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Anna K. Franco
“La mayoría de las veces no mostramos quienes en verdad somos. A la larga nos convertimos en personajes y representamos la obra de teatro de otra persona, creyendo que somos fuertes. Pero solo estamos vacíos y ansiamos llenarnos de nosotros mismos. Nada se extraña más que el alma cuando la hemos dejado de lado" - Nick Hagen, "Nada más que una noche".”
Anna K. Franco, Nada más que una noche

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“The tears coursed down her cheeks- not freely, however, for when they came into contact with her heavily beaded eyelashes they assumed an inky color, and pursued the rest of their way in slow black rivulets.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Akshay Vasu
“She looked into the mirror, wiping the mascara that was running down her cheeks with her tears and she saw him standing behind her. With that smile he always had. She touched his reflection and turned around to hug him just to see no one there. She turned back around and looked at the mirror, there he was still standing with that smile. She fell on her knees and said in a feeble voice "come back".”
Akshay Vasu

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
“Between the 6th and 7th grade, something happens to your eyes. they water a lot. I think its so you can get all the watering out of the way before you begin wearing mascara.”
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Richard House
“More often than not it’s the mascara and lipstick combination that tips the balance. These military wives could do with some lessons. Seriously. Why would you leave the house looking like a monkey had a party on your face?”
Richard House, The Kills

Donna Augustine
“I couldn’t avoid my reflection in the large mirrored wall that sat over the vanity area... I had grey smudges of mascara streaked down my face. I guess that’s what you get for buying the cheap makeup. Next breakdown I’d be sure to wear waterproof.”
Donna Augustine, The Keepers

Nicole  Castle
“Antoinette had squinty eyes she could barely open under the six pounds of mascara and teal eye shadow she must’ve applied with a paint roller, and lips that were puckered on a permanent basis as if she were storing lemons in the deep recesses of her jowls. She smelled like a bull that got loose in a perfume shop, and had pointy high heeled shoes that threatened to burst out the sides at any moment from the pressure of being three sizes too small.”
Nicole Castle, Les Recidivists