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John Steinbeck
“A man with a beard was always a little suspect anyway. You couldn't say you wore a beard because you liked a beard. People didn't like you for telling the truth. You had to say you had a scar so you couldn't shave.”
John Steinbeck, Cannery Row

Neil Gaiman
“His beard was all colors, a grove of trees in autumn, deep brown and fire-orange and wine-red, an untrimmed tangle across the lower half of his face. His cheeks were apple-red. He looked like a friend; like someone you had known all your life.”
Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders

“Barba non facit philosophum”

Sebastian Barry
“A beard on a man is only a way of hiding something, his face of course, but also the inner matters, like a hedge around a secret garden, or a cover over a bird cage.”
Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture
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Mihail Sebastian
“The abundance of beards in periods of social unrest, times of revolt or upheaval, should be noted. It's the handiest way people have of making themselves mysterious.”
Mihail Sebastian, For Two Thousand Years

Michael Bassey Johnson
“My father told me that it is only a mad man that keeps bushy hairs. I asked him, "what about the great men with bushy hairs?". He replied, "education had made them mad, so study to be wise and sane.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

“Only beards can't make you count as a man, you need to have respect for women in your heart for that.”
Moosa Rahat

H.G. Wells
“Mendham was a cadaverous man with a magnificent beard. He looked,indeed, as if he had run to beard as a mustard plant runs to seed. But when he spoke you found he had a voice as well.”
h g wells
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Jenny Colgan
“All the real blokes I know are obsessed with cars and have started doing cycling at the weekend and being really, really boring about it and banging on about their Fitbits and growing stupid beards and talking about being on Tinder. That's what all the 'real men' are like these days!”
Jenny Colgan, The Little Shop of Happy Ever After

“Essora el Campeador prísos' a la barba:
—¡Grado a Dios, que cielo e tierra manda!
Por esso es luenga, que a delicio fue criada.
¿Qué avedes vós, conde, por retraer la mi barba?
Ca de cuando nasco a delicio fue criada,
ca non me priso a ella fijo de mugier nada
nimbla messó fijo de moro nin de cristiana,
commo yo a vós, conde, en el castiello de Cabra,
cuando pris a Cabra e a vós por la barba.
Non ý ovo rapaz que non messó su pulgada,
la que yo messé aún non es eguada.—”
Anonymous, Cantar de Mio Cid

“Don't you have a girlfriend also?" Erin said. "Girls, doesn't Rupert P. have a girlfriend?"
"Michelle Hornsbury," Apple said. "She's quote-unquote nineteen, a quote-unquote university student, a quote-unquote model-"
"Don't forget beard," Erin interjected. "She is also a very dedicated beard.”
Goldy Moldavsky, Kill the Boy Band

Jeane Westin
“Why do old men grow huge beards as if to proclaim a manhood that has long since fled?”
Jeane Westin, His Last Letter: Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester

Tiffany Reisz
“Nice beard. The flannel’s a good touch. Very authentic. What do they call those guys, lumbersexuals?" "Men, they’re called men.”
Tiffany Reisz, Her Halloween Treat

Josh Hatcher
“Passivity is really a crappy substitute for manhood. But it’s as common as facial hair on a hipster, or salmon-breath on a grizzly bear.”
Josh Hatcher, Manlihood: The 12 Pillars of Masculinity

“There's a name of peoples without beards
called women's”
Altaf ul qadri