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Patricia Briggs
“I was going to fight vampires, and my name wasn't Buffy--I was so screwed.”
Patricia Briggs, Frost Burned

N. Scott Momaday
“Coyotes have the gift of seldom being seen; they keep to the edge of vision and beyond, loping in and out of cover on the plains and highlands. And at night, when the whole world belongs to them, they parley at the river with the dogs, their higher, sharper voices full of authority and rebuke. They are an old council of clowns, and they are listened to.”
N. Scott Momaday, House Made of Dawn

Louis L'Amour
“We will always have Reeses and Heseltines, and they will always seem big and brave to growing boys. They swagger and make loud noises in their own little circle, but they are only the coyotes that yap around the heels of the herd."
'Remember this, Shell, the coyotes aren't going anywhere, but the herd is, and so are the men who drive the herd.”
Louis L'Amour, Tucker

Laird Barron
“Actually, coyotes are much scarier than wolves. Sneaky, sneaky little suckers. Eat you up. Lick the blood all up.”
Laird Barron, The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

“In the distance, mongrel dogs were howling out the coyote portion of their ancestry. All the sounds of the night seemed to pass through a hollow tunnel of indefinite length.”
Warren Eyster, The Goblins of Eros

Carrie Jones
“Okay, I thought wolves had packs. Do you have a pack?”
“Not in the traditional sense.”
“Sorry, Nick, but when it comes to werewolves, I don’t know what the traditional sense is.”
“I don’t run with other wolves.”
I nod. I wait. I finally give up and say, “So you run with . . .”
He winces. “Coyotes. But they have some wolf DNA.”
It’s hard not to smile. “You are alpha at least, right?”
“Of course I’m alpha.” He almost growls at me.”
Carrie Jones, Need

Ted Kooser
“The past few weeks, I've been seeing coyote hunters during the day with their jeeps and pickups parked by the road, talking into walkie-talkies, dead-serious looks on their faces. In their camouflage clothes, they look like members of a SWAT team about to break into a methamphetamine lab. They must imagine that there's some danger. Are the coyotes armed and dangerous?”
Ted Kooser, Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps

Ted Kooser
“Coyote hunting can't be justified on the basis of the damage they do. Shooting coyotes is really just fun, a man with a high-powered rifle trying to see if he can kill a frightened creature that can't shoot back.”
Ted Kooser