Read More Books in 2020 with the Goodreads Reading Challenge!

Posted by Cybil on January 1, 2020
It's that time of year when people make New Year's resolutions to cut back on things they like (farewell, cookies, gluten, and wine!) and start doing things that might not be fun (ugh—hello, working out and counting calories).

But don't worry, there's a better way! Why not start 2020 by vowing to make more time for something you truly love? That's right. Spend more time reading! And to help you, we encourage you to join the 2020 Goodreads Reading Challenge.

It's simple: Set a goal of how many books you want to read this year, and we'll help you keep track of your progress. How many books will you be pledging?

After several years of offering the Reading Challenge, we've learned what helps people enjoy their year of reading. Here's some of our best advice.

Pro Tips for Reaching Your Goal:

Plan Accordingly

Boost Your Progress

  • Rereading counts! So by all means, go ahead and dive into those old favorites.

  • Listen to audiobooks. This is a great way to read more and multitask.

  • Put books on hold at your local library so it's easier to start your next book.

  • Use your Want to Read shelf to help keep track of what you'd like to read next.

  • If you’re an Amazon Prime member, did you know there are multiple ways you can read free books as part of your membership? Check out First Reads to get one free, pre-release Kindle book a month (available in the U.S., U.K., and Australia). And you can also read more free books with Prime Reading (available in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, the U.K., Germany, Spain, France, Italy, India, Japan, China, and Australia).

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message 1: by spiderboox (new)

spiderboox Last year my goal was 12 (I just wanted to get through one a month) and managed 18. So this year my goal is 24 :)

message 2: by hugo (new)

hugo van der wildt Mij goal is 50 books. Just like all the years before.

message 3: by Mette (new)

Mette My goql is 56 books. Hopefully I get the opportunity to read even more books, but I'd rather set my goal a little lower so I don't get stressed about my goal.

message 4: by Drahminr (new)

Drahminr This is the first time I am setting myself a reading goal ! I wanted to go for 52 but as I have never tracked my reading habits I thought it would be safer to go for 36. This year my goal is to read all those books I already have hanging around ! There are approximately 70 books at home I haven’t read yet... That’s two years worth of reading I guess.
Wish you all a very nice year filled with great books !

message 5: by Bostonlotus (new)

Bostonlotus #1 goal this year is to read the books I own...I love using the library, ...I love buying books, ... I love downloading audiobooks for my commute, ... However, I definitely need to clean those shelves off before adding to them.

message 7: by AV (new)

AV I’m going to try to be more diverse with the genres I read this year

message 8: by Anty (new)

Anty Notosapoetro I do the same amount of books for the challenge so I don’t feel pressured. If I past the number it’s a bonus. Reading supposed to be an enjoyable past time, not something that take over your life just because you have over the top competitive streak. Your life would be richer by do more things and try new things.

message 9: by Liubov (new)

Liubov I'm starting with 100..

message 10: by Asher (new)

Asher Bueno Last year my goal was 100. I only ended up reading 18.

message 11: by Shar (new)

Shar I have set mine at 50, which is the norm for me but when I get about half way through the year if I am well ahead I usually end up increasing it by a few, usually around 5-8.

Good luck everybody with your personal challenges.

message 12: by Jeni (new)

Jeni Bridgwater Last year my goal was 8. I had my 3rd baby in May so knew finding time to read would be challenging. I started my first book in hospital after having my baby and it took me 2 months to finish. My lovely husband bought me a kindle at the end of July and that just made reading so much easier for me. I finished the year on 14 books which I’m happy with as They were all read in the last half of the year! I’m setting my goal as 12 this year but I’m hoping I will smash that too!!

message 13: by Cristina V. (new)

Cristina V. It would be great if you allowed to see how past challenges went even when they were not completed. A reader year is equally valuable when you finish your challenge as when you end it with 2 or 20 books behind the goal. Every one of that books matter, let us see them in the challenge page, please!

message 14: by Karen (new)

Karen Breakell I did 126 last year with a mixture of audiobooks on my new train commute ... ebooks on the iPad and some actual real life paper editions by the bed ... love tracking my progress and seeing what others are reading ..

message 15: by Barb (new)

Barb Penrose I have just joined Goodreads, so this is my first yearly challenge. I'm going to set it at a, hopefully, realistic 12 and see how I get on. I don't want to put myself under too much pressure!

message 16: by JMS (new)

JMS I’m committed to reading 78 books, or about 1.5 per week!

message 17: by João (new)

João Sampaio First time with a reading goal. Twenty will be!

message 18: by Pocki (new)

Pocki I always start the year at 52 as my goal. 2018 I had to pull back cause a new job changed my reading habits completely. But 2019 was my biggest reading year ever, so I'm back in the game and going for my usual 52. Hopefully I can increase it after summer.

message 19: by Manonsbooks (new)

Manonsbooks 2020, the first time I set a reading goal ! So, I have decided to set 52 books for this year :)

message 20: by Anca-Daniela (new)

Anca-Daniela Spataru <3

message 21: by Tamsin (new)

Tamsin having had a couple of years off from the reading challenge i have seen a decline in my reading habits, so this year i planned to set a gentle target which i can always increase as the year progresses! Plus i have some awesome sounding books lined up to get stuck into that I am excited about!

message 22: by Alison (new)

Alison 12. One a month is reasonable, and I have at least that many in new books I bought last year. Never mind the ones on my bookshelves I haven’t gotten to yet!

Happy New Year, everyone!

message 23: by Shaw (new)

Shaw Awesome, such an interesting site, reminds me to be productive, pick a book and read instead of pilot living (TV, mindless eating, gossip) through times when I don't have much to do.
Last year my goal was 25 books, but I picked my first book on June 'Rich Dad, poor Dad'. I managed to read 33 books easily and still have a lot of free time.
As for 2020 I want to set the bars high .. 100 books. I know I can, but I will start with 60 on the challenge, let's see how it's going.

message 24: by Karim (new)

Karim NB I am going to try and read 50 books this year

message 25: by Michael (new)

Michael Brown Last year I reached and exceeded my goal, reading 200. In fairness, I have a job, where I work alone, and am able to listen to audiobooks straight through. I also use an ereader with a great text to speech option.
So I probably only "read" 4 books.
With all that being said, I'm aiming for 150.

message 26: by Tanya (new)

Tanya 52 is my standard. I usually over-shoot by a couple because I throw in some shorts/graphic novels/comics, so it works out fine.

message 27: by Sefa (new)

Sefa I read 52 books for my 2019 Goodreads challenge. And I realized that the important thing is not how many books you read, but which books you read and how well you understand them.

I saw someone who said they read 100 (easy fiction books, short ones that can be read in a day), some guy "reading" dozens of poetry books, and some people who read only 10 books but they were heavy books about research on psychology.

So, which one is the best? We can't judge this by mere numbers because books are about meaning, not how many pages you turn. That's why I will keep reading, but not gonna enter this reading contest anymore. There shouldn't be any pressure on how fast you read.

message 28: by Sammie (new)

Sammie Jayne 50.. I beat my goal last year with 64 so I’m going to beat it this year too.

message 29: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Goal for this year: 100 all of which is to re-read all my old books I've read and loved. As well as finish series that have gone unfinished. Might have to up the goal since I listen to audio books at work for 6 hrs a day.

message 30: by Nisha (new)

Nisha AV wrote: "I’m going to try to be more diverse with the genres I read this year"


message 31: by Nisha (new)

Nisha Set a target of 100 last year, realised quite quickly that I just didn't have the time to do this. 52 seems reasonable but I am going to try and read a wider range of genres and authors, including authors from more diverse backgrounds.

message 32: by Sheena (last edited Jan 01, 2020 06:30AM) (new)

Sheena I’m going for 150. This is the same as last year but I’m going to try to read more ‘good’ books.

message 33: by Sheena (new)

Sheena Nisha wrote: "AV wrote: "I’m going to try to be more diverse with the genres I read this year"



message 34: by frances (new)

frances With baby 3 on its way I will do my best to focus on my goal. But reading is a pleasure and will follow the right flow.

message 35: by Sheena (new)

Sheena AV wrote: "I’m going to try to be more diverse with the genres I read this year"


message 36: by Jilly (new)

Jilly B Last year, my goal was 87 and I finished with 92, so this year, I’m upping it to 93.

message 37: by Elizaveta (new)

Elizaveta For the last couple of years, I set myself a goal of 100 books, but last year I couldn't keep up with it and it got stressful. Reading should only bring joy and pleasure so I decided to lower the number to 45) I don't want to force myself to read, I want to enjoy every page!)
I want to wish everyone to enjoy their reading and find books you'll love! Happy new year!

message 38: by Anissa (new)

Anissa I'm in for 60 again. It's for me, attainable and also lets me keep an enjoyable pace. I exceeded my goal last year and may well do so this year. I used to be able to read a minimum of 75 books a year but life has pared me back a bit so when I do reach 75 or more that's just pure joy.

Have a happy reading year, everyone! :)

message 39: by Carolyn (last edited Jan 01, 2020 07:40AM) (new)

Carolyn I set my goal for 75 this year, stepping back from the 100 I set for 2019. I met my goal and ended up reading 135 and keeping track for the first time made me realize that I actually read more than is healthy for me. I love reading so much, and always have. But I love my family, too. This year I want to spend more time appreciating my husband. After 56 years together, I know he won't be with me too many more years.

message 40: by Mr. Cody (new)

Mr. Cody 365 books! (I read comics and children’s books)

message 41: by Rabbia (new)

Rabbia Riaz I set 50 last year but ended with 63 though including some children books and audiobooks.This time its 100.

message 42: by Asher (new)

Asher Bueno Last year my goal was 100 books. I read 18 books, so this year I’m going to set my goals to 100 books again.

message 43: by Olga (new)

Olga It’s 2020 so mine is 20 books this year last year it was 10 only read five it’s better than nothing 😏

message 44: by Mariam (new)

Mariam Last year my goal was 50, and then read 90+ some of which were dnf’d which left me in a readers burnout slump thing ..and this year the goal is 100. Let’s just hope for the best.

message 45: by Karen (new)

Karen Smillie Although I didn't meet my target last year, it was the best reading year for me! I have set myself the same target with the hope that I can reach it this year!! Need to be kind to myself and do more of the thing I love - reading!

message 46: by Kate (new)

Kate Cristina V. wrote: "It would be great if you allowed to see how past challenges went even when they were not completed. A reader year is equally valuable when you finish your challenge as when you end it with 2 or 20 ..."
You can see them in your "Year in Books." At the top of that page you can click on "See previous Year." You can click on that for each year and it will take you to each previous year.

message 47: by Kiran (new)

Kiran My goal last year was 25, I ended up reducing it to 21. Let’s hope I get to that 25 this year!

message 48: by Joan (new)

Joan I'm setting my usual goal to read 50 books for this year's reading challenge. I'm an uber picky reader and it can be a struggle to find fifty good books to read. Hopefully, I'll stumble across a few gems and surpass my stated challenge.

message 49: by Anne (new)

Anne I reached my goal of 50 in 2019. My goal for 2020 is 52

message 50: by Baren (new)

Baren This is the first time that i am putting a target. All thanks to my friend that showed it on instagram. As many of the readers i will try to read all the books that i already have in my library and didnt read them. I am putting a target of 53 (a book per week). Lets hope that i can reach it. Even its only a number.
Lets start it.

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