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“When we are able to break free from the imprisonment of our little, small self-thinking and dare to face the essence of life, we recognize we are never at home with ourselves. We are always on the road. By challenging the unknown and the unidentified we are capable of opening our skyline. ("Transcendental journey")”
Erik Pevernagie

“Instead of breaking or cherry-picking the rules, many just follow the inner rules, which have been instilled during their lifetime and have subtly permeated their thinking. They value rules, as it offers the ravishment of a securing, ceremonial rhythm in life and it prevents them from breaking free from their cocoon, all the more because freedom can be so scaring and exhausting. ("When forgetting the rules of the game" )”
Erik Pevernagie

“When we take the time to break free from the tyranny of Time and learn to listen to the sound of unspoken words, we discern the hot air behind the frenzy of the wheeling and dealing around. (“Wheeling and dealing »)”
Erik Pevernagie

“Don't live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.”
Germany Kent
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Ashok  Kallarakkal
“If you do not see light at the end of the tunnel, consider it an opportunity to create an opening yourself, wherever you want.”
Ashok Kallarakkal

Langston Hughes

Now dreams
Are not available
To the dreamers,
Nor songs
To the singers.

In some lands
Dark night
And cold steel
But the dream
Will come back,
And the song
Its jail.”
Langston Hughes, The Panther and the Lash

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“It's the duty of every man to free himself. Never accept to live an underdog's life in god’s world.”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

“She knew it was time,
What for was the mystery
but focused; she remained.
She turned her back on anything
that no longer served her strengths
nor taught her vital lessons with her weaknesses.
She said no without explanation
& assigned validation back just to parking spots.
She was fierce but gentle
and authentic in her approach to live even if it meant standing alone.
She knew the hard days weren't over but stood proud that she had already survived some of the worst.
She laughed in the midst of a mindfuck & gathered her worth with all the pieces of herself that have held her together throughout the years.
She knew it was time
What for was the mystery,
but focused; she remained.
She learnt that motherhood provided unconditional love doesn't have boundaries, it's pure in all its forms.
Family are rare connections.
Friendships are like shoes, not all will fit but when some do it's like you have won the lotto.
She learnt that every love was different and how important it was to keep her heart open for the possibility of being able to experience it just one more time.”
Nikki Rowe

“Each story provides a beginning, a middle and an end, the trick is, never seperate them through the chapters or you'll miss the meaning of the entire book.”
Nikki Rowe

Kirstin Leigh
“Don't let anyone or anything drown out that still small voice that says, "You were made for more.”
Kirstin Leigh

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“Every revolution starts with the aim to help the poor, but when the poor get it they forget who they were and become the new oppressors. The cycle goes on forever”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

“Maybe it's easier to conform, to stay in a job I hate to pay bills of the things I don't even enjoy and marry a man I'm not passionately in love with, whilst surrounded by those who have absolutely no life to their smile but I don't want easy. I never have. I want a life so fucking grande' I reach every little milestone in sweats or tears knowing I Followed what was true to my heart. I don't care if I walk alone for the rest of my days, if it means I get to stay true to myself.”
Nikki Rowe

Patrick Modiano
“When he was younger, he used the slightest opportunity to slip away from people, without his being able to understand very clearly why he did so: a longing to break free and to breathe in the fresh air?”
Patrick Modiano, So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“Let no one ever intimidate you, you are standing on no one's ground. But again, some have claimed the earth as their own and usurped power from the rest of us. But they are usurpers; power belongs to every one of us. Seek it as much as possible. There is no shame in that. In fact it's a necessity. Either you have power or you are trampled to death in the stampede to get to the top”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

“Not having to force yourself to love or hate, is liberating.”
Nahiar Ozar

E'yen A. Gardner
“However, if we don’t confront the seed of lies, it gives place for them to take root in us and we become bound to the “prison cell” that those lies create.”
E'yen A. Gardner, Break Free

“Poetry is the yearning of the soul to break free!”
Avijeet Das

“The masses don't know that they don't know. They endlessly seek outside of themselves that which is inside of them all along. Living an empty shell of existence. Trapped in a perpetual circle of hell. Wake up!”
Akiroq Brost

“The more we define ourselves, the more we confine ourselves. Why can't we just allow ourselves to be, without constraints, without judgment?”
Akiroq Brost

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