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Catherine Jinks
“I'm a hacker!" Cadel protested. "I don't poison people! I don't blow them up!”
Catherine Jinks, Evil Genius

Henry Mosquera
“I think all artists struggle to represent the geometry
of life in their own way, just like writers deal with
archetypes. There are only so many stories that you can
tell, but an infinite number of storytellers.”
Henry Mosquera, Sleeper's Run

Shannon L. Alder
“She builds people up because she knows what it is like to be torn down.”
Shannon L. Alder

“Human Stupidity , that's why Hackers always win.”
Med Amine Khelifi

“Rong Kang needed a college town that still embraced yesteryear, a place largely unknown to outsiders, a base where he could conspire at white linen tables, unnoticed. Claremont Village fit the bill.”
Michael Benzehabe

Marie Lu
“If Metias joined the Patriots, he'd be a Hacker too. If he were alive.”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

David Chiles
“Hacks and attacks happen. Safety Netiquette helps. Periodic account reconciliation is required. Check.”
David Chiles

Tamara Kučan
“Da li si se ikada zapitao ko može više da sazna – čovek ili kompjuter? Zavodljiva je ta dilema. Ono što treba da znaš jeste da i čovek i kompjuter sve što saznaju mogu da potisnu i zaborave, smeštanjem u zabačeni folder stvarnosti, ali nikada, nikada... Da obrišu. I čovek i kompjuter su skladišta, sa dosta prozora koji ti mogu omogućiti da zaviriš u njih, ne i da uđeš unutra. Tamo možeš ući samo ako dobro poznaješ teren – čoveka ili kompjuter. Ako poželiš da ih upoznaš, dodirni ih tamo gde ih boli. Nema čoveka niti sistema bez slabosti ili greške. Zbog grešaka u sistemu može stradati računar, zbog grešaka u čoveku najčešće strada drugi čovek. Sistem ima nas hakere koji pronalazimo i otklanjamo kvar, uz adekvatnu zaštitu da do kvara ponovo ne dođe. Čovek sa kvarom, čovek sa greškom... Nema nikoga osim nade da nepravda čuva tajne i straha da će tajna biti otkrivena.”
Tamara Kučan, PROFAJLER

“If you're a good hacker everyone will know you, but if you're a great hacker no one will know you”

“Why should I apologize for being a HACKER? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?”
Harsh Mohan

“Hacking is a talent. You won't learn it at school. It's like being Messi or C.Ronaldo. If you were born to become a Hacker, it's your destiny. Otherwise, you'll be Hacked.”
Amine Essiraj

Charon Lloyd-Roberts
“Really you'd do that.

Yes I would, I am a hacker I can do whatever I like.”
Charon Lloyd-Roberts, Putsch: Volume I Chapter Sampler

Steven Magee
“I'm getting a daily email from Microsoft which I have been ignoring that states a hacker is trying to access my account. As far as the Microsoft account goes, the hacker can have it...along with all of the nasty Windows 10 upgrade problems!”
Steven Magee

Jeremy Robert Johnson
“Took to typing as quickly and loudly as possible and yelling, “I’m in!” when accessing basic programs. Made me feel like a hacker.”
Jeremy Robert Johnson, Skullcrack City

Petra Hermans
“Social media gives all what it takes.”
Petra Hermans
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Cindy Skaggs
“Debi had just asked the world's peppiest hacker to help. What could possibly go wrong?”
Cindy Skaggs, Fight By The Team

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