7 Brand-New Books Goodreads Members Can't Wait to Read

Posted by Hayley on September 26, 2017
Need another excuse to go to the bookstore this week? Besides a provocative horror yarn from Stephen King and his son Owen and a bold teen slasher story from Stephanie Perkins, bulk up your Want to Read shelf with these brand-new standalone titles—each with an average rating over 4.0 stars.

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The Language of Thorns
written by Leigh Bardugo and illustrated by Sara Kipin

You should read this book if you like: YA fantasy, fairy tales and folk lore, Shadow and Bone, whimsical illustrations, talking beasts

Check out a sneak peek here.

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Don't Let Go
by Harlan Coben

You should read this book if you like: Thrillers, sinister murder mysteries, twins, cold cases, New Jersey detectives, the one that got away

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Dear Fahrenheit 451
by Annie Spence

You should read this book if you like: Nonfiction, librarians, snarky humor, love letters and break-up notes, books about books

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The Black Tides of Heaven
by J.Y. Yang

You should read this book if you like: Fantasy, rebellions, prophetic gifts, siblings with the power to save or destroy the world

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I, Eliza Hamilton
by Susan Holloway Scott

You should read this book if you like: Historical fiction, heroines who shaped America, Hamilton, complicated marriages, being part of the narrative

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by Ann Leckie

You should read this book if you like: Science fiction, interstellar conflict, thieves and rebels, political turmoil, stories of birthright

Check out Leckie's book recommendations here.

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Queens of the Conquest
by Alison Weir

You should read this book if you like: History, medieval royals, chronicles of love and murder, powerful portraits of enigmatic leaders

BONUS: The wait is over—check out three of the buzziest sequels coming out today!

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Sleep Like a Baby
by Charlaine Harris

The tenth book in the Aurora Teagarden mystery series
(Start off the series with Real Murders)

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Casualty of War
by Charles Todd

The ninth book in the Bess Crawford historical fiction series
(Start off the series with A Duty to the End)

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Archangel's Viper
by Nalini Singh

The tenth book in the Guild Hunter paranormal romance series
(Start off the series with Angels' Blood)

What are you reading this week? Let's talk books in the comments!

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message 1: by Mike (new)

Mike Finn Thanks for the heads up on the new Ann Leckie book

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia The JY Yang is one of *two* novellas released at the same time -- the other is Red Threads of Fortune.

message 3: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie Interestung. Will look into

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren "I, Eliza Hamilton" is such a fabulous read - highly recommended for anyone who loves historical fiction, American history, and super-strong women characters. You don't have to know a single note of "Hamilton" to enjoy (but if you're a die-hard Hamilfan, then you NEED to read this book.)

(Mellifluous Grant) I love it when you guys do the you should read this if you love this lists :)

message 7: by Catherine (new)

Catherine This is great!! Just added yet another book to my list!!

message 8: by Bradshaw (new)

Bradshaw Layfield Same here I also can’t wait to read these upcoming books because I have done finishing my previous books and can’t wait to grab one of these. Academic Writers UK

message 9: by Kanwaljit (new)

Kanwaljit Deol Reading Shadow Country by Peter Matthiessen. This big, complex book set at the turn of the twentieth century in southern Florida won the American National Book Award. Reading it, slowly, I am understanding the foundations of race relations in America that echo today in Charlottesville and Trump. He writes so well!

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message 11: by Flavia (new)

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message 15: by Sundar (new)

Sundar Samy I have added one more book to my wishlist...

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