Readers' Most Anticipated YA Books for April

Posted by Sharon on March 31, 2021
As dedicated readers already know, some of the best and most innovative stories on the shelves come from the constantly evolving realm of young adult fiction. Every month our team looks at the books being published and how they're resonating with early readers. We use this information to put together a roundup of soon-to-be favorites.
New in April: A teenage girl makes an unsettling discovery about the afterlife in Akemi Dawn Bowman’s The Infinity Courts. A Russian folktale gets a queer retelling in Alexandra Overy’s These Feathered Flames. And Jane Austen’s most famous novel swings back around again in Tirzah Price’s Pride and Premeditation. Also look for renegade witches, blessed monsters, and the abiding usefulness of William Shakespeare.
Add the books that catch your eye to your Want to Read shelf and let us know what you're reading and recommending in the comments!

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Ciannon Smart’s Jamaica-inspired fantasy novel follows two rival witches as they team up to confront a mutual threat. One of the witches is the Queen’s daughter. The other is in jail. Neither wants this alliance, but if they plan to survive, they’ll have to grin and bear it. There’s probably a “resting witch face” joke in here somewhere, but the word count is tight with these blurbs.

Read our exclusive interview with Ciannon Smart.

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Something happened to Iris Hollow when she was a young child. Something she can’t quite remember. Something that left a half-moon scar at the base of her throat. Now 17, Iris is investigating the disappearance of Grey, one of her two older sisters, each of whom bears a similar scar. That’s when the horned guys start following her. Then a corpse falls out of the ceiling. Could be trouble, lieutenant.

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Here’s a premise that should make you nervous: Teenager Nami Miyamoto has just made a disturbing discovery—she’s dead. Confined in the afterlife plane known as Infinity, she makes an even more disturbing discovery. The virtual assistant Ophelia (think Alexa or Siri) has taken over the afterlife and is forcing all humans into eternal servitude. (She’s sick of being bossed around in this life, apparently.) Can Nami save us all from a fate literally worse than death?

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In this third and final installment of the Something Dark and Holy series, author Emily A. Duncan returns one last time to her popular fantasy realm, inspired in part by the historical heroine known as the Maid of Orléans—or Joan of Arc. Two countries are locked in a bloody holy war, but one gifted peasant girl wields magic that can save everyone.

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The intriguing debut novel These Feathered Flames is being billed as a queer retelling of the Russian folktale The Firebird. Asya and Izaveta, twin heirs to the realm, were separated at a young age. Izaveta stayed home to learn the complexities of the court. Asya was sent to study magic with her aunt, the legendary Firebird. But before her training is complete, Asya feels an ancient power swell within. The queen is dead, and a new leader must be crowned.

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Kelly Quindlen (Late to the Party) is back with a tale of high school romance gone spectacularly haywire. Scottie Zajac, fresh off a painful breakup with her ex-girlfriend, gets into a slight car accident with the worst person possible: renowned hottie and dedicated mean girl Irene Abraham. Could Scottie really fall into a romance with her archnemesis? Love is strange. She Drives Me Crazy is recommended for fans of Becky Albertalli and Casey McQuiston.

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Besties Kate Garfield and Anderson Walker share everything—a love of theater, a commitment to the environment—and they’re in the habit of consulting each other on all major life decisions. But when the two best friends find that they share the same crush, the adorabizzle Matt Olsson, the system starts breaking down. Bonus trivia: Author Becky Albertalli (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda) is a former psychologist for high school students.  

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This month’s winner of the unofficial Best Book Title award, Tirzah Price’s Pride and Premeditation is the first book in her new Jane Austen Murder Mystery series. A retelling of Austen’s famous 1813 classic, Pride and Prejudice, the story combines elements of the mystery thriller with historical fiction, details on London high society, and perhaps a little romance featuring a fellow named Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

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Speaking of great book titles, The Forest of Stolen Girls is another delicious historical mystery from June Hur, author of The Silence of Bones. Hwani Min and her family fled their hometown years ago, after a traumatic incident. It turns out that Hwani and her sister had disappeared, only to awake in the forest near a brutal crime scene, with no memory of what happened. Now girls are disappearing again, along with Hwani’s detective dad. Uh-oh.

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Dean Foster has thought it through and he knows the truth—he’s a trans guy. But it’s tricky to come out in high school. When the school theater director casts Dean as a “nontraditional” Romeo, he sees a chance to hit the reset button on his entire life, both on and off the stage. This debut novel from writer Ray Stoeve celebrates the triumph of finding your own true voice, whatever your age.

Which new releases are you looking forward to reading? Let's talk books in the comments!

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message 1: by Salma (new)

Salma I am really looking forward to she drives me crazy and blessed monsters !

message 2: by TMR (new)

TMR Ooh love these.

message 3: by Natasha (new)

Natasha  Leighton Really looking forward to House of Hollow. But soo many of these look good!

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Ashritha I'm excited for Kate in Waiting, but they all sound amazing...

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Antagonist These look good, super excited for House of Hollow✨

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Jessica Brixie Time to go on a book buying bender 🤩

StardustReader Looking forward to read Between Perfect and Real

message 8: by Tay (new)

Tay 'Witches Steeped in Gold!' April 20th can't get here fast enough!!

pretenxiouspsyche *screams in excitement*

message 10: by Maxine (new)

Maxine Honestly, these covers are just really pretty... 😍

message 11: by Sonja (new)

Sonja Sutcavage Okay but like The Infinity Courts sounds so interesting, I can't wait to check it out! (:

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mary SO excited for Kate in Waiting!!

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Margrieta can't wait for the forest of stolen girls

Melissa ~ Missy (FrayedBooks) I just finished an arc of House of Hollow last night and its sooooo good and creepy! 5/5 stars!!!

Michelle White Baker Melissa ~ Missy (FrayedBooks) wrote: "I just finished an arc of House of Hollow last night and its sooooo good and creepy! 5/5 stars!!!"

I absolutely loved it!!!

message 16: by Green (new)

Green I’m not really into any of these books this month. Most have to much romance for me any one else agree?

message 17: by Laiba (new)

Laiba House of Hollow and Witches Steeped in Gold are going to be amazing!! *fingers crossed*

message 18: by K (new)

K Gilbert Highly recommend Rebecca Mahoney's The Valley and the Flood!

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Bosco Excited for June Hur's The Forest of Stolen Girls coming out next week!

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