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“Sissy Mae Smith...stumbled into the room loaded down with even more bags. "You pack like a woman," she snarled when she finally dropped the luggage to the floor. "How can one man have so much conditioner?"

His mouth filled with French toast, Mitch pointed at his hair and snarled, "Tawny mane! Do you think this shit stays this beautiful on its own? It needs care and love! Which is more than I'm getting from you!”
Shelly Laurenston, The Mane Squeeze

“But Sissy had a way of bringing out the "fun" side of anybody if she'd a mind to. To quote Janie Mae, "Sissy came out of my womb with her middle finger raised.”
Shelly Laurenston, The Mane Attraction

“You admit nothing. Deny everything. Demand proof. Did you learn nothing in Boot Camp?"
(Mace to Smitty)”
Shelly Laurenston, The Mane Event

“Okay. Let's see what we've got." He lifted up her foot and said, "Well, what we've got here is a freakin' boat."

Really?" She slammed her heel against the side of his face, snapping his head to one side. "How big are they now, Mitch?"

Rubbing the abused side of his face, "Dainty little elf feet?"

Shelly Laurenston, The Mane Attraction

“Rich man’s whore!”
“At least mine can cook the food he eats. And replaces it, too.”
“Now see, Dee-Ann Smith. That was just mean!”
Shelly Laurenston, Big Bad Beast

“Do you think I’m pretty?”
Smitty glanced away from the computer screen he’d been staring at for the last three hours, looked at his sister, and shook his head. “No.”
“What do ya mean no?”
“You asked. Sorry if you didn’t like the answer. I always thought you were funny lookin’. Asked momma, ‘What is that thing laying in your bed?’ And she said, ‘I found it hiding under a car, you be nice to it now.”
Shelly Laurenston, The Beast in Him

“Are you going to tame our little Sissy, Mitchell?

Sissy rubbed her face, annoyed, and Mitch answered honestly, "I'm really too lazy to try and tame anybody. If I had my way, I'd spend all day sleeping under a tree, maybe rolling out occasionally to sun my belly, and then I expect someone to bring me food. I could live like that forever!”
Shelly Laurenston, The Mane Attraction

“Smitty gave his best pout. “Why are y’all trying to hurt me?”
“Because it’s fun?”
“It’s easy.”
“I love it when you cry.”
Smitty sighed. “Forget I asked.”
Shelly Laurenston, The Beast in Him

“Momentarily forgetting this wasn’t one of her She-wolves, Sissy automatically teased, “Good thing
my brother likes women with meat on their bones ’cause your ass is gonna be gettin’ wide.”
As soon as the words left her mouth, she wished she could take them back.
But without missing a beat, Jessie shot back, “Cool. Now I can start wearing your jeans. I thought
that was only going to be possible during the late stages of the pregnancy.”
Shelly Laurenston, The Mane Attraction

J.R. Ward
“Listen, I don't want things to get weird, okay."
"Oh, yeah, no, weird is bad."
"But just so you and I are clear, I really fucking want to kiss you right now.”
J.R. Ward, Immortal

Charlie Savage
“In all, the future secretary of defense and wartime vice president[, Dick Cheney,] would receive five deferments during the Vietnam War, protecting him from service during his draft-eligible years.”
Charlie Savage, Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy

Amit Kalantri
“Cowards say it can't be done, critics say it shouldn't have been done, creator say well done.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Mango Wodzak
“Everyone has it within their heart to be vegan, but each time they eat anything from an animal they deny that this is so, they deny that they have enough love in their hearts to show these animals mercy and free them from our tyranny.

This is a blatant lie that they keep telling themselves, time and time again. They would rather argue that they don't care about animals and find excuses to justify and continue harming them, than acknowledge any 'sissy' ability they might have to feel compassion for them.

What they don't understand is, that they hurt themselves by not acknowledging this latent ability within their hearts though, and with this they deny themselves love too, for what is given out always comes back multifold.”
Mango Wodzak

Lilly Lustwood
“However, she couldn’t help it. After all, who was she to fight her urges? She was just a slave to cock.”
Lilly Lustwood