Annabelle asked:

is this apprpriate for a 16 year old to read?

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Raquel Jiménez A. I'm 16 and I have read it a lot of times. You can read whatever you want and nobody can tells you 'you can't read this'.
Shawn You absolutely must be in your late 40's to mid 50's before you even think about picking up this book, otherwise you risk being super awesome for the rest of your awesome life.
Natasha Borton It is never inappropriate for a 16 year old to read, however, it might be wise to discuss the narrative voice with someone else and to establish the unreliable POV. To pull from the text the sections where Lolita's consent is ignored completely in order to discuss what is actually going on in the subtext.
Doll I read this book when I was 14 years old. I did not understand all of it at the time and it lead me to think that this novel is a love story, which it is not. It is a horrific and sad story, which I understand now. I don't think sheltering yourself from literature is ever a good idea though so you should read it so long as you don't deem the relationship between characters in this book as normal or okay.
Ariana I believe no book is inappropriate... as long as you feel comfortable reading it, it's okay.
Karen No, it is not appropriate unless it is discussed with a responsible adult while reading
Zoe At the end of the day, books are books. You should be able to read whatever you want.
Hamama I would not be bothered if my 14 year old wants to read it.
Kimberly Who defines "appropriate"?
Sheena Vansandt This book is not appropriate for anyone to read. That being said, appropriateness is not at all the reason for reading, or writing, such a work of fiction. I will say, however, that this work is not for the faint of heart and to you I suggest chicken soup for the blandly hedged soul. ;) Honestly though, this book has parts that many may find grotesque, as do most incredibly crafted pieces of fiction.
nina im 16 and i had to read it for school. so yeah, it is pretty appropriate. i did, hwever, feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes reading it, because of its desturbing content
Abby I read this book at age 14 and finished when I was 15. It is a controversial book but as long as the reader is mature and can understand the book is an appropriate book.
oopsicus maximus It's not inappropriate.
Matěj Studený It should be obligatory reading for them ;)
Timothy Morrison no, it is not! It is barely acceptable for anybody to read!
Maddie Watts I think the first time I read Lolita I was 16, and it immediately became my favorite book!
S a r a h It used to be normal to marry girls off at the age of 12. Some countries it still is traditional. We are in a good situation to even question a book of its appropriateness for a 16 year old.
Considering all that the media slings at young girls, reading a classic wouldn't be the worst thing a teenager will be exposed to in this generation. At least with reading, a brain will grow, instead of turn into media mush.
Kate Low I read it when I was thirteen and although I probably wasn't emotionally mature enough to handle the content, I consulted a friend of mine who had also recently read it. We discussed the themes of the novel. It varies from person to person whether you think you're ready to read it or not. Of course, I read the synopsis before delving into Lolita. I decided I would read it, so I did.
My parents were absolutely against me reading it, though. And the librarian at my school refused to loan me a copy so I had to go buy my own.
Luna Claire I can't say whether it is appropriate or not.It depends upon your motivation. It is not pornography in the sense that it is not titillating. Not a spoiler alert: It is a story about obsession and sexual abuse by an older man with a child. It happens to be an exquisitely written novel. If you read it for that reason, then you have chosen wisely.
Alexandra As a sixteen year old reading this for the second time round, I would say it depends on the precocity of the adolescent in question. I personally enjoyed the book very much and have only put off re-reading it because of not being able to get my hands on a copy of my own (the first was from a library).
linus I'm seventeen, and I just read this book after some deliberation because I wasn't sure if I was mature or prepared enough to read and understand the book and its potent themes.
After reading Lolita, I believe that there shouldn't be a set age to read this book, but a certain level of maturity is required. There are some who will not be prepared to read this book at 40, and others who will be ready to read it at 16. It all depends on maturity.
I believe it is absolutely essential to have a healthy view of familial and romantic love before reading this book. This is because the idea of 'love' is grappled with throughout the course of the story, unfortunately in a grotesquely distorted form.
I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a home where open discussion is encouraged, and I have also learned things through experience (mine or secondhand) that have allowed me to comprehend this book and read it, not as a tragic love story, but a story of a man who kidnaps a young girl and abuses her physically, sexually, and emotionally over the course of five years.
Above all, I encourage caution. Please do not go into this story unprepared, because from the very first line the book is bared in its atrocities.
I hope this helps.
Annabelle ok thank you everyone for your answers.., I wrote this a few months ago, gave it a go and decided its not appropriate for me and my values to finish it....but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. xx
Sara It would depend upon the 16 year old reader. At 16 I was turned lose on a variety of books. I went through a period where I read nothing but Ellen Hopkins, which is mostly about drug addiction, rape, homophobia, sexual awakening, and child abuse. Age does not indicate maturity, you have to look at as a case by case basis. I've met some adults who couldn't handle Lolita while I met teenagers who come out of reading it without having a mental break down.
Freddie Sykes There are lots of better books out there.
Liz Even at 22 I find it difficult to get through it, and at 16 I know I would have not been able to in one piece.
Mohammed During reading this novel, I felt many time with a desire, just as author described, Should I see a psychologist ??
give me your comments , anything you want to say
Yulia Vorotyntseva I first read it when I was eleven or twelve. I think it was easier for me to see the girl's prospective because I was about the same age.

For me, it was a far less dangerous read than many of the books we read at school about that time (e.g. "The Three Musketeers", "The Hero of Our Time", "Makar Chudra" etc., where rape and abuse are written in an "appropriate" and appealing way). Lolita is not a seductive read. The main character is unequivocally gross and disgusting, and the life of his muse is utterly miserable and unattractive.

However, I am not sure how this book would look from a boy's (or even a man's) prospective, for whom Lolita may indeed appear a mysterious "nymphette" rather than a reckless child who wanted to spite her unloving mother and got trapped in the fire she started.
Whitlaw Tanyanyiwa Mugwiji I would not encourage my daughter to read this book if she is below 16
Majid janani no please wait 2 years or even more.

Emily It is an entirely personal choice. Some 40-year-olds don't read Lolita because they feel it is too confronting, whereas some 13-year-olds can read it and love it. Age is no measure of when you can or can't read a book. It is your own decision to make. If you feel you will find the ideas raised in the novel too confronting, then don't read it. If you feel you can handle the mature themes, then go for it.
Wajahat Shah I think No.....
Deeba Karimulla This book has a disturbing subject. It is certainly not advisable for fainthearted persons.
Greg My parents never placed any kind of restrictions on my reading material so at a very young age I was reading material I didn't even understand. Occasionally, a librarian would stare down at me and then over at mom or dad and say something to them like, "Are you sure you want your child to read this?" But my parents were wise, they knew if they forbade a book, I'd be up all night reading it anyway, having obtained it somewhere, somehow. Allowing a person, encouraging anyone, to read anything they can get their hands on is about the best gift one can give to others, the gift of education. Naturally, however, I'd never make this decision for another parent!
Yaaresse It really depends on the 16 year old's maturity level and ability to understand the material. I personally detest the book for a lot of reasons, but I wouldn't prohibit my (hypothetical) teenager from reading it.
Brian Well I know this comment is 6 years old. But I just want to say that I read this when I was 12 and that it really depends on what level of maturity you have. It has a very controversial plot and alot of people skirt around reading it. Overall, what I'm trying to say is, it matters on how you look at the book and how mature you are.
Darryl The answer is no. I doubt most college students are mature enough for this book.... Oh wait, judging by the rest of these answers, blah blah blah if you feel you're mature... blah blah ... maturity is relative ... look how awesome I am for letting children read mature content! :-P
mariam ashraf i personally do not believe books can be 'appropriate' or 'inappropriate' it really just depends on execution when it comes to touchy and 'problematic' subjects as discussed in Lolita. Humbert is a very manipulative narrator so it's really easy to have some level of sympathy for him or romanticize pedophilia/age gap relationships as seen in this book, a lot of people do end up viewing this as a love story which can be harmful for teenagers and children so be vary, and keep in mind while reading this, that Lolita is NOT a love story it is a story about ABUSE, TRAUMA.
But at the end of the day it really just depends on the emotional maturity of the person
Thomas Hancock No. It could even not be appropriate for an adult to read if he or she has childhood trauma.
Muriel (The Purple Book Wyrm) The first time I read this, I was under 16, and I loved it! If you know yourself, your limits/comforts level, and are mature enough, there's no reason for you to hold off on classics of literature.
Craig I first read it at 16. I thought it was a dirty book. By the time I realized it was not I was hooked on a great work of literature. It is the best book I ever read. There is no explicit sex in the book BTW. Humbert never tries to justify his actions.
Jennifer I read lolita when i was 16, in 1959. I learned how to read, reading Lolita. Plot is one part of a book. And then the work is language, multi-layers of meaning, irony, point of view, complexity of all kinds. The book seduces us Lilota is a masterpiece.
Thomas It depends on the emotional maturity of the reader, but in general I would say it's not appropriate.
WhoMadeMeAWeeb I can't even get this at my local Library because I'm too young D:
Malum Despite this book's reputation, there is actually no real cursing or explicit sex scenes present. It does, however, have some extremely heavy and adult issues and situations.
Should a 16 year old read this? It really depends on the maturity and reading level of the 16 year old. Will they become a cursing sex fiend if they read it? Likely not.
Lizardphunk I remember getting this book from my local library at 13 (I really enjoyed reading classics) and I got some really weird looks. At the time, I thought it was an amazing book - and after reading it again as an adult, I still think so.
I think it's healthy for teens to read provoking and challenging literature.
Anna Depends on the maturity level of the person in question. Never prohibit someone from reading, but having the right mindset while reading is also a good idea as well.
Mikey L I read a half of it and threw it away when I was 15, so feel free to try, don't expect too many details.
Ketevan I think no book is inappropriate, if you feel comportable to read it.
But in this case, if you have strong nerves, you can.
Molly For me personally, as long as the reader has a level of maturity and maybe even research`s the book beforehand to understand it`s key themes and why it is so controversial, I do not see why they should not read it. I read it for the first time when I was 15 and it was instantly my favourite book; it was one of the first books I read that widened my thinking and it resonated with me months after I had finished. I think it is a positive thing to let young people experience the unconventional or controversial as it stimulates and expands the mind to question and how to perceive matters.
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