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The job facing American voters… in the days and years to come is to determine
“The job facing American voters… in the days and years to come is to determine which hearts, minds and souls command those qualities best suited to unify a country rather than further divide it, to heal the wounds of a nation as opposed to aggravate its injuries, and to secure for the next generation a legacy of choices based on informed awareness rather than one of reactions based on unknowing fear.”
Aberjhani, Illuminated Corners: Collected Essays and Articles Volume I.

Making the choice to exercise compassion is an expression of Love for Humanity and Life
“Making the choice to exercise compassion is an expression of Love for Humanity and Life itself.”
Aberjhani, Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays

Marie Ohanesian Nardin
“She leaned against the bridge’s warm marble balustrade, and looked as far down the darkening canal as the setting sun would allow. She wondered if others appreciated Venice’s beauty and fragility as deeply as she had come to or if, like a raging fever, the city infected some while avoiding others. She sighed at the grandeur and at the resilience that surrounded her, and she promised herself she’d try to be more like Venice.”
Marie Ohanesian Nardin, Beneath the Lion's Wings

C.J. Heck
“I've made a lot of choices, some good, some not so good; how sad for those who merely hitchhike along, never daring to choose at all.”
C.J. Heck, Anatomy of a Poet

Michael Bassey Johnson
“When you marry a woman out of pity, then its a pity that you'll send her away very soon.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Debasish Mridha
“The secret of success in life is the persistent practice of making choices.”
Debasish Mridha

Jennifer Beckstrand
“Every choice involves some kind of pain. Choosing one path means rejecting another along with everything down it.”
Jennifer Beckstrand, Kate's Song

Charlotte Stein
“Sometimes I’m so afraid of making the wrong choice that I just don’t make any choice at all.”
Charlotte Stein, Beyond Repair

Alan Cohen
“Be at peace with your choices.
They all serve you.”
Alan Cohen

Tiffany Reisz
“You’re looking at this choice like it’s right versus wrong. It’s not right versus wrong. It’s right versus left. You’re at a crossroads. You can go left or right…both are good options. That’s why it’s so hard to decide. If this was a choice between right and wrong, it would be easy.”
Tiffany Reisz, Her Halloween Treat

Stephen R. Covey
“So also in a marriage or in helping a teenager through a difficult identity crisis—there is no quick fix, where you can just move in and make everything right with a positive mental attitude and a bunch of success formulas.”
Stephen Covey

William Glasser
“Choice Theory explains that, for all practical purposes, we choose everything we do.”
William Glasser

Kateryna Kei
“A man of wisdom faces it all and makes his choices that actually can change a lot of things.”
Kateryna Kei, Raven Boy

Kenneth Eade
“Destiny deals you your hand and what you do with the cards is up to you.”
Kenneth Eade, Traffick Stop, an American Assassin's Story

“They say that 'life is full of choices,' but the only choice that I see is living on the bright side of life.”
Edmond Mbiaka