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Janette Rallison
“Let me guess - you're Grumpy?'
He let out a humpf. ' And you would be too, if you'd just spent the last hour searching the forest for your wayward charge.' He walked even faster. 'We tell you to stay inside, we tell you not to talk to strangers. But oh no, you must be out singing to the animals as if the birds didn't do a fine enough job of it. And this after Queen Neferia has already tried to kill you thrice. [...] Which is why you are not to go shopping anymore, no matter how pretty the wares, remember?'
Oh, right.'
[...] when you looked at it that way, Snow White had to be pretty idiotic to keep falling for the same trick.”
Janette Rallison, My Fair Godmother

Karen Marie Moning
“All eyes flew to the entrance.
A great gray stallion reared up in the doorway, its breath frosting the air with puffs of steam. It was a scene from every fairy-tale romance she'd ever read: the handsome prince bursting into the castle astride a magnificent stallion, ablaze with desire and honor as he'd declared his undying love before all and sundry. Her heart swelled with joy.
Then her brow puckered as she scrutinized her "prince." Well, it was almost like a fairy tale. Except this prince was dressed in nothing but a drenched and muddy tartan with blood on his face and hands and war braids plaited at his temples. Although determination glittered in his gaze, a declaration of undying love didn't appear to be his first priority.
"Jillian!" he roared.
Her knees buckled. His voice brought her violently to life. Everything in the room receded and there was only Grimm, blue eyes blazing, his massive frame filling the doorway. He was majestic, towering, and ruthless. Here was her fierce warrior ready to battle the world to gain her love.
He urged Occam into the crowd, making his way toward the altar.
"Grimm," she whispered.”
Karen Marie Moning, To Tame a Highland Warrior

Karen Marie Moning
“Legend claimed Berserkers could move with such speed that they seemed invisible to the human eye until the moment they attacked. They possessed unnatural senses: the olfactory acuity of a wolf, the auditory sensitivity of a bat, the strength of twenty men, the penetrating eyesight of an eagle. The Berserkers had once been the most fearless and feared warriors ever to walk Scotland nearly seven hundred years ago. They had been Odin's elite Viking army. Legend claimed they could assume the shape of a wolf or a bear as easily as the shape of a man. And they were marked by a common feature-unholy blue eyes that glowed like banked coals.”
Karen Marie Moning, To Tame a Highland Warrior

Karen Marie Moning
“Although Jillian had known what Grimm was before that moment, she was briefly immobilized by the sight of him. It was one thing to know that the man she loved was a Berserker-it was another thing entirely to behold it. He regarded her with such an inhuman expression that if she hadn't peered deep into his eyes, she might have seen nothing of Grimm at all. But there, deep in the flickering blue flames, she glimpsed such love that it rocked her soul. She smiled up at him through her tears.
A wounded sound of disbelief escaped him.
Jillian gave him the most dazzling smile she could muster and placed her fist to her heart. "And the daughter wed the lion king," she said clearly.
An expression of incredulity crossed the warrior's face. His blue eyes widened and he stared at her in stunned silence.
"I love you, Gavrael McIllioch."
When he smiled, his face blazed with love. He tossed his head back and shouted his joy to the sky.”
Karen Marie Moning, To Tame a Highland Warrior

Jacob Grimm
“The true poet, is like a man who's happy anywhere, in endless measure, if he's allowed to look at leaves and grass, to see the sun rise and set.”
Jacob Grimm
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Jacob Grimm
“Once upon a time...”
Jacob Grimm

Jacob Grimm
“Grimm: Cat and Mouse (#1.18)" (2012)
Edgar Waltz: You may think I'm a monster, but what I am is necessary. No society would survive without order. Free thought is not free. There's no such thing as revolution. The oppressed always become the oppressors and the cycle repeats itself over and over. The only way to win is to stay out of the cycle. You don't understand a word that I've been saying.
Rosalee Calvert: I'm sorry. I wasn't listening.”

J.C. Nelson
“IF I HAD a dime for every time I’ve heard “We’re all going to die” or “I’ll kill you,” I could afford a better apartment. You can only listen to so many threats of destruction, doom, or death before you start tuning them all out. So I followed the wolf out of the building, then went home. ”
J.C. Nelson, Free Agent

Jim Butcher
“I love you,” Journeyman said to the lift crystal. He kissed it and spread his arms across its surface in an embrace. “I love you, you big, beautiful beast. I want you to marry me. I want you to bear my children.”
“Chief,” Grimm said, reproachfully, but his heart wasn’t in it.”
Jim Butcher, The Aeronaut's Windlass

J.C. Nelson
“I wasn’t afraid of your average dark alley. I had standard Agency-issue spells in my coat and a nine millimeter in my purse for dealing with the less dangerous pests, but even I knew you have to be careful with an upset woman.”
J.C. Nelson, Free Agent

Rotraut Susanne Berner
“And, they would still be alive today...If they hadn't died, that is”
Rotraut Susanne Berner, Definitely Not for Little Ones

Jacob Grimm
“From "Grimm: Bad Teeth (#2.1)" (2012)
Monroe: Yeah, no, totally. I mean, family reunions can be brutal. Our last one, we lost two cousins and a sheep dog.
Rosalee Calvert: Okay.
Monroe: No one missed the cousins, you know.”

Jacob Grimm
“Grimm: BeeWare (#1.3)" (2011)
Nick Burkhardt: I don't need you for what you know, I need your nose.
Monroe: Oh, I get it. So little Timmy's stuck in a well, you need Lassie to come find him. You really know how to butter a guy up for a favor.
Nick Burkhardt: I've got a '77 Bordeaux in my truck
Monroe: I can maybe catch a scent.”

Jay Kristoff
“They say it gets easier with time, you know? They're liars.”
Jay Kristoff, DEV1AT3
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Solange nicole
“What Grimm fairy tale featured apiarian morphing humans?”
Solange nicole

Jacob Grimm
“Grimm: The Thing with Feathers (#1.16)" (2012)
Monroe: Molly, my girlfriend from high school, left me for a klaustreich, so I might be a wee bit riled up about them. He told her he loved her. He got her pregnant. She ended up delivering his litter at prom. Her parents were not thrilled.”

Cameron Jace
“The demon of revenge had already taken hold of his heart. The cancer of injustice had already eaten at his cheerful soul, leaving a skeleton of a carcass behind, one that could never feel compassion for humans—or anything else—again.”
Cameron Jace, Happy Valentine's Slay, Children of Hamlin, Tooth & Nail & Fairy Tale, Ember in the Wind, Jar of Hearts, Welcome to Sorrow

Warren Ellis
“ON PLAYING back the 911 recording, it’d seem that Mrs. Stegman was more concerned that the man outside her apartment door was naked than that he had a big shotgun.”
Warren Ellis, Gun Machine

“Then she was terribly angry, and took him up and threw him with all her might against the wall. "Now, thou wilt be quiet, odious frog!" said she.

—The fog king”
various, Beauty and the Beast and Other Classic Fairy Tales

“„Heinrich, der Wagen bricht!“
„Nein Herr, der Wagen nicht,
Es ist ein Band von meinem Herzen,
Das da lag in großen Schmerzen,
Als Ihr in dem Brunnen saßt,
Als Ihr ein Fretsche wast.”
Gebrüder Grimm, Grimms Märchen