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Elisabeth Elliot
“Does it make sense to pray for guidance about the future if we are not obeying in the thing that lies before us today? How many momentous events in Scripture depended on one person's seemingly small act of obedience! Rest assured: Do what God tells you to do now, and, depend upon it, you will be shown what to do next.”
Elisabeth Elliot, Quest for Love: True Stories of Passion and Purity

Shannon L. Alder
“Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you. However, if it taught you to hold onto grudges, seek revenge, not forgive or show compassion, to categorize people as good or bad, to distrust and be guarded with your feelings then you didn’t learn a thing. God doesn’t bring you lessons to close your heart. He brings you lessons to open it, by developing compassion, learning to listen, seeking to understand instead of speculating, practicing empathy and developing conflict resolution through communication. If he brought you perfect people, how would you ever learn to spiritually evolve?”
Shannon L. Alder

Lisa Mantchev
“What's past is prologue, and the world awaits.”
Lisa Mantchev, Eyes Like Stars

Carl Sagan
“Since, in the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space, every surviving civilization is obliged to become spacefaring--not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable: staying alive... If our long-term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to our species to venture to other worlds.”
Carl Sagan

The job facing American voters… in the days and years to come is to determine
“The job facing American voters… in the days and years to come is to determine which hearts, minds and souls command those qualities best suited to unify a country rather than further divide it, to heal the wounds of a nation as opposed to aggravate its injuries, and to secure for the next generation a legacy of choices based on informed awareness rather than one of reactions based on unknowing fear.”
Aberjhani, Illuminated Corners: Collected Essays and Articles Volume I.

Wallace Stevens
“After the final no there comes a yes / And on that yes the future world depends.”
Wallace Stevens

“The uncertainties in life are so uncertain for us to determine the kind woe we shall be entangled in in the next future. When you stay dormant, your life is at risk; when you dare to take a step, you take a step to take a risk. We have a choice. Yes! a choice to choose to dare to get to our real reasons on earth or to choose to live in mediocrity and conformity, but, we ought to note that, it is riskier to risk nothing when the life we live is always at risk.”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Jennifer Egan
“I picture it like Judgement Day,' he says finally, his eyes on the water. 'We'll rise up out of our bodies and find each other again in spirit form. We'll meet in that new place, all of us together, and first it'll seem strange, and pretty soon it'll seem strange that you could ever lose someone, or get lost.”
Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Goon Squad

George MacDonald
“The best preparation for the future, is the present well seen to, and the last duty done.”
George MacDonald

Sherry Thomas
“Worrying about outcomes over which I have no control is punishing myself before the universe has decided whether I ought to be punished.”
Sherry Thomas, A Study in Scarlet Women

P.D. James
“Without the hope of posterity, for our race if not for ourselves, without the assurance that we being dead yet live, all pleasures of the mind and senses sometimes seem to me no more than pathetic and crumbling defences shored up against our ruin.”
P.D. James, The Children of Men

Jim Robbins
“Planting trees, I myself thought for a long time, was a feel-good thing, a nice but feeble response to our litany of modern-day environmental problems. In the last few years, though, as I have read many dozens of articles and books and interviewed scientists here and abroad, my thinking on the issue has changed. Planting trees may be the single most important ecotechnology that we have to put the broken pieces of our planet back together.”
Jim Robbins, The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plan to Save the Planet

Michelle Cruz-Rosado
“Time that is spent dwelling on the past will surely continue in your present moment - and the future.”
Michelle Cruz-Rosado

Marion Zimmer Bradley
“By and large, the kind of science fiction which makes tomorrow's headlines as near as this morning's coffee has enlarged popular awareness of the modern, miraculous world of science we live in. It has helped generations of young people feel at age with a changing world.

But fashions change, old loves return, and now that Sputniks clutter up the sky with new and unfamiliar moons, the readers of science fiction are willing to wait to read tomorrow's headlines. Once again, I think, there is a place, a wish, a need for the wonder and color of the world way out. The world beyond the stars. The world we won't live to see. That is why I wrote The Door Through Space.”
Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Door Through Space

Bảo Ninh
“Thì ra cuộc đời tôi kỳ thực có khác nào con thuyền bơi ngược dòng sông không ngừng bị đẩy lui về dĩ vãng. Đối với tôi tương lai đã nằm lại phía sau xa kia rồi. Và không phải là cuộc sống mới, thời đại mới, không phải là những hy vọng về tương lai tốt đẹp đã cứu giúp tôi mà trái lại những tấn thảm kịch của quá khứ đã nâng đỡ tâm hồn tôi, tạo sức mạnh tinh thần cho tôi thoát khỏi những tấn trò đời hôm nay. Chút lòng tin và lòng ham sống còn lại trong tôi không phải do những ảo tưởng mà nhờ sức mạnh của những hồi tưởng. Tuy nhiên, mặc dù rất đỗi mù quáng tôi vẫn không thể không biết rằng không thể trông đợi điều gì vào những điều nhớ lại, rằng từ lâu đã không còn điều gì nữa cả, tất cả đã tắt hẳn và mất hút một cách không thương tiếc.”
Bảo Ninh, The Sorrow Of War

Hope Mirrlees
“Stop a minute, Ambrose!" interrupted Master Nathaniel. "I've got a sudden silly whim that we should take an oath I must have read when I was a youngster in some old book... the words have suddenly come back to me. They go like this: We (and then we say our own names), Nathaniel Chanticleer and Ambrose Honeysuckle, swear by the Living and the Dead, by the Past and the Future, by Memories and Hopes, that if a Vision comes begging at our door we will take it in and warm it at our hearth, and that we will not be wiser than the foolish nor more cunning than the simple, and that we will remember that he who rides the Wind needs must go where his Steed carries him.
Hope Mirrlees, Lud-in-the-Mist

László Krasznahorkai
“You have every cause for anxiety. We are on the threshold of a more searching, more honest, more open society.”
László Krasznahorkai, The Melancholy of Resistance

Gregory Benford
“...the movies are most people's exposure to ideas about the future.”
Gregory Benford, The Martian Race

Umberto Eco
“you must not worry if they do not yet exist, because that does not mean they will not exist later. And I say to you that God wishes them to be, and certainly they already are in His mind, even if my friend from Occam denies that ideas exist in such a way; and I do not say this because we can determine the divine nature but precisely because we cannot set any limit to it.”
Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose

“A cheerful readiness is what seems honest now, facing an uncertain future with humor, grace and dignity.”
Marty Rubin

“Let us not waste our time mourning plans we cannot achieve. We do not know what the future holds; tomorrow needs new plans.”
Nadine Sadaka Boulos

Karl Kristian Flores
“The pub. It remained the only place in the world that had not evolved into anything more sophisticated. The buildings rose, the towers hit never- ending growth spurts, the concrete sidewalks turned to polycarbonate glass billboards, and the cars drove people. But the pubs—the pubs with their gritty melancholy—endured time. No matter how advanced this species grew to be, the human heart was never short of confusion and in need of the rugged, little lullaby of alcohol and alone time.”
Karl Kristian Flores, The Goodbye Song

Karl Kristian Flores
“To trust the future will take care of itself is to deny an obvious and necessary revolution.”
Karl Kristian Flores, The Goodbye Song

“The next big step for humanity will be ridding ourselves from the pollution we created - and from wanting more stuff.”
Bert McCoy

Karl Kristian Flores
“People used to shop in stores; swiping through hangers, trying on clothes, and being surprised by what looked good on them. Now, clothing is a 2x4 digital image that you scroll past, worn by someone who isn’t you, in a color that isn’t accurate, in a fashion that invites no spontaneity. Our infinity makes us so limited.”
Karl Kristian Flores, The Goodbye Song

Brian Moore
“How did I get so bogged down in ordinariness that even this once I couldn't do the spontaneous thing, the thing I really wanted to do. The future is forbidden to no one. Unless we forbid it ourselves.”
Brian Moore, The Doctor's Wife

Audrey Niffenegger
“It's not good to know things ahead. It screws up your life.”
Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“The illusion of time deceives us into thinking that life is going somewhere.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“I hold no hopes whatever for a peaceful future for mankind. Tribalism is too deeply ingrained in us.”
Marty Rubin

“Never put your trust in God, the future or a friend.”
Marty Rubin

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