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J.M. Barrie
“The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it.”
J.M. Barrie, The Little Minister

Steve Maraboli
“Become the leader of your life. Lead yourself to where you want to be. Breathe life back into your ambitions, your desires, your goals, your relationships.”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Israelmore Ayivor
“Fake friends; those who only drill holes under your boat to get it leaking; those who discredit your ambitions and those who pretend they love you, but behind their backs they know they are in to destroy your legacies.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Tanzy Sayadi
“The aching in my chest
isn't because I miss you,
it's realizing that you have
become someone I no longer know,
your fears, your 4 am thoughts,
your achievements,
are things I no longer have an equivalent to.
Who we were and who we are
are four different people,
and the me from now
doesn't relate to the me from then,
let alone to the you from now.
-Tanzy Sayadi and Jarod Kintz”
Tanzy Sayadi, liQUID PROse QUOtes

Sanhita Baruah
“It is not as much about who you used to be, as it is about who you choose to be.”
Sanhita Baruah

“Sometimes we have to soak ourselves in the tears and fears of the past to water our future gardens.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Jeffrey Archer
“Are parents always more ambitious for their children than they are for themselves?”
Jeffrey Archer, A Prisoner of Birth

Jiddu Krishnamurti
“How do you listen? Do you listen with your projections, through your projection, through your ambitions, desires, fears, anxieties, through hearing only what you want to hear, only what will be satisfactory, what will gratify, what will give comfort, what will for the moment alleviate your suffering? If you listen through the screen of your desires, then you obviously listen to your own voice; you are listening to your own desires. And is there any other form of listening? Is it not important to find out how to listen not only to what is being said but to everything – to the noise in the streets, to the chatter of birds, to the noise of the tramcar, to the restless sea, to the voice of your husband, to your wife, to your friends, to the cry of a baby? Listening has importance only when on is not projecting one’s own desires through which one listens. Can one put aside all these screens through which we listen, and really listen?”
Jiddu Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Stormie Omartian
“My dreams had to be His dreams, the ones He placed in my heart. They couldn't be the ones I thought I should have, or needed for the purpose of making other people like me.”
Stormie Omartian, Stormie: A Story of Forgiveness and Healing

“A life fueled by passions is like riding on the back of a dragon.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

“Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you.”
Roy Bennett

“If you chase after everything at once, you stand a good chance of ending up empty-handed.”
Tadahiko Nagao, Kokology: The Game of Self-Discovery

Durgesh Satpathy
“Sometimes our highest goal becomes our big enemy when we move towards our goal blindly without focusing on the path we follow.”
Durgesh Satpathy, Equating the Equations of Insanity: A Journey from Grief to Victory

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“If anyone rises to power, it's not only because he could, but also because the stars were aligned in his favor. Many with apparent means to take it failed simply because they weren't destined for the honor”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

Maurice Chevalier
“It is a matter of artistic instinct. In his own thoughts and feelings and way of doing things an actor is worth nothing or he is worth something. If he is worth something then he will try to be worth something more as is only normal in anyone who wants to get on. I can think of no other way to explain artistic development.”
Maurice Chevalier

“Stones dream of shapes they might become. The sculptor has but to listen.”
Thurin-Jon (as quoted)

“Always remember, your weakness is somebody else's strength.”
Vinaya Panicker

André Aciman
“Time is always the price we pay for the unlived life.”
André Aciman, Find Me

“Aim higher, more ambitious or more audacious than the goal you are currently struggling with, and that will help you get those lower goals done.

If you've got to get to that big goal, you've got to do that other thing to get there. That other thing may have otherwise been a gigantic goal for you with all this weight. But now that it becomes the number two goal on the way to the bigger goal, it becomes this mindset of "I just got to get this thing done" on your way to the bigger goal, because this is one of the lower goals now.”
David Tian Ph.D

Mehmet Murat ildan
“If you have great ambitions in proportion to your talents, this is ok, your talents will feed your ambitions! But if your ambitions are far beyond your talents, then you will always suffer and you will permanently anchor in the harbour of unhappiness!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“Your future is shaped by the decisions you make today.”
Emmanuel Apetsi

“Setting goals can help you gain both short and long term achievements.”
Oscar Auliq-Ice

Venugopal Acharya
“When Ambition Crosses The Line Of Ethics And Values It Becomes Greed”.”
Venugopal Acharya

Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu
“If you can’t follow your dreams, walk right in front of them. But never stay far from them. ~Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu”
Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu

“There are twin challenges that seek to curtail man's advances. Their combination paralyzes meaningful efforts, scuttles dreams and ambitions, and dims the light of hope. FEAR cripples. COMPLACENCY kills advances. FEAR is behind the flagging zeal of many. FEAR suggests a retreat and dampens enthusiasm. What we call lethargy is actually the FEAR of the unknown, and particularly of failure. FEAR lets us imagine the shame of failure long before we make a move and strongly suggests that we play safe. True, a ship is safe in the harbour; but is that what a ship is created for? Isn't a ship meant for a sojourn- troubled and dangerous as it may be?

Each time we overcome our FEARS, we break new grounds. Every successful man or woman knows the joy of triumphing over their FEARS. FEAR stands by cowardly as they walk to the success podium. It is the turn of FEAR to fear. But soon after, COMPLACENCY makes its move on the successful man or woman. It softly but tenaciously asserts: What else is there to achieve? You might not be lucky the next time around, you know. Why not dwell safely on this mountain? COMPLACENCY kills ambitions softly.

So, if you desire is to be the best God has ordained you to be, you must run against your FEARS prayerfully and tenaciously until you win. And when you have won, don't let COMPLACENCY force you to sit back and watch your trophies; just keep running. Run, baby! Run!”
Abiodun Fijabi

“don’t assume that

bc they already have a million followers

&a thousand comments,

they don’t need yours

a thousand comments

none of them come from your perspective”
Malab, The Komorébi, The Breast Mountains Of All Time

Ron Baratono
“Don't over think things, just do you.”
Ron Baratono

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Admire the strength of youthfulness, use your energy to purse your ambitions.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Admire the strength of youthfulness, use your energy to pursue your ambitions.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“You are everything you ever imagined. So set some goals and smash the hell out of them. The force is with you, now and ever—the Godly force.”
Emmanuel Apetsi

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