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Okey Ndibe
“You wrote words with your hand, but your mind wiped me away.”
Okey Ndibe, Foreign Gods, Inc.

Kangoma Kindembo
“When something affects a single minute in your life, it must leave an effect on you.”
Kangoma Kindembo

Ahmed Mostafa
“Oh, am I glad to know that after all these years it still is hard trying to unlove someone; if there's such a thing...”
Ahmed Mostafa

“Maybe time by time people forget about the one who they really owe to.”
Sahibah Syed

“He entered the city asked a blind man if he had ever heard the name Enkidu, and the old man shrugged and shook his head, then turned away, as if to say, ‘It is impossible to keep the names of friends whom we have lost”
Herbert Mason

Patrick Modiano
“Someone had told him one day that you forget the voices of those whom you have been close to in the past very quickly.”
Patrick Modiano, So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood

“The more you try to forget someone. The more you start to think about them. The more you think about someone. The more you get attached to them.”

“Postojis u meni i prisecam se svega.
Dovoljno da ne probijes kroz srce,
dovoljno da me unistis ako se pojavis.
Jos uvek stojim cvrsto na litici zaborava.
A ti jos uvek ostajes, moj deza vi.”
Tamara Stamenkovic