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Darynda Jones
“I sort of got off on making bad guys sweat. Which was not unlike my love of making good guys sweat, just by very different means.”
Darynda Jones, Second Grave on the Left

Kenji Miyazawa
“Everyone calls him Blockhead
No one sings his praises
Or takes him to heart...

That is the kind of person
I want to be”
Kenji Miyazawa, Strong in the Rain: Selected Poems

Kimberly Black
“In writing, a good guy must never break any of the Ten Commandments. A bad guy must break every one. That's why writing female characters is so much fun. They're not GUYS at all.”
Kimberly Black, A Fiction Writer's Character Workbook

Bradley Sands
“Sometimes the good guy rips out innocent people's throats. That's just something the world need to live with if it wants the good guy to keep saving the day.”
Bradley Sands, Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You

Rick Yancey
“You know how we tell the good guys from the bad guys? The bad guys shoot at us."

Best lesson my father ever taught me.”
Rick Yancey, The Infinite Sea

Madeleine K. Albright
“Good guys don’t always win, especially when they are divided and less determined than their adversaries. The desire for liberty may be ingrained in every human breast, but so is the potential for complacency, confusion, and cowardice. And losing has a price.”
Madeleine K. Albright, Fascism: A Warning

“This is the only way that you can hope to survive. Because life... is not a movie. Everyone lies. Good guys lose. And love... does not conquer all.”
George Huang, Swimming with Sharks

Samantha Hunt
“There are no good guys or bad guys. Not really”
Samantha Hunt, Mr. Splitfoot

Zechariah Barrett
“Aedus reached into the center console and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. He drove for ten minutes before the helicopter came in sight, gradually descending towards the airport in his opposite direction. He looked around for a place to make a U-turn, but there was no legal turn available. Aedus sighed. The things a good guy has to do. He made a turn onto a side road and looped back around, tires squealing. In an action movie he’d just make a U-turn wherever, speed down the road, and weave in and out of traffic. Alas, this wasn’t an action movie and he wasn’t a certain Jason Bour—no time to think about that. The airport was coming up quick and as bustling as ever.”
Zechariah Barrett, Project Ordine

“It was a symbiotic relationship. Or codependent, whatever.
They needed me to be the bad guy.
And I needed them to be the good guys.
See, if they were the good guys, and I was on their team, then that automatically made me a good guy, too. Even if I was different.”
K.A. Applegate

Stephen King
“We’re the good guys, right?” Jared asked.
“I don’t know,” Michaela admitted. “But I’m positive we’re not the bad guys.”
“That’s something,” Jared said.”
Stephen King, Sleeping Beauties

“The trick here is arbitrary word assignment: that is, any violence engaged in by ourselves or our friends is ipso facto retaliation and counter-terrorism; whatever the enemy does is terrorism, irrespective of facts.’10 We might say, then, that the golden rule of state violence is: terrorism is what they do, and counter-terrorism is what we do. As Orwell himself observed in his essay, ‘Notes on Nationalism’: ‘Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them, and there is almost no kind of outrage – torture, the use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonment without trial, forgery, assassination, the bombing of civilians – which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by “our” side.”
David Cromwell, Why Are We the Good Guys?: Reclaiming Your Mind from the Delusions of Propaganda