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Dean F. Wilson
“Dynamite is loyal to the one who lights the fuse.”
Dean F. Wilson, Skyshaker

Robert A. Heinlein
“ANYTHING will burn with enough gasoline and dynamite.”
Robert Heinlein

George Bernard Shaw
“I find it easy to forgive the man who invented a devilish instrument like dynamite, but how can one ever forgive the diabolical mind that invented the Nobel Prize in Literature?”
George Bernard Shaw

Ahmed Mostafa
“You're a shit cake with cum for whipped cream and dynamite for candles.”
Ahmed Mostafa

“His smile is laced with dynamite.”
Tahereh Mafi

Friedrich Nietzsche
“I am not a man, I am dynamite”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Julian Fellowes
“Mary: “Don’t be spiky, when I only want what you want – for you and Tony to walk into the sunset together.”
Mabel: “Then why turn up looking like a cross between a Vogue fashion plate and a case of dynamite?”
Mary: “Well, I can’t make it too easy for him.”
Julian Fellowes

Clare Mulley
“She could do anything with dynamite, except eat it.”
Clare Mulley

“As was the case for Nobel's own invention of dynamite, the uses that are made of increased knowledge can serve both beneficial and potentially harmful ends. Increased knowledge clearly implies increased responsibility.”
Nicolaas Bloembergen

William Faulkner
“He began to breathe deep. He could feel himself breathing deep, as if each time his insides were afraid that next breath they would not be able to give far enough and that something terrible would happen, and that all the time he could look down at himself breathing, at his chest, and see no movement at all, like when dynamite first begins, gathers itself for the now Now NOW, the shape of the outside of the stick does not change”
William Faulkner

“So is this, like, dynamite?”
“It’s HMX compounded with three percent polymer-bonded explosive composite,” Cindy says …
“Did you say that all extra technical to make me feel like an asshole” Moon asks.
Matt Wallace, Lustlocked

Sinclair Lewis
“.. And you want to ‘reform’ people like that when dynamite is so cheap?”
Sinclair Lewis, Main Street

Susan Wiggs
“Magnus had caught it gingerly, half expecting it to blow in his face.
The Teacher chuckled. "Don't worry, it can't do anything without fire."
The thing looked and felt pretty innocuous, actually. It was shorter and fatter than a candlestick, and not colored red like it was in the comic books or the new Technicolor cartoons that still ran at the cinema every Saturday afternoon. Magnus had no money for such things anymore, but sometimes he and Kiki- another boy who worked for the Resistance- sneaked into the theater through an unlocked window.”
Susan Wiggs, The Apple Orchard

“True, he'd had that lesson from that army engineer, but dynamite was still dynamite and it was too much like women for his tastes. Like women, it could be just as docile and nice as a milk cow, and like women, it could blow up in your face for no seeming reason at all.”
Tabor Evans, Longarm and the Gallagher Gang

“They are all cowards. That's why I do not play dynamite.”
Mecha Constantine