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“Many self-help teachers say that our schools only focus on “preparing today’s youths to get good jobs by developing scholastic skills.” They think that’s a bad thing. It’s probably the right thing. Not everyone is suited for entrepreneurship, as statistics seem to suggest. Even future entrepreneurs usually
need to begin as employees to get their starting capital and to
learn while they work.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“First, it is essential to determine precisely what you want
to achieve. Just wanting to be “successful” is too general.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“Personal growth is the most powerful force for change on earth. I believe that personal growth can help anyone change anything.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“The best way to prepare for life is a
combination of formal traditional education, reading, seminars,
and workshops, coupled with experience as well as tapping into the knowledge of experienced people.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“The most important thing
anyone who is looking at a career, especially students, can do is to
remember that strengthening and developing your employ-ability
is your personal responsibility.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“If you love someone you would do anything for them right?
Now imagine you are that someone. Give yourself the gift of everything you want”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“I have learned its the most difficult thing to become financially free from earning the minimum wage. So even if employees increase the minimum wage its the same thing. But once employees improve on their skills and personal value their wages go up and then financial freedom is posible.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“I’m a witness to personal development being the best investment you could ever make by improving yourself
proactively, working on your awareness, improving your skills
and knowledge about how you can get to the edge of your
Derric Yuh Ndim

“Always take massive imperfect action towards your goals because the time
might never be “just right”.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“I have learned its very difficult to become financially free by earning the minimum wage. Even if employers increased the minimum wage like the always do its the same thing. But once employees improve on their skills and self development, their wages inevitably go up and then financial independence is possible.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“The only way to watch paid TV from the comfort of your room is
by subscribing to a paid TV service. In the same way, the only way
to change your level of financial success ‘permanently’ is to subscribe
and keep upgrading your financial mind-set. But it is your decision
whether you choose to change or not.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“My view is that, if you think that money brings problems, you have a problem with money. The money itself is innocent.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“whats the point to spend money you haven’t earned, to buy things
you don’t need,to impress people you don’t like”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“If you decide to do anything and follow through
with actions with the same intensity as your decision, you will
definitely end up with an excellent result.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“Even the greatest fool can accomplish a task if it were after his
or her heart. But the intelligent ones are those who can convert every work into one that suits their taste”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“always keep in mind the paramount importance of living a balanced life with emphasis on nurturing strong friendships and family ties, while still doing the things that you find rewarding for reasons other than mere monetary income.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“I don’t understand why people are always putting us down, instead of encouraging us to become great. Because, when you do become great, you will give me a world that I would not have any other way. We all have
something to give one another.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“As someone said, in
the School of Hard Knocks they give the test first, then the
lesson. That is a slow, costly and surely painful way to learn.
Unfortunately, it’s the only “school” that teaches many things
you need to know.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“Living a life without setting goals is like sailing a ship without a planned course. You are likely to end up somewhere you didn’t intend to go!”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“Each child is a new being, a potential
prophet, a new spiritual prince, a new spark of light.... Who
are we to decide that it is hopeless (impossible)?”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“The idea that “work” competes with “life” ignores that “life” is actually the intersection and interaction of four major domains: work, home, community, and the private self.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“If you want to live an exceptional life, you must move beyond probability into the realm of possibility”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“if you are using probability arguments wit yourself, you are saying: “I want to live a life like everybody else!” By definition, an exceptional life is a life of low probability.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“A client of mine once joked, “If your
employer likes you, the rest is history, the raise and everything
else will come.” That intangible attitude in the workplace is what
sets apart those who get promoted and those who don’t.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

“The difference between successful and unsuccessful people isn’t really about
resources that were available to them when they started out, Instead its their resourcefulness or personal initiative that makes the difference.”
Derric Yuh Ndim

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