themselves up to this greater force, day after day, year after year. Crushed and punished, battered into something tempered and resilient, and sharpened to an edge by constant refinement. They are warriors in the best sense: by bending to the often brutal demands of surfing they have transformed themselves into beings who can respond to great violence with grace and humility. And beauty.”
Peter Heller, Kook: What Surfing Taught Me About Love, Life, and Catching the Perfect Wave

“I turn and kick with the first one and feel myself being lifted and thrown towards the beach. It's like wrestling with an old friend, tumbling underneath then coming up for air.”
Mark Smith

“But surfing always had this horizon, this fear line, that made it different from other things, certainly from other sports I knew. You could do it with friends, but when the waves got big, or you got into trouble, there never seemed to be anyone around.”
William Finnegan, Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

Michael Davidow
“And when you fall, because you always do fall. When you swim for the beach to catch your board. There’s peace to be found in the shoreward pull with every passing wave.”
Michael Davidow, The Rocketdyne Commission

Robert  Black
“For surfers, being tubed is like being reborn.”
Robert Black

Robert  Black
“The main thing you remember is the noise. All that water cascading around you sounds kind of brutal, kind of dangerous, but time has stopped, so all you do is try to hang on and hope that nature, the ocean, treats you well. I just recall seeing another surfer way down the beach, and then it was all over and I was out, and safe, going wow, wow, that was a gift from nature.”
Robert Black

“I have tunnel vision with surfers on my mind.”
Anthony T. Hincks

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