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Marissa Meyer
“She sighed, annoyed at her restlessness. “So,” she said, disrupting Wolf in another backward glance.
“Who would win in a fight—you or a pack of wolves?”
He frowned at her, all seriousness. “Depends,” he said, slowly, like he was trying to figure out her motive for asking. “How big is the pack?”
“I don’t know, what’s normal? Six?”
“I could win against six,” he said. “Any more than that and it could be a close call.”
Scarlet smirked. “You’re not in danger of low self-esteem, at least.”
“What do you mean?”
“Nothing at all.” She kicked a stone from their path. “How about you and … a lion?”
“A cat? Don’t insult me.”
She laughed, the sound sharp and surprising. “How about a bear?”
“Why, do you see one out there?”
“Not yet, but I want to be prepared in case I have to rescue you.”
The smile she’d been waiting for warmed his face, a glint of white teeth flashing. “I’m not sure. I’ve never had to fight a bear before.”
Marissa Meyer, Scarlet

“Throw me to the wolves &
I'll return leading the pack”

Andrea Cremer
“The mouthful of turkey sandwich I’d bitten off caught in my throat when Ren rested his hand on my leg, his fingers exploring the curve of my thigh. I coughed and snatched the bottle of water from his other hand, taking several desperate swallows before swatting his fingers from my leg.
“Are you trying to kill me?” I choked the words out. “Keep your hands to yourself.”
Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
“In the end,” Callum said, his voice soft, gentle, “it all comes back to you. You protect them [your pack], you love them, you live for them, and someday, you die. That’s what it means, Bryn-girl, to be what we are [to be Alpha]. It’s lonely. It’s impossible. It’s all-consuming.” It is what it is.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Trial by Fire

Robin Hobb
“We are pack!”
Robin Hobb, Royal Assassin

Carrie Vaughn
“I looked at my two wolves. When I knelt they came to me rubbed against me smelling me and I stroked them. "Thank you for believing in me " I said and maybe they understood and maybe they didn't.”
Carrie Vaughn, Kitty and the Silver Bullet

Cassandra Clare
“The problem was that Simon did not know how to pack like a badass.”
Cassandra Clare, Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy

David Clement-Davies
“The deer hovered by the trees beyond as the sounds of the ravening wolves came to them across the grass, their own senses almost frozen in impotent horror.”
David Clement-Davies

J.A. Belfield
“My name's Sean, Jem. I'm Sean.”
J.A. Belfield, Darkness & Light

Lisa Kessler
“I pressed my lips together, trying to find a safe place to focus my attention. He filled the entire shower stall, his skin clean and wet, every part of him chiseled. His gym shorts clung to a package I had no business noticing.”
Lisa Kessler, Harvest Moon

Lisa Kessler
“What now? We can't go to my place or the hospital or the fight club. Should we lay low at the grocery store?”
Lisa Kessler, Harvest Moon

Quinn Loftis
“So she looked upon the wolves, who were dwindling in number, and back at the humans who no longer cared for their own, and combined their spirits. She took the loyal, protective, possessive natures of the wolf and took the intelligence, emotions, and love of the human and brought them together. She designed us to be a pack.”
Quinn Loftis, Out of the Dark

J.A. Belfield
“Welcome back, Jem.”
J.A. Belfield, Darkness & Light

Quinn Loftis
“The Canis Lupus, both wolf and man, were meant to be a family with one another. We gain strength through our bond with each other.”
Quinn Loftis, Out of the Dark

Kira Jane Buxton
“And we protect The Pack from the hunters, we will fall in love with each moment, singing to the moon that has loved us since we were stars.”
Kira Jane Buxton, Hollow Kingdom

Conn Iggulden
“The world cannot be full of lead dogs, or the pack would pull itself apart.”
Conn Iggulden, Conqueror

Alan Kinross
“His mind drifted back to times past. He missed the companionship of his old pack. He had grown up in the pack and knew each wolf by sight and smell. They had played and hunted, bred and cared for the young, and fought and died together. His bonds to the other wolves had been very close – particularly his mate. She had been the strongest and the swiftest female. She had reared their young well and had always yelped and whined with affection after he returned from the hunt. He remembered the comfort he had felt on so many starry nights, lying beside her with his head resting upon her neck in a sign of affection. However, she was gone now, and he could not bring her back. The two-legged ones had seen to that.”
Alan Kinross, Longinus The Vampire: Babylon

Angel McGregor
“I'd expected to see yellow eyes, like a dog;
instead, I realised as I stared back,
that they weren't animal eyes...
They were human eyes!”
Angel McGregor, A Part of the Pack

Jarod Kintz
“Chinese restaurants seem to be able to stuff a square meter of noodles into a tiny to-go box. If you had that same packing power, what would you cram into your pockets, and why would it be 33 ducks?”
Jarod Kintz, Music is fluid, and my saxophone overflows when my ducks slosh in the sounds I make in elevators.

“and my pack so light I’m sure I’ve left something behind—

but only my worry, and only for a moment.”
Jameson Fitzpatrick

Elaine  White
“The tears were there, waiting to make their escape. But she wouldn’t let them. Not this time. She couldn’t. Because if there was one thing she had to do now, it was be strong and brave. She just had to be strong and brave for one week. That was no time at all. And when the week was over and Milo had found his true mate, she would disappear.”
Elaine White, The Alpha and the Oracle

Carrie Jones
“Okay, I thought wolves had packs. Do you have a pack?”
“Not in the traditional sense.”
“Sorry, Nick, but when it comes to werewolves, I don’t know what the traditional sense is.”
“I don’t run with other wolves.”
I nod. I wait. I finally give up and say, “So you run with . . .”
He winces. “Coyotes. But they have some wolf DNA.”
It’s hard not to smile. “You are alpha at least, right?”
“Of course I’m alpha.” He almost growls at me.”
Carrie Jones, Need

Justine Larbalestier
“Wolves are social. They need their pack.”
Justine Larbalestier, Liar

Robin Hobb
“Hombres son los que creen que pueden regir las vidas de los demás sin establecer ningún lazo con ellos. ¿Piensas que la decisión de vincularse o no depende sólo de ti? Soy dueño de mi corazón. Lo entrego a voluntad. No pienso entregárselo a alguien que me expulsa de su lado.”
Robin Hobb, Royal Assassin

Steven Magee
“What sets a prolific discoverer apart from the pack are the wide range of discoveries that span many disciplines.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“The key to being a prolific discoverer is not to run with the pack.”
Steven Magee

Dorothy Hearst
“The first time you did that,” she said, “I thought you were going to eat me.”
“You were my pack from that day,” I said. “You’re always my pack.”
Dorothy Hearst, Spirit of the Wolves

Kira Jane Buxton
“Murders are forever, and what happens to one happens to all.”
Kira Jane Buxton, Hollow Kingdom

Cormac McCarthy
“You're a pack of mudheaded bigots who loathe excellence on principle and though one might cordially wish you all in hell still you wont go.”
Cormac McCarthy, The Passenger

Ljupka Cvetanova
“We will get out of the crisis. We are already packing our bags.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, Yet Another New Land

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