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“For Frito-Lay!" - Newel and Doren”
Brandon Mull, Keys to the Demon Prison

Munia Khan
“My heart can feel the softness of a star
Only when the moon stays afar
I lay my mind on the pillow of sky
Where sleep dares not ever to pry”
Munia Khan

Andrew Sean Greer
“It is a bad musical, but, like a bad lay, a bad musical can still do its job perfectly well.”
Andrew Sean Greer, Less

Munia Khan
“Spring can still be felt
even if you lay under the bed
Frozen heart can melt
in coldness when wintry love misled”
Munia Khan

Richard L.  Ratliff
“You have been the pillow
I lay my weary soul upon”
Richard L. Ratliff

“A driver reaches a destination by driving on that road, not by laying back to enjoy the view.”
Nabil N. Jamal

Lewis Turco
“I saw sunrises fade and burn among fleets of sparks. The moon blossomed
like a lily carved of bone...

The Death of the Astronaut, page 390.”
Lewis Turco, The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics

Kamand Kojouri
“Where were you
I undressed and told the tales of my day?
Where were you
I was silent with God in prandial pray?
Where were you
I recited love poems as I lay?
Where were you?”
Kamand Kojouri

Pam Godwin
“There are a holyfuckton of women crowing about your unapologetic fucking. They even named your famous positions." Oh Jesus, she knew about that. "Don't-" "The Limp Away From Jay Lay”
Pam Godwin, Beneath the Burn

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Lay a golden egg.
After you built a nest,
You wait for a leg.

And you land next.
Now you hope and pray.

Expect for the best.
Go on with no delay.
Get it right at last.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, ACross Tic

“For us to have great and impressive increase, we need to do than just lying down and wishing for the best. We need to get off the bed, lay demands on ourselves and exert enough pressure, as much as necessary to get the kind increase we need”
Sunday Adelaja

“Whoever is able to lay more demands on himself, enjoys the most increase, most of the time”
Sunday Adelaja

Christina Engela
“As you may follow, they are an extremely hostile species (i.e. there is no word for ‘welcome’ in the Ruminarii language.) In four short centuries they had managed to lay waste to almost a thousand star systems, enslaving their populations and stripping them of all they wanted.”
Christina Engela, Black Sunrise

Gabriel García Márquez
“Se tendieron en la cama, uno al lado del otro, y compartieron sus rencores, mientras el mundo se iba apagando y sólo iba quedando el cositeo del comején en el artesonado.”
Gabriel García Márquez

“Lay your sleeping head, my love …”
W. H. Auden