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Alan Moore
“The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.”
Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

Alan Moore
“None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with YOU. You're locked up in here with ME.”
Alan Moore, Watchmen

Alan Moore
Roschach's Journal: October 12th, 1985

Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.

The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown.

The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No.”
Alan Moore, Watchmen

Natsuki Takaya
“To forgive or not to forgive... are those my only choices?”
Natsuki Takaya

Neil Gaiman
“You got a lifetime. No more. No less.”
Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 7: Brief Lives

Neil Gaiman
“The stuff you bring back from dreams is free.”
Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 7: Brief Lives

Frank Miller
“A gun is a liar's weapon”
Frank Miller

Frank Miller
“Of course we're Criminals”
Frank Miller, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Cassandra Clare
“Simon’s love life was complicated, but there was a pang, just for a moment, for this woman talking graphic novels with him.
Ah, well. Tessa Gray, foxy nerd, was probably dating someone already.”
Cassandra Clare, The Whitechapel Fiend

Neil Gaiman
“There are a number of paths that lead to this place. I have been avoiding them for some small time, now.”
Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 7: Brief Lives

Frank Miller
“I always knew it would come down to you and the big blue school boy. Planet's too big for the BOTH of you. When it all comes down, I want a piece of him. A small piece, will do? For OLD TIMES, sake, you still hurts when its cold.”
Frank Miller

Warren Ellis
“I've died before. It was boring, so I stood up.”
Warren Ellis, Moon Knight, Vol. 1: From the Dead

David Mazzucchelli
“There are just two things you need to fix here: the interior and the exterior.”
David Mazzucchelli, Asterios Polyp

Brian K. Vaughan
“Well, robots are, of course, the monkey's natural enemy.”
Brian K. Vaughan, Y: The Last Man, Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons

Robert Lynn Asprin
“My colleagues and I feel that independents like ElfQuest are nothing but sheep in wolves' clothing."- S. Lee”
Robert Lynn Asprin, Myth-ing Persons

Matthew Sturges
“You people with your quests annoy the pants off me.”
Matthew Sturges, House of Mystery, Volume 5: Under New Management

Grant Morrison
“mmmmen stink! bossss stink! hungry”
Grant Morrison, We3

Kiku Hughes
“A memory is too powerful a weapon.”
Kiku Hughes, Displacement

Stonie Williams
“We got an ID?” “Yea. Name’s Caleb Green. Moved here in 2015 accordin’ to the Coalition’s datbase. Hero ID: Archmage. Sidekick program, upper level.” “Waitaminute. Ain’t that Showdown’s new sidekick?”
Stonie Williams, Villainous GN

David Hajdu
“The line dividing the comics' advocates and opponents was generational, rather than geographic. While many of the actions to curtail comics were attempts to protect the young, they were also efforts to protect the culture at large from the young. Encoded in much of the ranting about comic books and juvenile delinquency were fears not only of what comic readers might become, but of what they already were--that is, a generation of people developing their own interests and tastes, along with a determination to indulge them.”
David Hajdu, Ten Cent Plague: The Great Comic Book-Scare and How It Changed America

David Hajdu
“In its conclusion, the report argued, "The wholesale condemnation of all comics magazines is one of the worst mistakes of some of the critics. The fact is both sides are right. The books are not all bad, as the more extreme critics say; nor are all good, as some of their publishers and defenders content. Like all other creative products, they must be judged individually. And that is what most critics, parents, and public officials have failed to do."
Still, the city council found a third of published comics to be "offensive, objectionable, and undesirable," and, on February 2, 1949, it appointed a board to monitor news dealers' compliance with a blacklist of titles.”
David Hajdu, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How it Changed America

David Hajdu
“When the Associated Press picked up the story from local accounts, readers of The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and dozens of other papers around the country learned how, just three years after the Second World War, American citizens were burning books.”
David Hajdu, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How it Changed America

David Hajdu
“All of our testimony from psychiatrists and children themselves show that it's very upsetting, that it has a bad moral effect, and that it is directly responsible for a substantial amount of juvenile delinquency and child crime." In fact, both the expert testimony and the documentary evidence submitted at the hearings varied significantly in their judgments, and the committee spoke with no children; it had set a policy of precluding the testimony of minors.

The writer of the program, A. J. Fenady, had not seen a transcript of the hearings before preparing Coates's questions and "basically threw the guy some softballs," he said, because "[Kefauver] wanted to use this soapbox to run for president" in the 1956 election. "The comic-book scare was the big thing he had going for him," Fenady recalled, "and he knew how to use it.”
David Hajdu, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How it Changed America

David Hajdu
“It is poppycock to think that it is necessary to resort to laws to make America greater by banning comic books... This is a matter for the home, the school, the church, and other family influences - not the legislatures.”
David Hajdu, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How it Changed America

Alexandre Clérisse
“Look, I get it, you can grow fond of characters as you're drawing them. They wind up becoming a part of you. But sometimes the story gets away from you, and circumstances start dictating the events. But to end a story...everything must be resolved...even if you must kill a character! If you're not willing to do that, you might as well quit now.”
Alexandre Clérisse, Scattered Pages

Poppy Alexander
“Manga is a highly respected form of storytelling. Calling it comics doesn’t do it justice. I’ll sort her out with some other graphic novels, too. It’s all stories. It all counts.”
Poppy Alexander, The Littlest Library

Tillie Walden
“Everyone everything has potential for magic. You just gotta be standing somewhere in the world and in the body that lets you see it.”
Tillie Walden, Are You Listening?

“Manga and graphic novels are not just for kids; they are a form of art and literature that can be appreciated by people of all ages.”

Stan Lee
“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a comic is worth a million.”
Stan Lee

Reimena Yee
“Aunty Whimsy: I've visited forests under the sea, savored cotton candy pink tea, and met the pope of a very small country! And these are only some of the many special things our world has to offer--if you're willing to seek them out!
Safia: Have you experienced them all yet?
Aunty Whimsy: Oh! If only! The trouble with being a lover of this world is that you'll never have enough of it. No matter how old you get...You'll always fins one more reason to stay in love. And that's why--the adventure never ends.”
Reimena Yee, My Aunt Is a Monster

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