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I've heard that this book wasn't very good, but I've also heard that the second book is Amazing. Is this series Worth Reading at all?

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Dorian I didn't enjoy any of the books in this series, and the second book definitely isn't any better than the first. It only really serves to make Celaena even more "special", trying to strongarm readers into admiring her when there's not really a lot to care about.

There are no spoilers below; they're all mentioned in the blurb of Book 1.

Celaena is too over-the-top powerful and special, her skills are mentioned but barely ever shown or proven, the narration boasts and boasts that "she's awesome, really!" but all the reader ever gets to see is her whining, her petty revenge and non-stop "witty" banter. Almost every word of dialogue she gets to spout is annoying and cringey.

In the first book, people are constantly turning up dead. (But don't get too excited, 90% of the deaths happen behind the scenes and are only mentioned in passing.) While all this is happening, Celaena finds a random bag of sweets in her room, and she decides to eat them. But she's like the smartest person ever. That's why she eats it even though it could have been poisoned, because she's so clever and it's totally not the dumbest thing to do.

If Celaena meets a female character, she puts them down because she's not like other girls. She's better than other girls! If other girls so much as LOOK at anybody Celaena fancies, then they're stupid, corrupt liars. If they're Celaena's friend, then they're marginally better off, and the narration shows them a LITTLE bit of respect. This isn't a series to read if you're looking for strong friendships among women who support each other.

I honestly think this series is among the worst I've ever read. The writing is clumsy and sloppy, the set-up is half-baked, and half the deaths happen offscreen, at least in the first book.

EDIT: I decided to come back and make my answer even more comprehensive, because there was a lot I left out the first time.
Melissa A definite must read! Each book keeps getting better and better!
Rae Percy Weighing in as a woman reading this book. There is a definite Mary-Sue vibe here which is very jarring when reading. A lot of the narrative is 'tell, tell, tell' when it comes to the main character. "This is a bad thing, but she could totally beat/solve/best it." Then show me! It's very scripted and rehearsed, something that even the most socially capable 40 something would struggle with. Never mind a very beautiful, 18 year old, highly skilled assassin...

E-book was only 98p so no loss here.

Jenny All of the books are amazing <3 Absolutely ah-may-zing
Turner Keith Reeves I, personally, found this book to be a massive rip off from The Hunger Games, Song of Ice and Fire, and every other book about fearies. The language is very, very flowery and a tad over the top. The maine heroine is very much so a "look at me, i'm a big magical super hero!" Not my thing. However, if you like fantasy, especially older, epic fantasy, you may like this one.
gio lee The Man thinks this book and its sequels are about as bad as a "feminist" fantasy book can get. It's only worth reading if you have a sense of humour for things that are terrible, and you're going to illegally download it then laugh at it with friends.

Don't buy it.

- The Man.
Abby Lovette I loved the first book better than the second, actually, but the third is my favorite so far. I haven't heard anyone say anything against the series yet, and it's worth reading for the characters and the concept even if you're not initially a fan of the plot.
Esther it's not bad. The writing so-so, and some times I just cringe at certain dialogues or predictable plot twists, but despite all that, I enjoyed the first book. About to read the second one soon. :)
Erica Yes. I'm biased, but in general a lot of fans feel that the series just gets better and better with each book.
NoCoolNameLeft I can only tell you about the first book: It was a disappointment to me. The book, to me, promised a kickass heroine, an action-filled tournament, death and glory... what I got was: A whiny teenager, descriptions of dresses, and a description of an archery class. Maybe`I'm just too old for it? At... 21 when I read it, now 22? xD Celaena just was not believable at all, fo me.
Thalia Blackthorn This book is amazing, as is the whole series. In my opinion, the third one (Heir of Fire) is the best, but if you like romance, you'll probably like the second one. This series is the best I've ever read in my life.
Klara I read the first four books and found the series over-all enjoyable. If you like traditional high-fantasy, slow-burning romance and aren't too bothered with occasional rough points and cliché passages. I'd say it's comparable to Twilight and Hunger Games, in the way the author seems a bit green and consequently has some problems with characterization and plot, but generally has a sincere, raw, emotional story she is trying to get across - and succeeds in doing so most of the time, making the story compelling and with a nice, quick flow.

Negative points: occasional forced dialogue makes you cringe, out-of-character behaviour for the sake of the plot, too much withholding information from the reader (and all but Celaena) till last minute, too much tell - not enough show, generally making Celaena seem too capable and doing too much of the planning/discovering, which is unrealistic due to her lack of experience etc. Not that I don't enjoy seeing a female character for once portrayed as strong, skilled, independent, head-strong, arrogant and in many ways embodying traditional "masculine" qualities (because I do), but she also has to seem credible and identifiable, otherwise you lose the point of having strong female characters.

Positive: I love that she can be badass and super feminine/vain at the same time; An 18-year old character does not need to be super consistent but can have contradictory qualities. The author, though using some romantic clichés, also avoids a lot, for instance not making a character unrealistically jealous or petty when it comes to (ex)lovers. Despite its flaws, the plot is super well driven and suspenseful, and it's happened more than once that I read 70 pages straight because I couldn't put the book down! Plus the slow burning romance parts are well built up and fleshed out.
Lavender Oh hell no maybe I just haven't finished it but please run, run away and never look back. She is portrayed as this amazing badass assassin and my favorite books all the heroes started out as not thinking the slightest bit they could do something that makes them a hero. Celaena thinks way too high of herself and so does everyone else. Stay away.
Catterina The first two books are a work in progress with each one getting better until the third. The third was AMAZING. It's like Sarah put her soul and all her author skills in that third book. I'd probably say that the third book is one of my favorites ever. It is really slow in the beginning though. I guess you just have to see if you want to have to put up with the first two books to get to the third book
Arielle "Throne of Glass" (the first book) was Sarah J. Maas's first book, like, ever. The book started off slow. At like 10-15% I considered stopping, but I'm so glad that I actually gave it a chance. The writing is good, so don't knock it until you've read it. There are some twists and turns in the first book that I didn't expect, which made it interesting. "Throne of Glass" is only so slow in the beginning because Maas has to create her world and the character. "Crown of Midnight" is even better than the first, but I particuliarly enjoyed "Heir of Fire" (where new, intriguing characters get introduced) and "Queen of Shadows." A guilty pleasure read (the whole series) for sure!
Shirin Good Lord. Save yourself the time and read better books lol
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Lucy Personally, I love all of the books. I think the books continually get better as the plot thickens, and the characters develop.
Sue Bursztynski I've read worse. I've read better. MUCH better - but that's my taste. I just found the premise difficult to swallow. Up to you, really. Read the first one and if you don't like it, don't bother with the rest.
⚜ brooklyn reads ⚜ Honestly? NO. There are so many better series out there that reading through these 120030149032-page-long books are almost guaranteed to be a waste of your time UNLESS you enjoy the over-sexualization of women (plus a thousand cringeworthy smut scenes) and a painfully white, heteroromantic story.
Emma I personally loved all of them but the third one was the best in my perspective. It's worth giving it a try!
Heero van der Veen After reading the pretext. I think you're better off reading The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb.
Ellina Ehh, it depends on what you like. Everyone is different. I am reading it currently and I am not so sure that I am a fan. She was interesting, originally, but not so much as it lengthens. She does not strike me as a very capable assassin, she is made out to be special without much to back it up, and the plot has huge holes in it that I cannot ignore.

i.e. If she's an assassin why doesn't she escape? The stakes are not raised high enough for us to care/really understand how she could be so easily pressured into doing this. It needs more depth and exposition.

However, that is just my opinion. You might very well fancy it and that is okay. I simply look for more depth, struggle, and intrigue in a book that is all.
Robert Fontenot I love Throne of Glass but something to not is that the main character is very cocky
Isabelle Kulow I enjoyed it!!! Read all three (the ones so far- there's a fourth coming!!!) in four days. Couldn't put it down.
Emily WARNING: This answer contains spoilers. It is almost impossible to give a full review without spoilers, so sorry in advance.

OMG! Major fangirl here! I don’t know, I’m 11 years old, just finished reading the series for the second time, and maybe my view is biased but I love this so much! Of course there are better books out there, go read War and Peace if you have so much time to come here and be overly negative over someone’s life’s work. In the first book sure, maybe she’s a bit whiny but the over-description of pretty dresses marks Aelin (then Celaena) out as a badass, talented assassin who has a soft spot for clothes and food—one of the ways people like Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods—super smart but is frilly and feminine I guess.

I also don’t get why people are annoyed by the amount of witty banter and ‘scripted sentences’, after all Aelin had both a royal and a strict upbringing and is very intelligent so I feel that is quite justified. Assassins like her also have the power to remove someone from life, why shouldn’t they be arrogant? I do like humour in my books. Very moving too, last few books had me tearing up a couple times and I don’t cry easily.

It is so intense, confusing at first with the Wyrd and stuff but I promise it will get better. Especially where the parts about Celaena’s true identity is revealed. Perhaps the way that so many of the characters end up mates is a bit cliche, but although this may be inappropriate for an 11 year old all of the love scenes were steamy with anticipation. Don’t worry, there aren’t many. Other than that I also love the world building and character growth, for example Maeve’s story of walking between worlds. I also love how Aelin and Rowan pretty much hate each other at first, but don’t realise they’re mates until later in the series, breaking Rowan with Lyria was an amazing example of character development.

Characters are also introduced along the way, such as Manon and Yrene, and though they’re stories might not be as thrilling to read about they play vital roles in the destruction of Erawan. I’m sorry if you don’t like spoilers but there’s that, I could go on forever with reasons I love ToG
Gracianna I actually loved the book, and in the first book, Celaena may seem a bit whiny, I think that's part of her charecter development. Personally, I loved this book, and even though some people may find Celaena a bit annoying, I think she is a wonderful, strong charecter, mainly because of the exact same things that make her irritating. I think you should keep in mind that it is a young adult book, and though many may find YA not as deep or as well thought out as adult books, I think if one actually understands the essence of a book, they can find occurring themes that are not clearly stated yet well explored- but then again, that's just my personal opinion. I still loved this book so much, and I'd definitely recommend you to read it.
Chenxin Some bits of first book were a bit cringeworthy. (All those dialogues and exclamation marks almost made me give up) The second book was alright, nothing exciting really. But the character development was amazing in the third book, and the language used in the book matures as well. The protagonist changes from a self-centred, proud and annoying character to a more mature person. The series does get better, esp. from the third book (Heir of fire), which is also the author's favourite book. Should read the novella (assassin's blade) too, makes it easier to understand the protagonist in the first two books. Reading the novella made it easier to sympathise with the protagonist in the first book, so all the annoying bits were justified.
Olivia I really loved both of them. Her other, A Court of Thorns and Roses, is pretty amazing. I would highly recommend either
Casey I LOVE this series and recommend it to anyone who asks. It's my favorite Young Adult Dystopian Series. And I love the character development and romantic developments that Sarah Maas creates.
Lover of Fantasy Novels I'm sorry I ever invested in this series the first three books are amazing and build up a fantastic fantasy adventure with a strong female lead then reduce her to a condescending twat who never owns up to her mistakes because she's so "perfect". The author's insecurities get more apparent with every passing book.
Dom it is completely worth reading
Samantha The first book is romantic nonsense really. The kind of trashy romance book you can pick up off the shelf anywhere. But read it anyway because the second book is better and the third book is amazing.
rainbow_kitten_5 Not worth it at all. It just gets worse and worse...
Angel Are there better books in the world, sure... it doesn't mean this series isn't any good. It's a fun, rollicking read and I enjoyed it very much. I do not expect more from a series than is obviously intended. These are not meant to be Epic fantasy but fun, fantasy romance, with lots of banter and wit and heat. Read them for that or don't bother with them and go read Michael J Sullivan or Steven Erickson or Brandon Sanderson.
Amber Wilkinson I really enjoy this series, so I think you should continue giving this series a chance. And yes, the series is worth it.
Achon I loved the book. It was perfect!
Amanda I think that the first book was good but the books defiantly get better as the series continues. I feel like as I read each book I can see Sarah J Maas growing as a writer. The latest book in the series was my favorite - so it is up to you if you want to continue but I think it is worth the time :)
Assirac yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss

it is
Kathleen Haase I love this series! Because of how much I love this series I read her other Court of Thorn and Roses, JUST to get me through until the next TOG book came out and now I am addicted to BOTH! My sister read the first one long ago, and recently I insisted that she re-read it, and she loves them! The more the series goes on the better the books get. Read it for sure!
Lisa netto i loved both of the books.
i say that this is one of the best books i have read
Jake This book was awesome!!! I bet the series is just as good!!!
Leannette Yes these books are really good
If you are a fan of The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments than this is a must read!
mia The first and second book are like an introduction into the rest of the series. I love this series and I am waiting for the 5th book to come out still and if you read the first and second are a little like fluff and the the rest of the series is more dense and exciting. My least favorite is the second book, but this is one of the best book series I have ever read. Totally recommend it. Many of my friends stopped the series at the 3rd book because they believed it was boring ( when it was my favorite book) and they were only a couple pages through the book. So if you are a big reader and have some patience then you can tea this series. It is so worth it because the endings of these books are awesome compared to the beginnings. In the beginning you have no idea what is going to happen and that is what I especially love about this series.
Theo Meyer YES!! The suspense is great and so is the love story, you just gotta read it :)
Cait My fave series it gets better into the most recent books I recommend it!
Jennah A lot of people don't like the main character so I think it depends on what you like. I personally loved this book. Some people said that Celaena whined a lot and put down other girls who liked the person she liked. To be honest I found her super sassy, witty and very independent. She could be bit whiney but she had tough life! And people saying she put down people who liked the people she liked is unreasonable. I know Ive done it before, she was jealous. I don't believe People who don't enjoy the book have good enough reasons to dislike it but again, it depends on what you like! I think give it a go, if you don't like the first one I doubt you'll like the second one.
Sam Very wrong!!! This series is amazing, and you should absolutely give it a try. Just wait until you pick up Heir of Fire- that's when it starts getting to be breathtaking.
Kennedy I am only on the 5th book but so far I would say it is certaintly worth the read. While its true the beginning is boring it really start to pick up!! I personally really love the books and I'm probably going to reread them later.
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Leila Keaney I guess it's based on what you like, and how you interpret it. I have been holding off on this series for a while now, because I was like "eh, i mean it sounds okay." but I feel in love with them. I love how Sarah J Maas writes, going between perspectives to keep us up to date with everyones thoughts. But not all of their thoughts, she makes us still guess what could happen. You might balk at how she writes 500 pages a book or more, she books are a rollercoaster if you really get what you are reading. She is not your average author writing about a girl who doesn't feel pretty, hell she a arrogant, vain bitch (the FMC). She doesn't need a man to save her.I feel in love with all her characters main and side. It's towards the ends where it gets more action- its also where i read kind of fast to see what happens.

Celaena - badass who can deceit, scheme and still love everything around her when she endured darkness and enslavement. BROKEN IN ALL WAYS BUT WHO STILL SIMILES.

Dorian - Your reg. prince charming with a intelligent mind, and who loves fiercely. CHARMING IN EVERY WAY

Chaol (kay-all) - Captain of the Royal Guard, who has brute strength and chooses him brother (Dorian) his king above all else. FIERCELY LOYAL

So it's up to you to see if you are ready to pick up this series. Be ready to become heartbroken, to cry, to love these characters, because these books will wreck you to your core by LOVE, TRUST, BETRAYAL, CHOICES, FRIENDS & FAMILY.
Jennn YESS, its worth reading. The adventure puts you on an edge, with a side of romance. It's one of my favourite book series.
WorldGoneHaywire This series is ABSOLUTELY worth reading! It's filled to the brim with amazing action, suspenseful realizations, stunning romance, and much more! I've only read 1-3 and I'm already obsessed and in love wit this book! Sure it's a bit cringe-worthy, but it only makes you laugh and enjoy these books more!
Bailey Ostovar The first 4 are good then it get super stretched with plots and character devolpment
Meghan The first book is lacking; the story is bland, the writing is iffy, and there are dirty jokes in EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. The second book is literally just crap. The writing is still iffy, but there are fewer dirty jokes. However, people sleep with each other, and yeah. The third book is pretty good, but then I heard that people just keep sleeping with each other, and it just gets gross. So, I did not read past the third book.
Victoria Rose I'm torn. I just finished Throne of Glass and started Crown of Midnight and... it was something I would have enjoyed at 11 years old. I feel bad to leave the series here but everything about the TOG so far has been so cliche and... I don't know.
Alex Don't listen to the bad reviews. You NEED to read it.
Hiba These books are AmAzInG, ok?? You NEEED to read these!! the beautiful and complex plot, along with great character arcs, you have to read this!!
Book Lover07 The series is definately worth reading. The first book wasn't the best in the series, but it gets better in the books after she meets Rowan.
It really is worth a read, but only if you're fine with a bit more mature scenes and dialogues. I hope I could help you!
Charlotte Gauldie This is probably 5 years too late, but this is the best series I've ever read and I would highly recommend it
Evy I read the first two books out of curiousity and whilst they are entertaining, there just wasn't much there. Not much really happens in either book, there's the odd moment of action, but it could have been easily condensed into 1 book. I liked the characters, but Celeana wasn't very well drawn tbh, she just didn't convince at all as an assasin - simply being told she was wasn't enough. Show us! I don't think the writer got the handle on her character at all.
I stopped reading after the second book as it sounded like it didn't get much better. TBH, I just don't get the success of this series - there are so many better plotted, paced and characterised stories out there. It had a lot of potential, perhaps as a much edited down trilogy it might have worked, but nah - there just wasn't enough to it at all.
Michelle Haas I definitely think the first book in the series is the "worst" of Sarah J Maas's writings, but it is because it was her first book and she got better at writing the longer she went at it. I don't think the first book is bad, but it definitely has a lot of tropes and cliches of YA books, but as a whole this series is one of the best I've ever read, and reread the books so often that all my books are in tatters. I have searched for book series that match Sarah J Maas and I usually fall short. There are characters you will and will not like in the book but the dynamic amount of personalities really makes it a good read.
Danielle Yes, this series is by far the best I've read, I really would highly recommend!
Deana I loved the first book but the second book was bleh. So far, the rest of the series is AWESOME! I think it is definitely worth reading!
Lea Kane Absolutely worth reading!
Jennifer I read that Maas started these stories when she was a teenager and it shows in the first book. It still wasn't the worst thing I have ever read and you can see Maas improving as a writer as she goes. Much like Rowling. I wouldn't say Aelin is a Mary-sue as I've seen others suggest. Mary-sues tend to not have many bad things happen to them and there is no change in them when they do. They remain static. As the series progresses Aelin does change through each obstacle and encounter. There are still characters who don't like her, but you can not like somebody and still work with them toward mutual goals -- like preventing the destruction of their world.
Alex Maelynn When I read this book it made me feel empowered and that I can do anything. I loved how the main character is a strong woman who does bad things but is an amazing person also strong. When I read this I couldn't put it down! The characters just work very well together. The book plays with my emotions and when a book does that I would say it's a great book.
Eish B One of the best series I’ve had the pleasure of reading!

This series will always have a place on my bookshelf, and in my heart. Thank you, Sarah J. Maas, for introducing me to this beautiful universe.
Katie 300% it is definitely worth it to read the second one and to finish the rest of the series. I love everything about the series EXCEPT for the first book. It's just piss-poor writing. But, everything after Throne of Glass is AMAZING. Also, I know that this question was posted 4 years ago, but when I was debating whether or not to read the rest of the series, I came to this one. I was thankful for the comments that told me it got better. Because, it actually did. It's a really good series, it's just that Throne of Glass was written like a first novel and it was presented as such. Regardless, SJM listened to the readers and fixed everything that everyone hated.
Fireheart The throne of glass series is a flawless must read. The series get better each book.
Faith Lee Sarah J Maas is an absolute genius! Her books have many deserving loyal fans and are very popular! It's a DEFINITE MUST-READ!
Melvina YES!!!!!!!!
This series is definitely worth reading! The beginning is and there but then it gets better and better as you read on.
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Qwertwerido Okay, the thing about this book...this series is that our Assassin goes through a lot of development. She changes a lot in the series. If you're someone who absolutely hates the first book...and for some reason debating to read the second go ahead. Seriously, if you have the patience to read all the book in the series. Lemme just say it really is worth it. Celaena goes through a lot, she changes a lot. And the series as a whole is amazing.
Rori the books were amazing, personally I loved the first book- and the whole entire series
Ava All of the books are amazing! If you like heartstopping action, conflicting romance, and whole lot of mystery to be uncovered then I totally recommend this book series! You won't regret it
Allie-Joy Breakwell-Keanalley you have to read this

it is a great book and it builds and builds.
Julianne the 1st and 2nd one (to me) are really just classic dystopians. Then when you get to 3rd one the books start to really speed up. Then the books turn from a classic dystopian to a FREAKING ROLLERCOASTER BOOK! if you believe everyone else saying that the 1st and 2nd books are bad you can just start reading the 3rd book first then read the rest of the series, then go back and read the 1st and 2nd one.
Elise I think that you should take the time to read this amazing series. The series is very intricate and I was captured by the first book. I believe is totally worth a shot!
Savonne the series is soooo worth reading. i think the third is the best, even though the fifth one is great too. i could not help crying in all the books. they are a must read series. i think most women love this book, and men are like completely against it. this is my favorite series ever!!!!! i feel that Sarah's writing keeps on getting better and better. can't wait till the sixth one comes out! this series is definately worth reading!
Hannah I really really really enjoyed all of the them in the series, and it is definitely worth it!!!!!
Liv I say that the 1st book is much better than the 2nd, and could serve well as a stand alone.

Personally, I only really enjoyed the 1st one, the other ones sort of went downhill.

The 3rd one was really good, though the second one, TERRIBLE
Kraftlos The second book was pretty good. This first one, not so much.
Sofia Hiller A must read series
Eva Elizabeth Yes it's honestly the best book you will ever read!
Urooma Not at all this series is total waste of time. first one is a good one but afterwards boringggggg.
Izzy K Look, i actually am enjoying the series so far, but there is definitely room for improvement. It has a great storyline so far and keeps you on edge. This is definitely a good book for people who like stories like Hunger Games, Divergent etc. This isn't the BEST series I have read so far but is still very good. I would recommend it :)
Chloe Most people who say these books aren't good haven't even gotten to the 3rd book. If you read between the lines and see how much depth Celaena's story really has, you will fall in love.

This is honestly the best series I have read.
Aahana Best book EVER!!! I read the entire series in a month, and I loved every word! You have to read this!
Barb Walker Loved the 3 books i have read am about to buy the next one
Michele Thanks for asking this. I was have the same question!
Soha Bassam yes,it's awesome
Ginny Beall I liked both of them. Despite other replies to this, she only puts down one woman (who is basically a gold digger). She is awesome. The second book is definitely the worst in the series though, but it isn't bad.
Sylvia YES IT IS!!! I LOVE the series and it just gets better and better!!!!
Matty May You need to read it! It is so awesome! In my opinion the books keep getting better!
Emma I preferred the first book over any of the others. Just my opinion though.
Ayesha The series is overall amazing, definitely. I would say that things start picking up more in the third book, that's when I started loving it. In the first book, we don't get to see her full potential, but it will start picking up.
Erica This sounds very similar to a series I read as a teenager, Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce. If you're looking for an alternative.
Hatty it is an amazing book you should defiantly give it a go it is one of the best series i have ever read. The last book is the best
Lavanda Gillum loved them!!! they were one of the best to me totally different than any thing. yes later on there ways some boring parts but if you didn't have them the book wouldn't make sense.
Emily Matz This series is one of the best I have read, you really get to see the background of Celaena in a different book which I recommend reading first so you can understand more of why she wants revenge so badly in this book and why she's the way she is through the rest of the series. But once you understand her well written background, you understand why she's out for blood and just how wicked and cruel the King is. I think all the characters are well rounded and have good personalities. The story line is amazing and keeps you well drawn in and entertained.
Emily I loved both books, along with all the others (Assassin's Blade, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, A Court of Thorns and Roses).
Reshma yes. of course . I only read book one and going to read the other one but I really liked it, no wait, I loved it.
Shannon The first two are a struggle, but the seeds are planted for a really great story and I'm happy I persevered.
Evie Netherwood I read the first one when I was 12 and loved it, in reflection it's not amazing and the second follows in a similar way but the third is a real turning point. There's a lot less romance and it's way more character driven. You get proper character development and some new characters who are some of the best in the series, although some of the subplots for the new characters are predictable you really grow to love some of them (especially Manon and the thirteen). The fourth book absolutely blew me away. You could it had been written by a matured author compared to the first who was more sure of herself, it had much more unpredictable plot twists and the characters felt a lot more real. Celaena herself matured which improved it greatly. In the first book I'd say the redeeming features are Nehemia (although some find her annoying) and the subplots. Definitely read if you like fantasy YA (I'm not usually fan of historical type ones but the AU is really well thought out, one of the plus sides of the author writing the frost one so young)
Wilmarie it's amazing! It's a must read. It really captured me for more check out there I will leave my complete review.
Kay You NEED to read this book. One of my all time favourites.
Elias It's worth reading solely for Celaena Sardothien. She's a fantastic character, although the story is generic and far too romance-based.
Deidre Hansen I loved this series! I just read the 4th book that came out about a month ago and it was fantasic! I think that the characters that are incorporated into the series around Celaena are great! Although Celaena is a little bit of a brat in the prequel and the first book, her character really starts developing in the 3rd book and she becomes one of my favorite heroines by the 4th! If you like this series you should check out the "Light and Shadow Trilogy" by Moira Katson
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Nisma Salem Should I read it or not ?? Im not sure if its good!!
Pamela J. (Fantasy Book Nook) I'd rate the 1st two books somewhere between 3-4 stars. I like the fact that Celaena could kick ass, but was still a bit whiny (so tired of sweet/self-sacrificing heroines). I also like the fact that she's a strong heroine who is still attractive (there seems to be a recent trend that females who are strong are plain and/or pudgy). That being said, it worth it to read them if only because it gets you to the 3rd book, which is absolutely one of my favorite books ever. The interaction/relationship between her and Rowan is beyond words and I'm obsessively awaiting the 4th.
Dani This series is amazing the first and the second one the third kinda slow but over all amazin series
Jillian Just read the first book and am on the fence. It was okay but there wasn't anything great about it. Truthfully if you are looking for a read kind of like it that is ten times more enjoyable look into Grave mercy or Graceling.
Danielle I thought this book was amazing! its soooooooo much worth to read! (pls read pls read pls read)
Amina Khalif I really lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this booklikeomg!!!!!
Kate I'm not sure that the second book is technically better, but I enjoyed it a lot more. It delivers on the action and intrigue the first book promised, instead of just focusing on dances and balls and romance. You might like this series if you're looking for fun, breezy fantasy, but don't listen to the cover blurbs comparing it to George R R Martin's books. The comparison is ridiculous.
Jenna C I like it I guess.... not as much action as I would have liked, but then again Im only 2 thirds the way through the first book.

Angelina both books are amazing in my eyes and i would recommend reading the entire series to anyone
Karen Spivey It's pretty good. The writing is ok but the Celaena is over the top - too tough, too skilled, too witty, etc. but likable despite these faults. I enjoyed the first book and plan to read the rest of the series.
Iris Jung I have enjoyed this book so much! Honestly, I loved it! I was crying one moment and laughing the other! It can be a little overwhelming, but that is what makes even more Amazing!
Ren Readsalot I loved the entire series! I have never gone through a series faster. The story definitely hooks you in the second book though.
Angelina Kumayas Just finished reading the second book. I couldn't put it down! Can't wait to read the third one. I always love the story about a strong female character and I absolutely love this book.
Asmaa They are both amazing, i don’t know where you heard the first one wasn't good but it really is and Crown of Midnight is even better, i just finished it today. it was stunning.
Yedid Fools. This is by far the best book and series I have ever read.
Maisie - Jane you have to read this, this series is amazing and I couldn't put it down. Would be a big mistake to miss out on these books.
Mietei The books keep on getiing better. You can baically see the growth of the characters. Yes as others have stated, Celaena is selfish, too concerned about her looks and so on but as the series you can see the growth in her. I was actually going to stop after book one but I'm glad I didn't. The book was worth it to me.
Diana Braxton The first book is "meh"
I'm not sure about the other books, but I've just recently read the novellas and was very impressed. I would say read the first, just to get into the series, and then if you don't like the others, stop.
Rumesa this book was like OhMyGod!Finally. this was after a long time that i stumbled upon a well-written, worth-you-time read. love the plot, love the characters; it's kind of like Fire by Kristen Cashore but definitely better.
Sarmia yo this book is the boss you haveto readthem like noww!!!!! you'remissin out
Vi ~ Inkvotary This book, is a definite must read! I saw it on the www and started with the eBooks - after them I was hooked and curious to see how the story continuous - you won´t regret it :-)
Rin you should all the books are amazing !
Elise This book is amazing!!! Crown of Midnight was even better though.
Галена Стоянова I read the first two and cannot wait till the third one! The books are amazing. Start reading and I hope you like them. :)
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