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“You’re just another story I can’t tell anymore.”
pleasefindthis, I Wrote This For You

Alyson Noel
“The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the past and forge toward the future.”
Alyson Noel, The Immortals Boxed Set

Veronica Roth
“My name will be Edith Proir," she says. "And there is much I am happy to forget.”
Veronica Roth, Insurgent

Richard Paul Evans
“I think the secret to a hoppy life is a selective memory. Remember what you are most grateful for and quickly forget what your not.”
Richard Paul Evans, Grace

Coco J. Ginger

He keeps me in his pocket
for a rainy day;
he swears I'm not an object
as he yo-yo's me away.

A friend is what we'll call it,
but my friend, he does not know,
each time it rains I love him—
so to his pocket, I must go.

He thinks he's being clever,
but I am not a fool;
his love ain't worth a penny,
so to my heart I must be cruel.”
Coco J. Ginger

Colleen Hoover
“Let's not let this be your life tonight," he says. "Let's get back in the car and pretend we're driving away because we want to... not because we need to. We can pretend I'm taking you somewhere amazing... somewhere you've always wanted to go. You can snuggle up to me and we can talk about how excited we are and we'll talk about everything we'll do when we get there. We can talk about the important stuff later. But tonight... let's not let this be your life.”
Colleen Hoover, Hopeless

Coco J. Ginger

I'll always wonder what time it is there; if you're dreaming, or awake. My moon is your sun; my darkness, your light.

I'm in the future, you'd jokingly say.

And I know where you are, because I'm watching you from the past.”
Coco J. Ginger

Raquel Cepeda
“For some, excavating the past isn’t an adventure, it’s more akin to tearing a Band-Aid off an open wound.”
Raquel Cepeda, Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina

Toni Morrison
“Listen, baby, people do funny things. Specially us. The cards are stacked against us and just trying to stay in the game, stay alive and in the game, makes us do funny things. Things we can't help. Things that make us hurt one another. We don't even know why. But look here, don't carry it inside and don't give it to nobody else. Try to understand it, but if you can't, just forget it and keep yourself strong, man.”
Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

Simon Wiesenthal
“Forgetting is something time alone takes care of, but forgiveness is an act of volition, and only the sufferer is qualified to make the decision”
Simon Wiesenthal

T.K. Kiser
“The more she tried to forget, the more she remembered.”
T.K. Kiser, The Firebrand Legacy

“We all need that someone in our life who's going to motivate us and not stress us, and then we need to treat him the same way we want to be treaded, and no lies, we say what we mean and mean what we say. and always try to build together not destroy each other, if the outcome isn't what you expected, at least you can say you tried., but also remember that pressure makes diamonds people. not everything will be easy between you and me and him and her and them. its all give and take.. reward and sacrifice. try to love those who love you, not just the ones who are easiest to love, try to help those who need you, may you will need the help someday. try to forgive those who hurt you, may you hurted someone once upon a time and try to forget those who leave you, may god knew that they aren't good for you. one of my main goals on the planet is to encourage people to empower themselves like what im trying now, i try to makes you positive, to make a positive change in your life, it will never happen unless me or you or him or her make it happen. they said "be the change you want to see in the world" im like that and i would like everyone to be like me.”

Joyce Rachelle
“Writers don't forget the past; they turn it into raw material.”
Joyce Rachelle

“You fell asleep and a monster crawled from out of my head and found its way under my bed”
Yesenia Barkley

Hans Christian Andersen
“The good and the beautiful is not forgotten; it lives in legend and in song.”
Hans Christian Andersen, Classic Fairy Tales

Janet Turpin Myers
“Was the dementia of old age a blessing in disguise? No more thoughts. No more damage inflicted. No more memories of damage survived.”
Janet Turpin Myers, the last year of confusion

Kangoma Kindembo
“When something affects a single minute in your life, it must leave an effect on you.”
Kangoma Kindembo

“One of the most compelling sources on the validity of repressed memories of trauma has been the field of combat trauma. - Advances in Dissociation Research and practice in Israel”
Eli Somer, Trauma and Dissociation in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Not Just a North American Phenomenon

Elizabeth F. Loftus
“A laboratory analogy to repression can be found in an experiment by A.F. Zeller.
Zeller arranged a situation so that one group of students underwent an unhappy “failure” experience right after they had successfully learned a list of nonsense syllables. When tested later, these subjects showed much poorer recall of the nonsense syllables compared to a control group, who had not experienced failure. When this same “failure” group was later allowed to succeed on the same task that they had earlier failed, their recall showed tremendous improvement. This experiment indicates that when the reason for the repression is removed, when material to be remembered is no longer associated with negative effects, a person no longer experiences retrieval failure.”
Elizabeth F. Loftus, Human Memory: The Processing of Information

Malala Yousafzai
“But God has also given us the power to forget, so that when the tragedy is over we carry on as normal.”
Malala Yousafzai, I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

Laura Aranda
“You must also forgive yourself. You must forgive yourself for any past mistakes and failures that you cannot forget.”
Laura Aranda, Pushing Back the Darkness

Mehmet Murat ildan
“Don’t forget the snow in the summertime, because you will meet him again when the summer is over!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Connilyn Cossette
“These young ones. They do not understand. There are so few of us left who remember how destructive rebellion is. The slaughter after the Golden Calf was worshiped. The thousands who died. The firestorm that burned the outer rim of camp when the foreigners among us incited a riot. They take for granted the miraculous water that feeds this multitude. They have eaten the manna every day of their lives and do not see the utter strangeness of it. They have not felt the desperation of thirst or the hopelessness of hunger. All they do is complain,”
Connilyn Cossette, Wings of the Wind

“I want to remember my past
To see before my eyes
The image of my parents
The house in which I grew up
The village in which my family lived for generations
I don't want to remember my past
I fear for what my memory
Might bring before my eyes
I wonder whether I can continue my life
If I'll rescue from oblivion
What I want to recall.”
Itta Benhaiem-Keller

Coco Mingolelli
“What hurt has been done to you, sweet girl? We shall erase it – it shall be but a memory forgotten," she promised. This, she knew how to do.”
Coco Mingolelli

Haruki Murakami
“Death was not the opposite of life. It was already here, within my being, it had always been there, and no struggle would permit me to forget that. When it too the 17-year-old Kizuki that night in May, death took me as well.”
Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

“Memory repression thrives in shame, secrecy, and shock. The shame and degradation experienced during sexual assault is profound, especially for children who have no concept of what is happening to them or why. Sexual abuse is so bizarre and horrible that the frightened child feels compelled to bury the event deep inside his or her mind.”
Renee Fredrickson, Repressed Memories: A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse

“What the waking and the healthy seem to have forgotten, the sleeping and the sick remember.”
Joyce Crick, The Interpretation of Dreams

“The accuracy of my memories, whether things happened exactly the way that the personalities remember, doesn't really matter. If my memory, combined with the memories of the other
personalities, provides some coherent past, then that is far better than the blankness I have. Whatever inaccuracies may occur because of the passage of time or because of the colored intensity of "emotional truth" harm no one. All that matters is that I gain a firm grasp on what is real. The memories of the total entity, accurate or not, are providing me a handle. I must have some background to adequately explain where I am now. I must have a base from which to build an unfragmented future.”
Joan Frances Casey, The Flock: The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality

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