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Julie Kagawa
“Then I made a stupid mistake and looked up at him. His eyes met mine, and for a moment, his face was open and vulnerable in the moonlight. I caught a hint of wonder there as we stared at each other. Slowly, he leaned forward. I caught my breath, a tiny gasp escaping. He stiffened, and his expression shuttered closed, eyes going hard and frosty.
'This is getting old,' he said in a voice that matched his eyes.”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron King

Thomas Hardy
“You have never loved me as I love you--never--never! Yours is not a passionate heart--your heart does not burn in a flame! You are, upon the whole, a sort of fay, or sprite-- not a woman!”
Thomas Hardy, Jude the Obscure

Munia Khan
“Spring can still be felt
even if you lay under the bed
Frozen heart can melt
in coldness when wintry love misled”
Munia Khan

Kay Whitley
“I'm surviving on caffeine and a cold heart”
Kay Whitley

Soke Behzad Ahmadi
“. . . what matters in combat is adaptability, boldness and maintaining A cool exterior, whilst penetrating your enemy's soul with An icy cold stare
- Diary of A Combat Fiend”
Soke Behzad Ahmadi & Denise Itchikawa, Dirty Fighting : Lethal Okinawan Karate

Frank McAdam
“A cold heart is its own worst punishment.”
Frank McAdam

Talena Winters
“Desire had never done anything good in her life, so she had divorced it years ago.”
Talena Winters, Finding Heaven

Billy Graham
“Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything.”
Billy Graham

Abhijit Naskar
“It's better to be broken to pieces in love than to stay intact as a cold, untouched glass sculpture filled with hate.”
Abhijit Naskar, Neden Türk: The Gospel of Secularism

Matt Smethurst
“You may be familiar with praying in response to God’s Word, but what does it mean to pray in anticipation of it? What does it look like to approach your Bible prayerfully? It means not rushing into your Bible reading, expecting the pages to magically microwave your cold heart.”
Matt Smethurst, Before You Open Your Bible: Nine Heart Postures For Approaching God's Word