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Thurgood Marshall
“We cannot play ostrich. Democracy just cannot flourish amid fear. Liberty cannot bloom amid hate. Justice cannot take root amid rage. America must get to work. In the chill climate in which we live, we must go against the prevailing wind. We must dissent from the indifference. We must dissent from the apathy. We must dissent from the fear, the hatred and the mistrust. We must dissent from a nation that has buried its head in the sand, waiting in vain for the needs of its poor, its elderly, and its sick to disappear and just blow away. We must dissent from a government that has left its young without jobs, education or hope. We must dissent from the poverty of vision and the absence of moral leadership. We must dissent because America can do better, because America has no choice but to do better.”
Thurgood Marshall

Kelley Armstrong
“A knock came at the door. Everyone looked up. Elena's nostrils flared and she leaned over to whisper something to Clay.

"Fuck," he muttered. "Keep talking, Jaime. It's only Cassandra. She can wait. Forever, if we're lucky."

"I heard that, Clayton," Cassandra said as she walked in.

"Who the hell forgot to lock the door?" Clay said.

"You were the last one in," Elena murmured.

Kelley Armstrong, Industrial Magic

Craig Ferguson
“I have a deep and profound mistrust of all politicians.”
craig ferguson

Wally Lamb
“So many bad things have happened to them that they can't trust the good things. They have to shove them away before someone can get it back.”
Wally Lamb, The Hour I First Believed

Jan-Philipp Sendker
“Eyes and ears are not the problem... It is rage that blinds and deafens us. Or fear. Envy, mistrust. The world contracts, gets all out of joint when you are angry or afraid.”
Jan-Philipp Sendker, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

DaShanne Stokes
“The more we're thrown into conflict with each other through engineered distrust, the less able we are to unite against those responsible.”
DaShanne Stokes

Stephen W. Porges
“To switch effectively from defense to social engagement strategies, the nervous system must do two things: (1) assess risk, and (2) if the environment looks safe, inhibit the primitive defensive reactions to fight, flight or freeze.”
Stephen W. Porges, The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation

“Think and keep quiet among those you don't trust.”
Auliq Ice

Pawan Mishra
“A breach in trust brings mistrust, followed by a multitude of troubles.”
Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Leo Tolstoy
“While I doubted, I had hope; but now there is no hope left and all the same I doubt everything.”
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Mārtiņš Zvīdriņš
“Vienalga, cik kilometru bija palikuši līdz mājām vai cik apkārt zemeslodei vai līdz Saulei. Lai arī iespaidīgas, šīs distances pat netuvojas tai, ko radījusi neuzticība starp diviem cilvēkiem.”
Mārtiņš Zvīdriņš, #Fudzi161km

“Holy crap, my heart was arrogant to believe her spotless track record could stay that way.”
Jennifer Harrison, Write like no one is reading 2

Vladimir Nabokov
“Mere springs and coils produced the inward movements of our clockwork man. He might be termed a Puritan. One essential dislike, formidable in its simplicity, pervaded his dull soul: he disliked injustice and deception. He disliked their union—they were always together—with a wooden passion that neither had, nor needed, words to express itself. Such a dislike should have deserved praise had it not been a by-product of the man’s hopeless stupidity. He called unjust and deceitful everything that surpassed his understanding. He worshiped general ideas and did so with pedantic aplomb. The generality was godly, the specific diabolical. If one person was poor and the other wealthy it did not matter what precisely had ruined one or made the other rich: the difference itself was unfair, and the poor man who did not denounce it was as wicked as the rich one who ignored it. People who knew too much, scientists, writers, mathematicians, crystalographers and so forth, were no better than kings or priests: they all held an unfair share of power of which others were cheated. A plain decent fellow should constantly be on the watch tor some piece of clever knavery on the part of nature and neighbor.”
Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire

Michelle Obama
“I was astonished to see how our leaders treated him only as a threat to their power, inciting mistrust by playing on backward, anti-intellectual ideas about race and class.”
Michelle Obama, Becoming

Stephen King
“I'd not trust sai King much further than I could throw his heaviest grandfather.”
Stephen King, The Dark Tower

Paul Bowles
“Decadence, decadence, he said to himself. They’ve lost everything and gained nothing. The French had merely daubed on the finishing touches at the end of a process which had begun five hundred years ago, at least. Their intuitive moral desires coincided with the ideals embodied in the formulas of their religion, yet they could live in accordance neither with those deepest impulses nor with the precepts of the religion, because society came in between with all the pressure of its tradition. No one could afford to be honest or generous or merciful because every one of them distrusted all the others; often they had more confidence in a Christian they were meeting for the first time than in a Moslem they had known for years.”
Paul Bowles, The Spider's House

“You are unaware of its dark side, though the bright side of evidence of all the false excuses may make you happy that your doubts were true.”
Shihab Kazi

Steven Magee
“Mistrust of the police is borne out of numerous bad experiences with them.”
Steven Magee

Kayla Krantz
“Chance gave her the stink-eye. “You really outta know me better than that by now.”
“Yeah, well, every time I think I do, the snake sheds his skin and starts all over again,” she said, eyes boring into his as she said it.”
Kayla Krantz, Rise at Twilight

“Remain calm even in the mist of mistrust and accusations. Your integrity and track records will surely speak for you.”

“Trust can never be earned, but can only be given. But once you have it, you can damn sure lose it.”
Auliq Ice

Nick Harkaway
“Joshua Joseph had no great hatred of modern technology - he just mistrusts the effortless, textureless surfaces and the ease with which it trains you to do things in the way most convenient to the machine. Above all he mistrusts duplication. A rare thing becomes a commonplace thing. A skill becomes a feature. The end is more important than the means. The child of the soul gives place to a product of the system.”
Nick Harkaway, Angelmaker

Steven Magee
“While police internal affairs is allowed to protect corrupt police officers that engage in unethical behaviors, illegal activities or murder, there will always be a genuine mistrust by the common people.”
Steven Magee

“Je ne me fîerai point à des propos si doux,
Qu'un peu de ses faveurs, après quoi je soupire.
Ne vienne m'assurer tout ce qu'ils m'ont pu dire.”
Molière, Tartuffe

Euginia Herlihy
“When the trust is completely gone, it's completely gone. There are no words or deeds can refill that deep hole of mistrust. It will always become this massive canvas that appears on your mind time to time.”
Euginia Herlihy

“People can thought you’re look mean but from real it’s just a mask what you seems to protect you.”
Karry Blues

Steven Magee
“Failure of the corporate governments promises to the people breeds mistrust among the masses.”
Steven Magee

Kayla Krantz
“Sam didn't know how much she could trust the promise, but after the day she had had, she didn't plan on killing anyone else.”
Kayla Krantz, Storm Breaker

Manuel Alfonseca
“Trusting yourself is the opposite of trusting God. If you trust God totally (as you must) you must mistrust yourself. If you trust yourself, you are automatically mistrusting God.
Faith is not enough, you also need an act of will. The act of will you need is precisely deciding to trust God fully and mistrust yourself.
Modern psychology has lost its bearings when they insist that one must trust oneself. That position is un-Christian.”
Manuel Alfonseca

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