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Erik Pevernagie
“Once we get to know where and why the skeletons of the past are buried, we can start wading across our muddled memories into the open plains of a new horizon. ("Going back to yesterday")”
Erik Pevernagie

Amelia Earhart
“Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.”
Amelia Earhart, The Fun of It

Barbara Pym
“Let me hasten to add that I am not at all like Jane Eyre, who must have given hope to so many plain women who tell their stories in the first person, nor have I ever thought of myself as being like her.”
Barbara Pym, Excellent Women
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Wilkie Collins
“The explanation has been written already in the three words that were many enough, and plain enough, for my confession. I loved her.”
Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White

Larry McMurtry
“Certainly on the vast windy plain, there was plenty of nothing to be looked at.”
Larry McMurtry, The Last Kind Words Saloon

Gabrielle Dubois
“I sit down by the river.
Its incessant flow has polished the rocks carried from the top of the mountain. The aqueous caress, that has unrolled for millions of years the liquid ribbon from the summits towards the plains, keeps the freshness of the youth.
The July sun heats the trees on the shore, while the stream of water refreshes the air; Two breaths which mingle without opposing one another. The foliage softly sways under the summer breeze, tuning its movement to that of the fiery wave.
Won by a palpable peace, thank you Mother Nature, I dive into my book.
A time later, which seems infinite to me, the sky becomes darker, I raise my head.
How many hours have passed during which, indifferent to the human time, the cascading water has descended from the mountain? How much water has passed in front of me? How many beings have quenched their thirst there, and get their lives out from it?
How long after my small passage on Earth will have been forgotten, the river will continue to flow, to carry its rocks, to erode the mountain until it becomes a plain, to spread life like a vein of the Earth ?”
Gabrielle Dubois

Jill Alexander Essbaum
“I’m neither plain nor pretty. I’m irrevocably average.”
Jill Alexander Essbaum, Hausfrau

“I will come by train. I will wear a yellow bonnet. I am plain and tall.”
Patricia MacLachlan, Sarah, Plain and Tall

Charles Dickens
“What a situation!' cried Miss Squeers; '...What is the reason that men fall in love with me, whether I like it or not, and desert their chosen intendeds for my sake?'
'Because they can't help it, miss,' replied the girl; 'the reason's plain.' (If Miss Squeers were the reason, it was very plain.)”
Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby

“Not easy having her for a mom.
When did her ambitions die? If I had to guess, the day she graduated from Martha Stewart’s School for Stepford Housewives. Never inspirational, she’s more of an embarrassment for an already unpopular kid like me. What can I say? I’ve got plain-and-ordinary running through my veins. Maybe that’s why I can’t shake this stench of unremarkable. It goes back generations.”
Michael Benzehabe, Zonked Out: The Teen Psychologist of San Marcos Who Killed Her Santa Claus and Found the Blue-Black Edge of the Love Universe

“If Beauty is excuse enough for Being, it sure takes Plainness then to feel the real necessity for—Doing.”
Eleanor Hallowell Abbott, Little Eve Edgarton

“Waspish tongues often go with plain faces.”
Margaret Pargeter, Substitute Bride

Mehmet Murat ildan
“Simple and plain things can touch your heart very easily! If you can be simple and plain, you can touch every heart!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Jane Austen
“He hoped she might make some amends for the many very plain faces he was continually passing in the streets. The worst of Bath was the number of its plain women. He did not mean to say there were not pretty women, but the number of the plain was out of all proportion. He had frequently observed, as he walked, that one handsome face would be followed by thirty, or five-and-thirty frights; and once, as he had stood in a shop on Bond street, he had counted eighty-seven women go by, without there being a tolerable face among them. ... But still, there certainly were a dreadful multitude of ugly women in Bath; and as for the men! they were infinitely worse. Such scarecrows as the streets were full of!”
Jane Austen, Persuasion

Criss Jami
“Normality is the new eccentric.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

M.F.K. Fisher
“I kept wishing with real regret that I were capable of living in such continued simplicity. But I am not. Sometimes I honestly want to live in a plain room with a narrow bed, a chair, a table. But then I would need a bookcase. I would see a poster I must put on the wall. I would pick up a shell here, a bowl or vase there, another poster, enough books for two bookcases, a soft rug someone might give me--and where would the first plainness be? I cannot fight too hard against it, but I regret it.”
M.F.K. Fisher, Sister Age

B.J. Neblett
“That's No Ordinary Girl”
B.J. Neblett

Mehmet Murat ildan
“If you want people to enter your world, you don’t need to invite them; just keep your door open and keep your thoughts plain!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Elizabeth Gaskell
“Jemima was not pretty, the flatness and shortness of her face made her almost plain; yet most people looked twice at her expressive countenance, at the eyes which flamed or melted at every trifle, at the rich colour which came at every expressed emotion into her usually sallow face, at the faultless teeth which made her smile like a sunbeam.”
Elizabeth Gaskell, Ruth

Mehmet Murat ildan
“Simple is pretty because it is plain; simple is effective because it gives an understandable clear message; simple is genius because it gains our admiration with a minimum effort!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Mehmet Murat ildan
“To be a plain means to die for a mountain; to be a mountain means to die for a plain! Thus, to kill a mountain, make it plain; to kill a plain, make it mountain!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Mehmet Murat ildan
“If you want to give a message to the world, let it be simple, as simple as the life of a shepherd!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Stacey Ballis
“Making dinner for Wayne is either the easiest thing or the hardest thing on the planet, depending on how you look at it. After all, Wayne's famous Eleven are neither difficult to procure nor annoying to prepare.
They are just.

Roasted chicken
Plain hamburgers
Steak cooked medium
Pork chops
Eggs scrambled dry
Potatoes, preferably fries, chips, baked, or mashed, and not with anything fancy mixed in
Chili, preferably Hormel canned
Green beans
Iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing

That's it. The sum total of what Wayne will put into his maw. He doesn't even eat fricking PIZZA for chrissakes. Not including condiments, limited to ketchup and yellow mustard and Miracle Whip, and any and all forms of baked goods... when it comes to breads and pastries and desserts he has the palate of a gourmand, no loaf goes untouched, no sweet unexplored. It saves him, only slightly, from being a complete food wasteland. And he has no idea that it is strange to everyone that he will eat apple pie and apple cake and apple charlotte and apple brown Betty and apple dumplings and fritters and muffins and doughnuts and crisp and crumble and buckle, but will not eat AN APPLE.”
Stacey Ballis, Out to Lunch

“It is necessary to grasp the noble things. For the gentleness is plain to the eye.”
Alan Maiccon

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Some of the very things that we so desperately need are hidden in plain sight because we can’t understand how something so plain can contain something so powerful. But is that not the way that God most often shows up?”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Steven Magee
“The police are just plain shady.”
Steven Magee

Ruth Ann Oskolkoff
“The walk across the street can seem long, like walking across town. Grown-ups with real magic sometimes seem very ordinary.

If you know of anyone who is a really good person, they will probably seem imperfect when you talk to them.

The best drawings are simple. Special things can seem plain. The voyage to the sun is inside you.”
Ruth Ann Oskolkoff, Voyage to the Sun: A Children's Version of the Tao te Ching

“Walking around is a hobby, my lord,
The rest of the man, I'm just plain.”
Kalpesh Radadiya

Steven Magee
“Question everything...as some of it is just plain wrong and may actually be making you quite ill!”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“It's not bad, but it's not good either!”
Steven Magee