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Leigh Bardugo
“I let you die. To save myself, I let you die.
That is the danger in keeping company with survivors.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

“Oh what a wonderful soul so bright inside you. Got power to heal the sun’s broken heart, power to restore the moon’s vision too.”
Aberjhani, Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player

Robert A. Heinlein
“The instinct to survive is human nature itself, and every aspect of our personalities derives from it. Anything that conflicts with the survival instinct acts sooner or later to eliminate the individual and thereby fails to show up in future generations. . . . A scientifically verifiable theory of morals must be rooted in the individual's instinct to survive--and nowhere else!--and must correctly describe the hierarchy of survival, note the motivations at each level, and resolve all conflicts.
We have such a theory now; we can solve any moral problem, on any level. Self-interest, love of family, duty to country, responsibility toward the human race . . . .
The basis of all morality is duty, a concept with the same relation to group that self-interest has to individual.”
Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

Criss Jami
“Everyone judges constantly: positively judging one person is the same as negatively judging everyone else; it is to say that that person is superior in some sense.”
Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Yann Martel
“When your own life is threatened, your sense of empathy is blunted by a terrible, selfish hunger for survival.”
Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Barry Kirwan
“Nathan had to admit it was a highly effective war strategy. You didn’t need an army; just a way to turn the native, indigenous creatures against each other, wait until there was no serious resistance, and then move right in.”
Barry Kirwan, When the children come

Ana Claudia Antunes
“I'd rather be on the ground than under
To feel the heavy rain and the thunder.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

Criss Jami
“All men are born firstly with the instinct to protect themselves. But few grow to really love themselves, and even fewer learn to love their neighbor as themselves.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“If anyone rises to power, it's not only because he could, but also because the stars were aligned in his favor. Many with apparent means to take it failed simply because they weren't destined for the honor”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

Marie Montine
“The Dark Guardian wants to become the sole Guardian of all existence, in all realms. He wants to claim dominance and bend all to his will; the darker the world and its inhabitants become, the more alive and powerful he will feel.”
Marie Montine, Mourning Grey: Part Three The Guardians Of The Temple Saga

“It's all in the reflexes.”
"Jack Burton" (Kurt Russell), movie Big Trouble in Little China

Hugh Howey
“The suit came up, and Holston thought that maybe people went along with it because they couldn't believe it was happening. None of it was real enough to rebel against. The animal part of his mind wasn't made for this, to be calmly ushered to a death it was perfectly aware of.”
Hugh Howey, Wool Omnibus

“May you find the strength of will and the grace of endurance to overcome every challenge.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

“In any situation, there is a sacred-solution.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Delia Owens
“Ma was isolated and alone. Under those circumstances people behave differently.
Kya made a soft groan. “Please don't talk to me about isolation. No one has to tell me how it changes a person. I have lived it. I am isolation," Kya whispered with a slight edge. "I forgive Ma for leaving. But I don't understand why she didn't come back- why she abandoned me. You probably don't remember, but after she walked away, you told me that a she-fox will sometimes leave her kits if she's starving or under some other extreme stress. The kits die- as they probably would have anyway- but the vixen lives to breed again when conditions are better, when she can raise a new litter to maturity.
"I've read a lot about this since. In nature- out yonder where the crawdads sing- these ruthless-seeming behaviors actually increase the mother's number of young over her lifetime, and thus her genes for abandoning offspring in times of stress are passed on to the next generation. And on and on. It happens in humans, too. Some behaviors that seem harsh to us now ensured the survival of early man in whatever swamp he was in at the time. Without them, we wouldn't be here. We still store those instincts in our genes, and they express themselves when certain circumstances prevail. Some parts of us will always be what we were, what we had to be to survive- way back yonder.”
Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing

Isaï Symens
“The survival instinct of the self overrides everything.”
Isaï Symens

Delia Owens
“Kya never had her troop of close friends, nor the connections Jodie described, for she never had her own family. She knew the years of isolation had altered her behavior until she was different from others, but it wasn't her fault she'd been alone. Most of what she knew, she'd learned from the wild. Nature had nurtured, tutored, and protected her when no one else would. If consequences resulted from her behaving differently then they too were functions of life's fundamental core.
Tate's devotion eventually convinced her that human love is more than the bizarre mating competitions of the marsh creatures. But life also taught her that ancient genes for survival still persist in undesirable forms among the twists and turns of man's genetic code.
For Kya it was enough to be part of this natural sequence as sure as the tides. Kya was bonded to her planet and its life in a way few people are. Rooted solid in this earth. Born of this mother.”
Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing

“You will survive in the struggle with a song in your heart.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“Endeavour to endure the pain with praise.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“You can survived any difficult situation except death. In that war, no one wins! It is the fate of all flesh.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“We should not only survive but strive.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“If you endurefpd then pain, you will be purified.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Dmitry Glukhovsky
“Disfigured, perverted - but a part of life here all the same. And they remained subject to that very same driving impulse known to every organic thing on this planet. Survive. Survive at any cost.”
Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033

Valentin Rasputin
“You have to think ahead, if you want to live, look around to see what you have, what to use to begin your new life.”
Valentin Rasputin, Live and Remember

Rishabh Dubey
“No matter how close you are to a drowning creature, if you do not know how to swim, you wouldn’t risk your life for him.”
Rishabh Dubey, Krikos: The Vertical Horizon

Karen Thompson Walker
“To say they are ignoring what is happening at the college would not quite be true, or not quite fair. A few sick strangers - those poor kids, but none from the classes they teach - is only one of a hundred bad stories that must be overlooked every day. To close one’s eyes can be an act of survival.”
Karen Thompson Walker, The Dreamers

Abhijit Naskar
“Your biology doesn't want you to be inclusive - your biology doesn't want you to be global - your biology doesn't want you to be civilized - or to put it simply, your biology doesn't want you to be human - because to be human requires to be unselfish, which is deemed by your biology as a threat to your personal survival. Hence, it pulls all its savage strings in every walk of your life, so that you act as much selfish and primitive as possible, because as far as your biology is concerned, being selfish and primitive is what kept your ancestors alive in the jungle.”
Abhijit Naskar, Şehit Sevda Society: Even in Death I Shall Live

Amir Levine
“John Bowlby understood that our need for someone to share our lives with is part of
our genetic makeup and has nothing to do with how much we love ourselves or how fulfilled we feel on our own. He discovered that once we choose someone special, powerful and often uncontrollable forces
come into play.

New patterns of behavior kick in regardless of how independent we are and despite our conscious wills.

Once we choose a partner, there is no question about whether dependency exists or not. It always does. An elegant coexistence that does not include uncomfortable feelings of vulnerability and fear of loss sounds good but is not our biology. What proved through evolution to have a strong survival advantage is a human couple becoming one physiological unit, which means that if she’s reacting, then I’m reacting, or if he’s upset, that also makes me unsettled. He or she is part of me, and I will do anything to save him or her; having such a vested interest in the well-being of another person translates into a very important survival advantage for both parties.”
Amir Levine, Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find—and Keep—Love

Heinz Heger
“Lo cierto es que me obsesionaba una sola idea: la determinación de vivir, de sobrevivir a toda costa.”
Heinz Heger, The Men with the Pink Triangle: The True Life-and-Death Story of Homosexuals in the Nazi Death Camps

Abhijit Naskar
“Fear is an archetypical instinct of survival.”
Abhijit Naskar, Amor Apocalypse: Canım Sana İhtiyacım

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