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Leslie   Garland
“You know,” he continued reflectively, “there is something very satisfying about making something, creating it, modelling it on your dream and making that dream become a reality. Yes, we all have dreams. That's the easy bit. It's making them come real that's not so easy.”
Leslie W.P. Garland, The Golden Tup

William Lawrence Bragg
“[Presently, science undergraduates] do not learn to write clearly and briefly, marshalling their points in due and aesthetically satisfying order, and eliminating inessentials. They are inept at those turns of phrase or happy analogy which throw a flying bridge across a chasm of misunderstanding and make contact between mind and mind.”
Sir William Bragg

Kamand Kojouri
“I have died at the ripe age of twenty.
Smile, for the world didn't get a chance to disappoint me.

I have died at the mature age of ninety.
Smile, for my life was more than satisfying.

I have died suddenly—out of the blue.
Smile, for I didn't have to fall ill before you.

I have died from a long illness.
Smile, for I had the chance to say goodbye.

I did not want to leave this Earth.
But smile, for I am still here among you.

Why are you crying?
Can you not see I am smiling?”
Kamand Kojouri

“The gospel has done its work in us when we crave God more than we crave everything else in life and when seeing His kingdom advance in the lives of others gives us more joy than anything we could own. When we see Jesus as greater than anything the world can offer, we’ll gladly let everything else go to possess Him.”
J.D. Greear, Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary

Ryan Lilly
“The smell of new office supplies is so satisfying while being kicked out of Staples for inappropriate behavior with a file folder is so embarrassing.”
Ryan Lilly, Write like no one is reading

Manoj Arora
“Don't try to preserve your energy.
Rather, think of a worthwhile purpose in life and burn yourself up.... for that's what is satisfying and fulfilling.”
Manoj Arora, Dream On

“Pak's head snapped back, his eyes bulging, mouth frozen open in midsentence.”
David Michaels, Fallout

Vicki M. Taylor
“Ms. Taylor's writing style is clear, without frills, and so streamlined that her story flows and flows and flows, without taking a break, to its satisfying conclusion.
Maeve of Tara”
Vicki M. Taylor, Not Without Anna

Amit Kalantri
“For happiness don't pursue satisfaction, but pursue heroism.”
Amit Kalantri

Patricia Highsmith
“My story can move fast, as I can't, it can have a reasonable and perhaps perfect solution, as mine can't. A solution that is somehow satisfying, as my personal solution never can be.”
Patricia Highsmith

Amit Kalantri
“There will never be complete satisfaction in the life, satisfaction is an illusion, there is only heroism.”
Amit Kalantri

Arlo Crawford
“Even so, the land felt like it still does today—it filled the hollow in a satisfying way.”
Arlo Crawford, A Farm Dies Once a Year

Chris Guillebeau
“You can't achieve anything deeply satisfying without a drawn-out process leading up to it- and yet process demands a goal. You can't love one without at least appreciating the other.”
Chris Guillebeau, The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life

“What does a customer need? Ask him “What keeps you busy now?” and think about how to help the customer avoid doing what he does now. A customer does not want to keep doing what he currently does. A customer needs something that allows him to avoid a current activity.”
Anatoly Agulyansky

Awdhesh Singh
“The most intriguing thing about choosing an important but less interesting job is that it challenges you. The duller the job, the more challenging it is since not many people are willing to take up such tasks. However, once you get into this challenging job, the same job gradually becomes very interesting and satisfying.”
Awdhesh Singh, 31 Ways to Happiness

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“If we would dare to accomplish half of what we are capable of we would live a life twice as fulfilling.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“When you cannot satisfy yourself, it is foolish to expect others to satisfy you or you to satisfy others”
P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

C.A.A. Savastano
“The more emotionally satisfying an idea is the more it should be critically regarded, because we as humans are prone despite contrary facts to believe our desires are true.”
C.A.A. Savastano

Ron Baratono
“When we occupy our mind with an uncomfortable past situation, we’ve just place our future thoughts on hold, for the precious moments we should be thinking about. The wonders that wait ahead in our lives can be beautiful and amazing. Some of the most peaceful and satisfying thoughts we have, will be when we’re awake and dreaming.”
Ron Baratono

Carian Cole
“So I shredded their cash, put it in a box with a fresh pile of the dog's shit, and mailed it back to them. Mature? No. Immensely satisfying? Hell fuckin' yes.”
Carian Cole, Tied