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message 1: by Michelle (last edited Jan 03, 2017 04:11PM) (new)

Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1176 comments Week 1: A book from the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016

GoodReads Choice Awards - 2016

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Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1176 comments Week 2: A book with at least 2 perspectives (multiple POVs)

Books with Multiple Perspectives
Popular Multiple POV Books
Multiple POV Fantasy Books

message 3: by Michelle (last edited Oct 18, 2016 04:50AM) (new)

Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1176 comments Week 3: A book you meant to read in 2016

I suggest you look at your TBR list for a book you meant to read in 2016 but did not. ;)

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Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1176 comments Week 4: A title that doesn't contain the letter "E"

If thinning out your giant TBR list is a priority, check to see if you have any non-"E" titles lurking in there also!

message 6: by Michelle (last edited Jan 03, 2017 04:13PM) (new)

Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1176 comments Week 6: A book being released as a movie in 2017

This list will fill out as we get closer to 2017.

7 of Your Favorite YA Novels Slated to be Movies in 2017
25 Books Becoming Movies in 2017
PopSugar's Books to Read Before They're Movies in 2017

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Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1176 comments Week 7: A book with an animal on the cover or in the title

Wolves, Dogs, and Other Animals on Front Covers
Species and Animals in Titles

If you're looking to tackle your TBR list in 2017, use the "cover view" setting in the upper right corner of your Goodreads TBR list to search for animals on the covers or in the titles of the books on your to-read shelf.

message 9: by Michelle (last edited Oct 17, 2016 11:28AM) (new)

Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1176 comments Week 9: A book in the middle of your TBR list

This is another one you'll have to consult your TBR list for. Divide it in half and look for books in that range. ;)

message 11: by Zaz (last edited Nov 17, 2016 12:00PM) (new)

Zaz | 3034 comments Week 11: A category from another challenge

This category is a good way to expend a little your reads. You can choose a challenging prompt, something out of your comfort zone, a category that our challenge lacks or just an appealing idea. The most well known reading challenges are the Popsugar Reading Challenge (52 categories) and the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge (24 categories). There are also some less known challenges or group challenges, you just need to have a true category if you want to use them.
Don't forget to note the category so you can share it with the group and not just the book you picked for it.

2017 Ultimate Popsugar Challenge
To update with 2017 Book Riot (in 2015: list released mid-December)
2015 and 2016 Popsugar Challenge and Bookriot Read Harder
2016 Around the Year Challenge

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Zaz | 3034 comments Week 12: A book based on a myth

This category is for a retelling of a myth or a book using mythological elements to build its story. Inspirations from Norse, Egyptian or Greek mythologies can be a good start, but there are other possibilities.

Books shelved as "Based On Mythology" on Goodreads
GR Listopia: Modern Adaptations of Greek Mythology
GR Listopia: Best YA & Children Series Involving Greek Myths
GR Listopia: Norse Mythology
13 Fantasies Inspired by Mythology from the British Isles
YA Retellings: Mythology (end of the page)

message 13: by Zaz (last edited Oct 18, 2016 12:32AM) (new)

Zaz | 3034 comments Week 13: A book recommended by one of your favorite authors

For this category, depending on the author you choose, you can:
- Look at his/her profile on Goodreads, maybe the author has an account and writes reviews.
- Look at his/her Facebook, blog, etc, maybe the author shares some reads.
- Try to ask him/her a recommendation on a social network.
- Look at the interviews, they usually underline some books that influenced the author's writing.

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message 15: by Zaz (last edited Oct 19, 2016 10:26AM) (new)

Zaz | 3034 comments Week 15: A book written or set in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland)

In 2017, we're trying to broaden a little our reading horizons and discover what's outside the US and the UK. For this category, you're free to choose a book set in Scandinavia or a book written by a Scandinavian author.

GR: Scandinavian Literature page
GR Listopia: Scandinavian Children's Books
GR Listopia: Best Nordic Fiction
Books shelved as "Popular Nordic Crime/Noir" on Goodreads
GR Listopia: Swedish authors
GR Listopia: Swedish books
GR: Swedish Literature page
Books shelved as "Popular Norwegian Fiction" on Goodreads
GR: Books set in Norway
GR: Books set in Finland
GR: Finnish Literature page
Books shelved as "Popular Icelandic Sagas" on Goodreads and the sagas available online.
Nordic Council's Literature Prize winners
10 Finnish Classics
10 Norwegian books translated in English
Ten books set in Iceland and Scandinavia
Stand Still Stay Silent (post-apocalyptic nordic webcomic)

Some author tips for crime-lovers (thanks to Elín Birna):
- Icelandic: Arnaldur Indriðason, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, Ragnar Jónasson
- Swedish: Lars Kepler, Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström, Maj Sjövall & Per Wahlöö, Anna Jansson, Liza Marklund, Camilla Läckberg, Henning Mankell, Arne Dahl
- Norwegian: Jo Nesbø, Anne Holt, Karin Fossum
- Danish: Jussi Adler-Olsen

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message 18: by Zaz (last edited Oct 22, 2016 08:49AM) (new)

Zaz | 3034 comments Week 18: A really long book (600+ pages)

Welcome to the doorstop category, breathe 2-3 times, you'll be fine. The book has to be over 600 pages, it can be a full story or an omnibus (aka collected edition) or a collection of short stories.

You can sort your TBR by number of pages (add the column via My Books > Settings) and pick one of your big books or browse some links:

GR shelf: Popular 600 700 Pages Books
GR shelf: Popular 600 Plus Pages Books
Long books that are definitely worth finishing

-> Fast readers and people reading multiple books at the same time: do whatever you want, you’ll probably be fine.
-> Slow or medium readers and people reading only one book at a time: this category can be a killer if you don’t finish your book in time. To help, we bundled it with "A book with illustrations", so it’d be wise that you pick a short read for this category (picture book, children book or graphic novel), tackle it first then start the doorstop. Like this, you’ll have 2 weeks to read your big guy. We also recommend children and Young Adult books if one interests you, they can be big but read faster than adult books. We collected some of them in this listopia, feel free to add more:
GR Listopia: Children's and YA books over 600 pages

-> If you’re aiming at a very big book, feel free to start it before January and to read the 600 last pages during 2017.

-> If you’re crying looking at this doorstop category, we’re very sad that we made you unhappy and recommend you to check the omnibus editions for manga and graphic novels, if they contain 3+ books, they are probably over 550 pages and some can fit the 600+ requirement.
Ex: Marvel Omnibus

message 19: by Zaz (last edited Oct 23, 2016 04:17AM) (new)

Zaz | 3034 comments Week 19: A New York Times best-seller

For this category, you can choose a NYT best-seller book or a NYT best-seller author. If a book is very popular around you, it's probably in the best-seller list. There are different lists for several genres (YA, children books, fiction, non fiction, graphic novels) and editions (ebooks, paperbacks and hardcovers).

Current best-sellers

Fiction in 2016 (other years here)
Non fiction in 2016 (other years at the bottom)
Manga in 2016 (other years at the bottom)

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Zaz | 3034 comments Week 20: A book that you've owned for a while but haven't gotten around to reading

As there is no time limit for this category, you don't need to pick a book sitting on your shelves since 2 years. You can use a paper/audio copy or one of these ebooks sleeping in your ereader.

Suggestion: It can be a good spot for a sequel in a series, you just need to grab the book early so it'll have time to collect some dust ;)

message 21: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Oct 17, 2016 11:53AM) (new)

Laura | 3821 comments Mod
Week 21: A book that is a continuation of a book you've already read

You're on your own with this one! We all have those partially finished series so now's your chance to revisit one.

message 23: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Oct 17, 2016 11:58AM) (new)

Laura | 3821 comments Mod
Week 23: A book from the BBC "The Big Read" list

You only need one list for this week but there are some great choices in there!
BBC The Big Read: Top 100
BBC The Big Read" Top 200

Note: the Goodreads lists are inaccurate for this week. We recommend sticking to the links above.

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message 25: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Oct 17, 2016 12:11PM) (new)

Laura | 3821 comments Mod
Week 25: A book about a famous historical figure

Historical Figures in Fiction
Famous People in Fiction
Popular Historical Figures Books
Including many historical figures: Popular Alternate History Books

message 27: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Dec 01, 2016 11:13AM) (new)

Laura | 3821 comments Mod
Week 27: A book by one of your favorite authors

You know your favorite authors better than anyone!

message 28: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Dec 01, 2016 06:00AM) (new)

Laura | 3821 comments Mod
Week 28: A non-fiction book

This prompt is very general and hopefully no one has an issue finding a book that fits. But just in case you need a little extra help:

The Greatest Nonfiction Books Since 2000
Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Best Non-Fiction Books
Modern library: 100 Best Non-fiction
Amazon Best Sellers: Best Non-Fiction
The Guardian: 100 Best Non-Fiction Books

message 29: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Dec 02, 2016 09:55AM) (new)

message 30: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Dec 01, 2016 06:03AM) (new)

Laura | 3821 comments Mod
Week 30: A book from Goodreads Top 100 YA Books

If you're strict in your selection, then this is the intended list: Top 100 YA Books

If you prefer a little more freedom in your choices:
Time: The 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time
NPR: 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels
Amazon: 100 Young Adult Books to Read in a Lifetime

message 31: by Katie (last edited Oct 18, 2016 08:58AM) (new)

Katie | 2369 comments Week 31: A book from a sub-genre of your favorite genre

To get ideas about different literary sub-genres that you may not know about, check out the links below.

Sub-Genre Descriptions
Big Fat Fiction Genre List
List of Writing Genres
Fantasy Subgenres Guide
Romance Sub-Genres

message 32: by Katie (last edited Oct 18, 2016 08:33AM) (new)

Katie | 2369 comments Week 32: A book with a long title (5+ words, excluding subtitle)

GR Listopia: Books with Really Long Titles

message 35: by Katie (last edited Oct 18, 2016 09:45AM) (new)

message 37: by Katie (last edited Nov 21, 2016 08:00AM) (new)

Katie | 2369 comments Week 37: A book you choose randomly

This topic is all about creativity. What method will you use for randomly choosing your read? A few suggestions:

Close your eyes & pick a book from a pile/bookshelf.
Write book titles on slips of paper & choose one of the slips of paper.
Use an online randomizer.

message 42: by Sophie (last edited Dec 10, 2016 06:42PM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2920 comments Week 42: a best book of the 21st century (so far)

You can choose any book on one of the lists below. If you find another "best book of the 21st Century list, please tell me here, so I can add it to the list.

List Challenges: 100 Best Books of the 21st Century

Goodreads voted best books of the 21st Century

BBC: The 21st Century's 12 greatest novels

Library Thing Best Books of the 21st Century (So Far)

A great infographic from Lifehacker

message 43: by Sophie (last edited Dec 10, 2016 06:42PM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2920 comments Week 43: A book with a chilling atmosphere (scary, unsettling, cold)

This is the perfect week to fill in any book by Stephen King you want to read, because he is (at least for me), the creepiest author of all time. But of course lots of authors and books can fill the prompt, even if they're not from the horror gender!

10 Creepiest Books

11 books that will definitely disturb you

Goodreads: Popular Unsettling Books

Goodreads: Cold books

Wikipedia: Novels set in the Artic or in Antarctica

It is of course very personal what you find chilling or unsettling. You could choose for example a book taking place in a cabin in the woods or a small island, without being a horror book.

message 44: by Sophie (last edited Oct 18, 2016 06:13AM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2920 comments Week 44: A recommendation from "What Should I Read Next"

Just enter the title of any book and get inspired by the results!

message 45: by Sophie (last edited Dec 12, 2016 02:26AM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2920 comments Week 45: A book with a one-word title

You know us, we're not normally strict about sticking to the prompts, but this one is so straight-forward, that we have to: no "the", no subtitles, juste ONE word (or a number).

Goodreads list based on voting

Goodreads list based on people's shelves

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message 47: by Sophie (last edited Dec 10, 2016 06:44PM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2920 comments Week 47: A past suggestion that didn't win

The whole list of the rejected prompt can be found here

Your book must of course fit the suggestion you chose.

message 48: by Sophie (last edited Dec 12, 2016 03:02AM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2920 comments Week 48: A banned book

You can find banned books in multiple lists, here are just the first I stumbled upon. If you find others, please tell me here.

Best Banned, Censored, and Challenged Books
Best of Banned and Challenged Books
Banned & Challenged YA Novels
The Most Frequently Challenged Books

Wikipedia: List of books banned by governments

The Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books (2000-2009) (this website has other lists for banned books, eg. 1990-1999, Challenged Classics, Challenged Children's Books)

message 49: by Sophie (last edited Dec 10, 2016 06:57PM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2920 comments Week 49: A book from someone else's bookshelf

As with many prompts, you can be really creative, like asking someone you know to browse their shelves, peek in when you're invited somewhere, consult a Goodreads friend or fellow group member shelves, or get inspiration from an author. Yes, some of them have put pictures of their bookshelves, like Neil Gaiman.

message 50: by Sophie (last edited Dec 10, 2016 06:58PM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2920 comments Week 50: A Penguin Modern Classic

Penguin's official list of Penguin Modern Classics (931 and counting!)

An uncomplete but easier to navigate GR list based on voting

Goodreads list based on shelves

The first GR list seems quite reliable, but be sure to check anyway that the book you choose was at a time published by Penguin Modern Classic. You of course don't have to read it this specific edition!

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