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Patricia Briggs
“Mine," he said.

Adam's eyes narrowed. "I don't think so. She is mine."

It would have been flattering, I thought, except that at least one of them was talking about dinner and I wasn't certain about the other.”
Patricia Briggs, Moon Called

Carrie Vaughn
“I'm a werewolf trapped in a human body."
"Well, yeah, that's kind of the definition."
"No, really. I'm trapped."
"Oh? When was the last time you shape-shifted?"
"That's just it - I've never shape-shifted."
"So you're not really a werewolf."
"Not yet. But I was meant to be one, I just know it. How do I get a werewolf to attack me?"
Stand in the middle of a forest under a full moon with a raw steak tied to your face, holding a sign that says, 'Eat me; I'm stupid'?”
Carrie Vaughn, Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Patricia Briggs
“I knew he would never leave me, never let me down-because the man had never abandoned anything in his long life. If I hadn’t taken the gold rope of our bond, I knew Adam would have sat on me and hog-tied me with it. I liked that. A lot.”
Patricia Briggs, Silver Borne

Kelley Armstrong
“Another werewolf thing. Like most animals, we spent a large part of our lives engaged in the three Fs of basic survival. Feeding, fighting and... reproduction.”
Kelley Armstrong, Stolen

Molly Harper
“Fortunately, among werewolf women, the word "bitch" is not offensive. I was having a lot of fun with that.
"Hey there, bitches!" I called as I came through the door. "What are my favorite bitches up to today?”
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men

Patricia Briggs
“I was going to fight vampires, and my name wasn't Buffy--I was so screwed.”
Patricia Briggs, Frost Burned

Patricia Briggs
“We who are dominant tend to think of that aspect of being a werewolf as rank: who is obeyed, who is to obey. Dominant and submissive. But it is also who is to protect and who is to be protected. A submissive wolf is not incapable of protecting himself: he can fight, he can kill as readily as any other. But a submissive doesn't feel the need to fight -- not the way a dominant does. They are a treasure in a pack. A source of purpose and of balance. Why does a dominant exist? To protect those beneath him, but protecting a submissive is far more rewarding because a submissive will never wait until you are wounded or your back is turned to see if you are truly dominant to him. Submissive wolves can be trusted. And they unite the pack with the goal of keeping them safe and cared for.”
Patricia Briggs, Cry Wolf

Anne Bishop
“People who entered the Courtyard without an invitation were just plain crazy! Wolves were big and scary and so fluffy, how could anyone resist hugging one just to feel all that fur?
“Ignore the fluffy,” she muttered. “Remember the part about big and scary.”
Anne Bishop, Written in Red

Tess Oliver
“Hell won't be so bad, you know. After all, I'll be there to keep you company.”
Tess Oliver, Camille

Billie-Jo Williams
“Hurricanes couldn’t remove you from my mind. You’re my world and I’m incapable of not loving you.”
Billie-Jo Williams

Kelley Armstrong
“I'm suprised he doesn't send Christmas cards," Antonio said. "I can see them now. Tasteful, embossed veilum cards, the best he can steal. Little notes in perfect penmanship,"Happy holidays. Hope everyone is well. I sliced up Ethan Ritter in Miami and scattered his remains in the Atlantic. Best wishes for the new year. Karl.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Patricia Briggs
“What would a racist call werewolves? Wargs? She kind of liked that one, but suspected that racist bastards didn't read Tolkien.”
Patricia Briggs, Fair Game

Anne Bishop
“The cow-shaped cookies have a beef flavoring, the turkey-shaped cookies have a poultry flavoring, and..."

Jane held up one of the cookies. "Human-flavored?"

Meg stifled a sigh. That would be the first thing on her feedback list: don't make people-shaped cookies. The Wolves were way too interested and all of them leaped to a logical, if disturbing, expectation about the taste.”
Anne Bishop, Murder of Crows

Stephenie Meyer
“Stop being so...optimistic, its getting on my nerves."
"No problem. Do you want me to be all gloom and doom or just shut up?"
"Just shut up."
"Can do."
"Really? Doesn't seem like it."
-Jacob and seth”
Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

Tess Oliver
“He looked down at my fingers wrapped around his coat then lifted his eyes to mine. 'My tiny huntress, do you know what you've done to me?”
Tess Oliver, Camille

Gena Showalter
“My fur is silky, damn it.”
Gena Showalter, Unraveled

Carrie Vaughn
“A fucked-up family's a fucked-up family, whether or not werewolves are involved.”
Carrie Vaughn, Kitty Takes a Holiday

Patricia Briggs
“Some of the fae have an odd idea of bride send-offs," he explained "including, according to Zee, kidnapping." "I forgot about that." And I was appalled because I knew better. "Bran and Samuel are probably more of a danger than any of the fae," I told him. "Someday, I'll tell you about some of the more spectaculare wedding antics Samuel's told me about." Some of them made kidnapping look mild.”
Patricia Briggs, River Marked

Molly Harper
“Stupid werewolf ninja sperm.”
Molly Harper

Shiree McCarver
“IF you wish to be a writer then don't wait until you write the "great American novel" for they aren't written they are created. If you don't write at all you won't know how "great" that simple book can be.”
Shiree Mccarver

Charlaine Harris
“Bring it on, fur-ass!”
Charlaine Harris, From Dead to Worse

Elizabeth Bear
“You know," he said, "every time a vampire says he doesn't believe in lycanthropes, a werewolf bursts into flames.”
Elizabeth Bear, New Amsterdam

Tess Oliver
“My mind argued with itself about whether to adhere to proper etiquette or whether to fling aside all modesty and throw my arms around him. My feet chose the latter before my mind had a chance to settle it. I flew off the stool and landed in his embrace. Freezing rain drenched his coat and shirt. His arms wrapped around me tighter, and there was nothing so right as being pressed against Nathaniel Strider.”
Tess Oliver, Camille

Tess Oliver
“Nathaniel Strider could never love. He's obviously discovered early on that girls' hearts were vulnerable and all a lad needed was a penetrating gaze and a disarming smile and the world was at his feet.”
Tess Oliver, Camille

Tess Oliver
“I don't know how it happened. Through the din of the crowd, I heard this tiny scream. As small and distant as it was, it was like thunder in my head.' He looked up at me. Some of the blood had drained from his face making the dark circles under his eyes more pronounced. 'I knew it was you. I don't know how or why, but I knew it was you.”
Tess Oliver, Camille

Shannon Delany
“Get the Girl," he demanded. "She knows too much!"
Dammit. Why did people keep presuming that, and if it was true, why the hell couldn't my GPA reflect the fact?”
Shannon Delany, 13 to Life

K.R. Smith
“Why go for something cold and dead, when you can have something hot and panting?”
K.R. Smith, Scent

Christine Warren
“Given the way his night had been going so far, he didn't have time to go to jail.”
Christine Warren, She's No Faerie Princess

C.T. Todd
“No shifting in my car Blake,I don't want slobber all over my seats." Neesa”
C.T. Todd

Nicholas Bella
“I get the feeling you're going to push me to that point and I'm going to have to show you how far I'm willing to go to get what I want." - Theoden from Embraced: Chained in Darkness”
Nicholas Bella, Embraced

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