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Sharon E. Rainey
“No one gave me the secret decoder ring on how to make friends.”
Sharon E. Rainey, Making a Pearl from the Grit of Life

“HATE is the shortest of human emotions, it is stronger than love, more compelling than lust. Page 30. THE SCALPEL – GAME BENEATH (
H.S. Rissam, The scalpel: game beneath

“Revenge is the sweetest of all human experiences, its sweetness stays forver. Page 41. THE SCALPEL – GAME BENEATH (
H.S. Rissam, The scalpel: game beneath

“LOVE is the most incendiary element ever known, once it sparks the heart, the flame is inextinguishable.”
H.S. Rissam, The scalpel: game beneath

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“As long as they don't know, I am safe”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

Donna Galanti
“I am not capable of love. - Felix”
Donna Galanti, The Dark Inside

Donna Galanti
“Experiment or not, the government is always watching. - Felix”
Donna Galanti, The Dark Inside

Manil Suri
“What are you now, Jaz Bond? Double-oh-Six, the chhakka secret agent?”
Manil Suri, The City of Devi

Axel Avian
“I'm not a spy, I'm an agent. There's a difference. I'm protecting you, not that you seem to be grateful."
"You're protecting me. How old are you anyway?"
"Fifteen? You can't even drive!"
"I can drive," I responded. It's just that certain officers say I may not drive."
"WTF?" she said. "We're going into Afghanistan, and they've sent a pre-driver."
Pre-driver? Was that even a word? And I was here specifically because Talya and Thorne were so young. "I thought you were sixteen," I said.
"I can drive," she responded haughtily.”
Axel Avian, Agent Colt Shore Domino 29

Zechariah Barrett
“Aedus reached into the center console and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. He drove for ten minutes before the helicopter came in sight, gradually descending towards the airport in his opposite direction. He looked around for a place to make a U-turn, but there was no legal turn available. Aedus sighed. The things a good guy has to do. He made a turn onto a side road and looped back around, tires squealing. In an action movie he’d just make a U-turn wherever, speed down the road, and weave in and out of traffic. Alas, this wasn’t an action movie and he wasn’t a certain Jason Bour—no time to think about that. The airport was coming up quick and as bustling as ever.”
Zechariah Barrett, Project Ordine

Tracey Bond
“Life is worth living when God throws His Divine dice in your favor. HE has slow-stirred my life with Wisdom and discernment about all manners of people; which is no secret agent in my soul sauce, it brings flavor to the taste buds of God's blessings in my life with extra side orders of favor.”
Tracey Bond

“History is a creative art that makes secret agents in hidden organisations prominent historical figures, at least in the eyes of the masses, in global historical processes.”
Elmar Hussein